Capital P

Capital P

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Capital P represents a new age independent hip hop movement. Based in soulful music he brings deep thought lyrics mixed with solid instrumentals. He carries professionalism and dedication to every aspect of music to ensure top quality performances and recordings. He is the future of hip hop music.


Capital P was born in Dallas, Tx. Raised in a single family his mother worked non stop to provide. Thus forcing him to raise himself throughout the most of his teenage years.

During this time he took an interest into many outside school activities. One being music, he began to develop an appetite for producing, mixing and performing his own music in front of large audiences. This was evident by his performance in front of 350 plus students at a local high school for Black History Month. Capital P was the only non african male performing during this event. He felt honored to be a part of something this big which is living proof in his continous attitude of humility.

Capital P is also no stranger to performing in front of well recognized artists in the industry. This was shown when himself and M.E.G.A. (formerly of the group E.D.C.) performed a live battle in front of Erkyah Badu in Downtown Dallas. The end result of the battle was it was so good they removed Capital P and M.E.G.A. from the competition due to there level of expertise they felt it wouldn't be fair to the other contestants, (as quoted by one of the judges).

Capital P later removed himself from the music scene due to some personal situations that arised.

He's back again and stronger and more determined then ever. He has joined forces with the likes of Guillotine the Kasino Champ (well known Dallas underground hip hop artist), M.E.G.A. (well established member of the Aeonz crew with Strange Fruit Project), the professional (b'boy/emcee from the Diverse Soulz crew) and many others to bring back hip hop to the South.

He formed an independent record label entitled Iron Chef Records and begin to make the connections necessary to produce, record, mix, master and distribute his music.

His upcoming album entitled "the Truth" is a tribute to his lifestyle and his upbringing, through the hard times of a parentless childhood to the overwhelming joys of the birth of his children, be prepared for a momumental album that will represent all rappers of all kinds.



Written By: Capital P

I'm sorry that things ain't the same, but we can maintain even while the times change.

Ease Back

Written By: Capital P

Ease back

Special 1ne

Written By: Capital P feat Leon the Professional

We were the special 1ne


the Truth - 2008 - Capital P (solo EP)

Ease Back - "the Truth" - Capital P

Man Up - "the Truth" - Capital P

What U Fighting 4 - "Up Close and Personal" - Guillotine feat. Capital P

Set List

Set can be from 3 songs to hour show.

Songs performed are:
What U Fighten 4 (hype song)
Nu Nu South (peoples choice song)
Ease Back (soulful song)
Don't Turn Around (hip hop song)
Regardless (peoples choice song)
and many more...