capitalSTEPS composes and performs 8-bit dance music using Nintendo Gameboys. He utilizes the Gameboys' retro game sounds to create original and hard hitting electro-pop.


Matthew energetically dances as he manipulates and mixes precomposed loops on his Gameboys. All of the capitalSTEPS sets are unique as Matthew uses his Gameboys to respond to the mood of the audience. In order to preserve the retro-tech asthetic of his sets Matthew communicates with the audience using an old voice synthesis keyboard called a Type and Speak.

A few of capitalSTEPS' influences are Looper, Kraftwerk, MIA, and a long list of 8-bit video game soundtracks.

Matthew has been creating and performing music for 11 years. In 2001 he began using Gameboys to create music and permanently changed his musical course. In 2005 he composed a set and began performing live as capitalSTEPS a few months later.

Matthew is also the head of the Seattle_HQ of Through this position he helps book and promote other 8-bit artists in the Seattle area.


"Us and Them" Self-released demo CDr, 4 tracks.

"Stacy" Self-released demo CDr, 10 tracks.

Set List

Set list:

Who can say?
Sure sure sure
How is that going for you?
Broke toe
Evelyn's ride
See you later
Real classy

Sets are usually 45-60 minutes.