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Melle Mel meets Johnny Cash, George L Jackson, Malcolm X and Pedro Albizu Campos.


Capital-"X" was born in Brooklyn, New York. His parents migrated to New York from Puerto Rico during the "Great Migration" in the 1950's after Puerto Rico's official status was changed to "Commonwealth". It was a time when discrimination was rampant in the United States and it was no different in New York. As stated by Lolita Lebrón, there were signs in restaurants which read "No dogs or Puerto Ricans allowed". Struggling to find his place throughout his life "X" spent nearly half of his life trapped within the web of the criminal justice system, a fate that is all to common for young Blacks and Latinos in America. No stranger to struggle it was no surprise that "X" took after his uncles who were imprisoned for their political practices within the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party fighting for Puerto Rico's Independence. While serving time in Leesburg State Prison in New Jersey Capital-"X" transformed himself into a prisoners rights activist. Inspired by his uncles and the likes of Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos, George L Jackson, Malcolm X and countless others "X" educated himself to stand up against the very system he felt set out to destroy him and countless others. A very strong opponent of capitol punishment Capital-"X" now spends most of his time traveling across the US as well as over seas speaking and performing to educate and enlighten the masses on what he considers to be the truth about a corrupt and unjust legal system that he compares to the slave trade of the past. Intertwining facts gathered by years of extensive study in criminology, penology, law, personal experience and the experiences of fellow captives with hip hop music "X" intoxicates audiences with what he calls Raptivism. Calling himself the Voice of the Voiceless a title borrowed from "perhaps the best known Death-Row prisoner in the world", political rights activist/award winning journalist Mumia Abu Jamal, Capital-"X" claims to be the spokesman for over 2.5 million captives held in US prisons. Since his last release from prison in 2002 "X" has been apart of many projects and protests which include: A single recorded and released for death row prisoner Anthony Haynes titled "999330". A single written and released for Patrick (Dead Man Laughing) Knight one week before Patrick was executed in Huntsville, Texas titled "Dead Man Laughing". His music was sought out for use in an FBC Televisions documentary "The Green Mile" (Letters from Death Row). His music as well as recorded voice overs were used for a documentary on executed prisoner Dominique Green titled "Thou Shalt Not Kill" which included a single arranged and recorded by "X" using Dominique Greens' lyrics titled "My World". He also provided music for death row prisoner Kenneth Fosters documentary "Till Death Do Us Part". "X" also received international attention on his "Walk 4 Life" in 2008 where he walked 1,700 miles from Trenton, N.J. to Austin, Texas in protest of capitol punishment. Capital-"X" has a release date of May 19, 2010 for his debut full length CD titled "305375" (The Voice Of The Voiceless)(Volume 1) which includes a single "Life" featuring Viper/Koch Records recording artist and activist AKIR. Affiliated with numerous organizations such as NCADP, TCADP, Amnesty International, TSADP, Journey Of Hope, 4Wardever, Roma Hip Hop Parade and the TMN just to name a few "X" has embarked on a non-stop campaign for human rights and true justice that equals to none. "X" has been apart of 8 European tours in 10 countries speaking and performing at countless events receiving coverage by regional and national news as well as making headlines in local, and national news papers. He has lectured and performed in elementary to university level schools, maximum security prisons and was even featured on MTV Adria on his visit to Croatia. Most recently he was a big part of the Protestfestival in Kristiansand, Norway where he spoke, hosted work shops and performed with local hip hop acts receiving national news coverage yet again. With his May 19, 2010 highly anticipated debut release many are already calling the most controversial hip hop record ever, Capital-"X" hopes to fund his continuing non-stop campaign to abolish the death penalty and mass incarceration while reaching out to at risk youth as well as prisoners and victims on both sides of prison walls. Raised in the streets and in prison, Capital-"X" turned his life around through his music he calls Reality Hip Hop, or Raptivism. A strong supporter for death row inmates, and activist for prison rights, Capital-"X" brings awareness to people and hope to prisoners through his music and lyrics. (Associated Content).


Face The Music

Written By: Capital-"X"

I rap bars, for those trapped behind bars
while cats rap crap, trying to become rap stars
they won't get that far, chasing fast cash and fast cars
I create lyrical litigations that will get that ass off
justice ain't blind, dogg, she's just lost
making ya chance's of acquittal, slimmer than Kate Moss
in courts the more you pay, the better chance is you walk
that or play Sammy the Bull, and you'll walk if you talk
if you broke you lost, you can kiss that ass goodbye
I don't care if your innocent, with an airtight alibi
swear to tell the truth, but that ass better lie
especially in Texas where chances are, you gonna die
pressure is being applied, so please don't interrupt
allow this like judges allow prosecutorial misconduct
that's when you literally get fucked, without a condom
and justice has a miscarriage like a crack head in Harlem

The system's corrupt shut up, this can't be disputed
the rich get acquitted while the poor get prosecuted
the truth can't be diluted, what I spit can't be refuted
sure you can mute it, but you still gotta face the music
The justice system's corrupt shut up, this can't be disputed
the rich get acquitted while the poor get executed
the truth can't be diluted, what I spit can't be refuted
sure you can mute it, but you still have to face the music

forget a plea bargain, that's like grabbing the third rail
or like playing monopoly, you go directly to jail
no passing Go, or collecting two hundred dollar's
don't take a scholar to figure out you a chihuahua fighting wit Rottweiler's
I'm breaking the iron collar, fuck a gag order
I'll quarter the DA's daughter, while reporters catch it on cam-corder's
yea I am out of order, like my cousin Vinny
fighting a capital murder case in Tupelo Mississippi
where chances are iffy, they never 50-50
the odds are against you like gambling in Atlantic City
trials are always risky, but you can beat the odds
with a high priced lawyer like the Teflon Don
but you'll be singing a different song, with a public defender
you'll be going for a ride, but not at great adventure
it's all about the legal tenders, not evidence or proof
means without Johnny Cash, you'll sing the Folsom prison blues


Due process, now here's an interesting topic
a real crock of shit as I like to call it
it's the law of the land according to the Magna Cartar
legal judgment of peers unless you from the projects
for starters you have the right, to a fair and public trial
conducted competently, but we ain't seen that in a while
you got the right to be present at your trial, and to an impartial jury
that's like being at your funeral, when you about to be buried
yea it's scary but you have the right, to have it all make sense
and you have the right to be heard, in your own defense
not that it makes a difference, like a life or death sentence
either way the Eighth Amendment, proves to be nothing but bullshit
it all revolves around profits, governments hands in your pockets
making sure wages garnished, even if they made honest
going through hardships, dead broke or homeless
the 5th and 14th Amendments, ain't nothing but garbage


Fight the Apathy

Written By: Capital-X

Mass incarceration, has us losing generations
economical enslavement, has us face down on the pavement
they lock us up in cages, sentences that are outrages
friends and family evade us, like this fucking shits contagious
people fail to see, their motivation comes in payments
man we die locked up in cages, while they vacay in the Caymans
a half ass education, preps us for these situations
man they'll kill you intravenous, if you show them where a vein is
they'll make you famous, framed with charges that are heinous
represented by a fucking court appointed ignoramus
exoneration's happen daily with no explanations
take a decade and a half, because they bury information
human rights violations, with no ramifications
even the united nations ignore the condemnation
I been losing my patients, to street corner medications
man half of them won't make it, like the Africans on slave ships

y'all gotta see the tragedy, we headed for catastrophe
y'all think you're living happily but need to fight the Apathy
they break apart our families, I'm tired of the blasphemy
I'm taking on the enemy, We gotta fight the Apathy
y'all gotta see the tragedy, we headed for catastrophe
I'm tired of the blasphemy, We gotta fight the Apathy
I'm taking on the enemy, attacking with this rhapsody
this is how it has to be, now stand and fight the Apathy

I'm tired of politicians, with their slick talk propositions
they'll lie straight to your face, while they claiming to be Christians
playing tricks like they're magicians, they'll fool anyone who listens
those that stand in opposition, be facing life in prison
I face death for what I'm spittin, as I call for armed Resistance
cause they won't seize the killing, till we all seize existing
we're in need of assistance, fuck signing a petition
we need urban guerrillas, with high powered ammunition
I'm on mission, holding heat in benediction
now I know how Jesus felt, when He faced His Crucifixion
prosecutor's derelictions got my trigger finger itching
as the Texas Coalition, fights these wrongful death convictions
I stay optimistic though my peers are pessimistic
born and raised up in a system, that counts kids as statistics
it's just ridiculous cause violence just breeds violence
but till they seize firing, I'll fight them with these violins


If you thought that I was playing, you ain't heard what I been saying
we been talking revolution, since the King assassination
it's time to end the talking all the singing and the praying
express your indignation , now that's real entertainment
stand against discrimination, higher prison populations
stand for better education and for rehabilitation
if you're scared to say shit, that's no different than enslavement
I don't say this just to say this or to become rich and famous
we're in desperate need of changes, so many things need changing
we got brothers killing brothers just like they're total strangers
law enforcement occupations real heavy for containment
and they're quick to find that ass guilty, by association
they got free masons, separating all the nations
fulfilling prophesies in the book or Revelations
they love to hate me, as they seeking my damnation
cause I fight the Apathy, with every oral presentation



Written By: Capital-X

If you don't stand with me, you stand against me,
I place the blame for all our social ills that have caused discomfort and unhappiness squarely on the shoulders of those that are responsible: the people that are in control.
I say It's time for a people's revolution, led by the politically conscious...

I'm tired of the hypocrisy and the mockery of justice
tired of seeing our children, carried off in prison buses
I'm tired of the brutality and all the corruption
they arrest us nothing, I'm ready to do something
the prison industry, and the corporate hustle
need to be dismantled as we continue to struggle
open up your eyes, stop living in a fucking bubble
the country you'd die for, is real quick to fuck you
I reach out to touch you, with revolutionary sounds
when I die I'll leave more than sad songs, and a hump in the ground
I want to leave a world liberated, free from oppression
free from repression, wars and racism
I'll put a bullet in ya brain, if it'll make a difference
in dismantling colonialists and imperialism
I wanna see every politician rotting in prison
that's not a mission statement, that's my fucking mission

(Chorus) (Call and response)
Say I Am...I Am A Revolutionary...A Revolutionary
I Am...I Am A Revolutionary...A Revolutionary
Say I Am...I Am A Revolutionary...A Revolutionary
I Am...I Am A Revolutionary...A Revolutionary

The government has us working to death, or dieing in cages
fuck the American dream, no one sees wealth earning wages
fuck Kennedy's speech trying to make us all complacent
we went from chattel slavery to economical enslavement
they taking our rights to bare arms, leaving us all hopeless
cause unarmed people are slaves, at any given moment
our system is broken, I speak for the unspoken
for every grieving mother, and death penalty opponent
it's genocide and slaughter of our sons and daughters
guns are in order, guerrilla's without borders
I'm old school, so fuck a new world order
what I spit will bless your kids just like holy water
I stand against our oppressors, with a mic and a shank
cause I'd rather die free than have a dime in the bank
fuck a Benz fuck a Bentley fuck an MTV crib
I'm tired of living, how they tell me to live


They send hundreds to their death, with enemy appointed attorney's
guilty or innocent, they show you no mercy
it's constitutional, if you're convicted by jury
you think it's justice, till your first born's on the gurney
thousands executed, and they'll be thousands more
those being executed, Brown or poor
I'm declaring war, on the fascist bastards
it's prisoner against guard, like it was slave against master
being captured, is not an option
political imprisonment, I won't be silenced
I'm a product of my environment, so I'll go out violent
sparking up prison riots from Corrocan to Elmira
juvenile lifers, born to be lifeless
how much more can one be Christ like
lethal injection, modern day crucifixion
what I spit will have them seeking a murder conviction



Capital-”X” Da Un-”X”-Pected Ep. August 1, 2002
Capital-”X” Presents The Score “Mixtape” 2004
Capital-”X” 4-2 Life Ep. 2006
Capital-”X” Hebrews 13:3 Ep. 2007
Capital-”X” 305375 (The Voice of the Voiceless) Volume 1. 2010
Video out now "I Want Justice"

Set List

1. From The Frontlines
2. Escape From Alcatraz (Accapella)
3. Conspiracy
4. Life
5. X is Like
6. Fight the Apathy
7. Revolutionary
8. The C.I.A. is trying 2 kill me now
9. Redemption

Set between 30 to 45 minutes