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Capone, is a rapper from Queensbridge, NY. He is best known for being half of the QB duo Capone-N-Noreaga also known as C-N-N. a duo which sold over 1 million albums in their short-lived career.


Guru of Gang Starr once said, “It’s mostly the voice.” And few MC’s have a voice like that of Capone: nasal, intense and soulful, reflecting his upbringing in the Queens bridge Houses, New York’s largest and most notorious housing project. It was there that hip hop embraced him. “My man, Rapper Noyd was the only one out of the click who had the urge to rhyme, as a matter of fact he wrote my first rhyme in 1989, I was a DJ at the time”, Capone recalls. It was the sounds of Kool G. Rap that inspired him to take rapping seriously. “For any kid who liked the street life, G Rap was their God and he was from Queens”, he reminisces. Unfortunately Capone related to the messages in G Rap’s music too well. “Around 1994, I was hearing other motherfuckers and I knew I could do better but I was still involved in the street life”, says Capone. Like many young black men in New York’s drug saturated streets, Capone made a decision to head for greener pastures. “I was hustling out of town any my man called me to go to the radio station; it was there that B.I.G. saw me and told me I was nice. He wanted to sign me to Junior Mafia”, says Capone still in awe of the memory. Ironically, like the Notorious B.I.G., a decision to stop running the street and selling drugs right before a major bust proved to pivotal in Capone’s life. “Two weeks later, everybody I was hustling with was locked up.” Early in the game as fate would have it, Capone would be incarcerated at the Collins Correctional Facility in New York and meet Noreaga and form the dynamic rap group CNN and go on to becoming an overnight success. CNN would help pioneer the street sound of New York from the mid to late 90’s, even up to the early 02’s Shortly before finishing the recording of their classic debut album, War Report (1997), Capone was sent back to prison for violating parole on weapons charges, but War Report became an underground hit and went gold. Noreaga would release two solo albums of his own N.O.R.E and Melvin Flint the Hustler which Capone would become executive producer of one while still in prison. Upon his release, the group released The Reunion, which also went gold. The duo sold over 1 million albums to date in their short-lived careers. Despite a decade in the music biz, the depth of that powerful arsenal of emotions has yet to be fully explored. Capone would take 5 years away from the public eye and go underground to pursue his solo career and release his long awaited album entitled, Pain, Time and Glory. He would later land a joint-venture deal with Fast Life/Koch in 2004 and continue his mark in hip-hop.


The War Report (as a member of Capone-N-Noreaga) (June 17, 1997)

The Reunion (as a member of Capone-N-Noreaga) (November 21, 2000)

Pain, Time & Glory (2005)

Menace 2 Society (March 14, 2006)