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"Leaving his mark one rap at a time!"

He sometimes travels with an entourage; dedicated followers who want to show support and love for his work. As the music plays and he begins to rhyme, one member of his entourage begins to bop to the beat. The man of the hour is Brandon Biggs, the gospel rapper, better known as Cappello. The small entourage includes his wife Desma and their two children Zaria, age 4, and Jaliyah, age 2, who is the little bopper getting her praise on. Biggs shares with his audience his testimony of how he decided that rapping for the world, promoting the devil's work wasn't what God's plan was for him. Here is his story. "When I gave my life to Christ, I put up rap for good. I didn't feel I could be saved and do rap," he said. But as he shared some of his gifts with people who were knowledgeable of the Bible, he was encouraged to use that gift to encourage and inspire others. "When I was rapping for the world, I was using it for the wrong purpose, lifting up Satan's kingdom." He admits he used to think gospel rap was kind of corny, but says now. "It's on, it's me and God. I'm doing it for him." He has faith and belief that God is going to elevate his ministry, but for now his full time career is a bank teller at Bank of America in Wasington, NC. He sees himself climbing the ladder there as well. He says that there is a lot of sales involved with his job and there has been some talk of him furthering his career. "I always thought that Bank of America would be the place to build a career," he said. Rapping for Jesus since he was 18, five years later he says, "I'm still Brandon. I still laugh and joke. I didn't turn away from them(friends), so they didn't turn away from me. I think I influenced some of them and inspired them to change. I always try to put a word in their world." He says he watches them and says, "it's a hunger, they're thirsty for something. You can see it on their faces. It's beginning to prick their hearts." They are still very supportive, but every now and then they will say, "You were so hot. I thought you were gonna make it." Making it he is, and he has many plans, he says that God has given him. The gospel rap ministry is going to be a pioneer ministry. But he is also looking into possibly starting a family ministry. Youth minister is also a title he sees himself holding. He hopes he and his wife can be an example of being young and married, being faithful and still enjoy each other's company. Sure you may disagree, but it can be worked out. "If you put God first, it's a lot you can do. It is not the end. God wouldn't trust you with a precious child if he didn't see the potential of being a great parent inside of you," he said in reference to the family ministry. He is also working on a health and fitness ministry, "Enjoy Your Abundace," focusing on staying fit, living long lives and enjoying the fruits of your labor. His wife is also helping with these endeavors; they are not only partners in life, but partners in Christ. His family is foremost. "My family is just as an important part of the ministry as I am. They are a part of my testimony. We're a movement." When he was doing secular hip-hop, he'll rap about money, sex, drugs, and material things. He'll even stretch the truth a little on what he was about. His story isn't as hard or extreme as some, he admits, but he still was not living right. Now he says, "It's not me, everthing I write is God inspired. I don't write without constant communication with God," he said. "I know my time is coming. My richest are laid up in heaven. God is definitely going to take care of me and my family. I think my rap career could be something that could provide for my family." He continued, "everyone wants success, but everyone wants to take that broad road. Jesus is the core ingredient in true success." He says that he will go out on a limb for the bigger picture, spreading God's word. He has done a few free shows. But, he says people should be mindful of the artist's time and effort, not just Cappello, but anyone who is performing and helping to make their event a success. Using the current economic status and the large companies who are now in trouble as an example he said, "some people get success and can't sustain it because they are not of good character." Whichever person you meet, Brandon, the man of God, or Cappello, the gospel rapper, the same message should be taken. " I want people to see that God truly cares about you as a person. He can see through your issues. He can see what you can become. If you have Jesus on the inside, you have a chance at salvation and everlasting life. Present Jesus as being the core ingredient." People should be on the look out for more of Cappello and friends in 2009. He is planning to do a tour and a show called, "The My Testimony Show," that will feature some friends with all different backgrounds and let them share their testimonies. Some of them have stories harder than Biggs'. He is also planning to finish his debut album as well as a mixtape. The tour will be geared towards inner city kids and college students. A young man about his business, with a family and a vision is a powerful thing. But, a young man who loves God and is willing to share it with the world is priceless. Written by: Maria D. Grandy - Roanoke Beacon


My Testimony
What If
No Weapon
Let Him
You're With Me feat. Julius



Born Brandon DeAndre’ Biggs in Plymouth, NC, Cappello is one of God's most inspiring gospel rap artist. Cappello began performing at his home church during youth events. After his introduction to the ears of his first listeners, Cappello responded to numerous invites and performed at multiple engagements at churches, high schools, festivals, and events all over eastern North Carolina. Some of his influences include, Da Truth(Cross Movement Records), Lacrae(Reach Records), Tye Tribbett, and Kirk Franklin to name a few. Cappello is currently working on his debut album titled, "The Start of a New Beginning." This album presents a mix of testimonial and thought-provoking songs that encourage listeners to accept Jesus Christ in order to begin a new life with a renewed mind. Cappello is set to perform in front of thousands of North Carolina and South Carolina citizens at the upcoming 2009 Black College Labor Day Festival presented by Campus Flava Magazine on September 5th and 6th. Because of his anointed talent of communicating the gospel through hip-hop, Cappello was awarded a 1st place trophy over contestants from all genres of gospel music at the 2006 Oasis of Hope Talent Showcase. Songs like, "My Testimony" and "What If", two top ten songs on, has allowed Cappello to break through many of the stereotypes that negatively impact Holy Hip-Hop. Over one thousand fans have purchased Cappello's self-titled demo, consisting of four tracks, off of mechandise tables at his engagements. While a record deal may open doors for this remarkable unsigned artist to minister to millions of people, this still doesn't stop his own individual efforts to have a godly influence on his family, friends, and community. Cappello's future plans include getting a bachelor's degree in Modular Religion at Mount Olive College located in Washington, NC.