A capsela show is unique, “an electronic garden” (Performer) of “sweetly lopsided pop that hits the palate like a teaspoon of Pernod” (Boston Globe). With glockenspiel, keyboards, and an arsenal of toy instruments, capsela songs are contraptions as intricate and whimsical as the band’s namesake.


capsela began with 2 tape recorders, a guitar, and a keyboard in Providence, RI, in early 1996. Since, the shifting ensemble has played sporadically—but prolifically—in New England, notably: The 2005 NEMO Showcase; TT The Bear's Place; The Middle East; The Kendall Cafe; Club Passim; The Met Cafe; The Kells; the Block Island Music Festival; and the Somerville Theatre. capsela has also toured in the Northwest and the Southeast, and has fans as far reaching as Germany, Australia, Spain, and Indonesia.

capsela has also been featured on successful compilations on Bumblebear and Planting Seeds Records alongside artists such as the Essex Green and Call and Response; and previously self-released a well-received self-titled e.p., as well as a 2-song single.

After spending the bulk of 2004 recording their self-released l.p. “you’re not listening to me,” (mastered by Jeff Lipton of Peerless Mastering), and taking some time off for other ventures, capsela is looking to promote their new record and have some fun playing to live audiences again. We hope to do so with you.


2004: you're not listening to me [album, self-rel]
2002: city of sin [single, self-rel]
2002: dreaming up the perfect pop [compilation, planting seeds]
2001: christmas underground [compilation, bumblebear]
2001: capsela [ep, self-rel]

Set List

8-12 songs, and an occasional cover. Past covers have included Alvin and the Chipmunks, Johnny Cash, the Velvet Underground, and Luna.