Capslock Friday

Capslock Friday



Capslock Friday, often referred to as CLF for short, is an American pop punk / rock band from Omaha, Nebraska, formed in early January 2009. The band is made up of lead vocalist Ashley Smith, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Jake Tritz, rhythm guitarist Benny Semisch, bassist Justin Klein, and drummer Wyndham Jones. The bands name is based off an old Internet fad to type in all caps letters on Friday’s.

The band’s formation came after an ad posted by Jake on the Omaha area Craigslist website was answered by Benny and Justin. The three met up in Jake’s basement and immediately started to have weekly sessions of writing and playing original punk and rock riffs which were usually influenced by bands the three grew up listening to in the 90’s. It was with the addition of Ashley soon after and her girlish poppy punk style vocals and later Wyndham with his high energy drumming abilities the band was complete. The band was ready with a full song set and played their first show after a little under two months of formation.

In late summer of 2009 the band recorded and independently released their first EP “The Change of Seasons” which featured the four tracks “Walk Away,” “If You Go,” “15 Seconds,” and “Something to Believe In.” Shortly after the band gained more local exposure being played on local radio, Internet radio, and college radio stations.

Capslock Friday has come a long way since January and has shared the stage with many great local, regional, national, and even globally know bands and have become well known for bringing a fun high energy style and sound to both their music and to the stage every time they perform.


The Change of Seasons EP (Summer 2009)