Capitol Offense

Capitol Offense


Capitol Offense plays the kind of punk rock music you've wanted to hear since 1996. Blending 80's hardcore with the melodic sensibilities of the early 90's west coast sound, each band member provides their own unique influence to the music. We will rock your fucking face.


After hurricane Katrina in 2005, the New Orleans area punk rock scene was decimated. The remaining members of two of the area's favorite pre-Katrina punk bands (Dirty Dingus and Hello Asphalt) got together in 2007 to find out what happens when people stop being nice, and start being real. Keith and Todd of Dirty Dingus teamed up with Tommy of Hello Asphalt in January 2007 and started to write some songs. With the addition of L.A. ol'schooler Marty Katz on bass, the quartet set out to try and pick up the pieces left in the wake of the nasty, ill tempered hurricane. Capitol Offense played their first show on September 24th 2007 opening up for long running Cali skate punks JFA. The band has also played with the U.S. Bombs and, almost, the Murder Junkies. The band enjoys taking part in the debauchery offered by living the New Orleans lifestyle, but (almost) always plays their sets sober. Except for Todd, who remains drunk at all times (and can still play 'Hot for Teacher' better than you can sober).


Capitol Offense - Demo CDR (given away at shows)
Capitol Offense - Live from the Bedroom CDR ("live" 4 song recording tracked with 2 mics in Marty's bedroom, and one song recorded at our first ever show by the 2nd shittiest sound guy ever, also given away at shows)

4 tracks on myspace for your streaming pleasure.

Set List

Typical set list:
Loss of Conformity
Hello Asphalt
Normal Guy
Dubya is for Women
Bad Habbits
One Red Rose
Love Song
No One
The Patriot Act
Everything's Fine

Usually 45 minutes, depending on how long the band rambles between songs and if Todd would stop playing his guitar any time there is silence.

We cover 'Love Song' by The Cure