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Bayonne, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
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"Spanish Garage Rockers Capsula Reinvent Bowie"


By Suyeon Kim
May 31, 2012
Capsula are the nicest garage rockers operating in Basque country. The trio, guitarist and singer Martin Guevera, bassist and vocalist Coni Duchess and drummer Ignacio Villarejo, who goes by Natxo, visited our offices during their latest stint in NYC, and melted our hearts with their stories of loving David Bowie, their awe of producer John Agnello, and Argentineans in Spain. Currently, the trio are working on a reinvention of The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, by David Bowie, for the fortieth anniversary of the album’s release. It started out as a tossed off agreement to perform the entire album live back in Bilbao last year, which led to twelve-hour rehearsals for six weeks…and then adulation.

But Capsula bristle at the thought of doing a cover album. “Absolutely not!” says Martin. It’s a reimagining, based on all the music that’s come since then — MC5, Sonic Youth, the Stooges. Not to mention…Capsula!

So you guys were recording late last night? How late?

Martin: It was twelve hours nonstop. We started at half past nine in the morning, and we really started at eleven, and we ended at half past eleven.

And what were you doing?

Martin: We’re mixing. Because we have been recording last marchi n Hoboken at a very nice studio it’s called Watermusic. It’s a mythical studio where Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth…

Oh, is that John Agnello?

Martin: Yes! We’ve been working with him on the album. He’s the producer. We did last march, so now we’re mixing it. And he is a very hard-working man. Twelve, thirteen, fourteen hours, working non-stop. but then some snacks, some fruits, very healthy.

And you guys are hanging out…?

Martin: No no, all the time we’re like ‘Let’s put some effects in there, let’s plug this guitar pedal on the vocal!’ All together, it’s a very creative thing, doing it all together.

So you must be tired.

Martin: Yes.

Coni: And fun! And exciting.

Martin: Yesterday was the first day, so it was very exciting, all the emotions — and it makes you more tired.

How did you meet John Agnello?

Coni: We met him in Spain, in the south at a festival in Andalusia. We were playing in an open air stage.

Martin: It was an old cathedral. A very nice place. They open all the ceilings and we played in the middle of it. And a journalist from there, a very well known journalist, he told John, Oh, you have to see these guys.

Coni: So he came, and he said that when he saw us he just fell in love.

Martin: He told me, ‘Okay, next album, you will do with me.’

Coni: And we were so, so excited. Because we’re fans of his work, so it was really exciting to meet him, it was a new experience working with him.

Does he speak Spanish?

Martin: No. He knows some words. Just three words. But he really loves Spanish culture…

Natxo: Spanish wine.

Martin: …Gazpacho.

So how did you meet?

Coni: Martin and I met in Buenos Aires at a party. And Natxo…

Natxo: I was born in Argentina too, but I met them in Spain. Three years ago.

Are there a lot of Argentineans in Spain?

Natxo: Yes, in the south of Spain, but not in Bilbao.

Martin: Yes, the city where we live. We live in the very north, close to the border to France. So it was very strange, good coincidence.

You guys are a couple in addition to being in a band. So were you musical partners before you fell in love?

Martin/Coni: I think it was together.

Martin: Everything at the same second. At the same millisecond.

Coni: I have a story about that. My theory is that when we met, he was obsessed, in a nice way, with the Ziggy Stardust album by David Bowie. And I was listening every day to Transformer, by Lou Reed. So I think the influence of those albums made us meet and fall in love. It’s what music does.

Martin: I think we looked at each other, but the first thing we said was, ‘What are - MTVIggy

" Sessions: Capsula"

Our studio got a full blast of rock and roll when the trio Capsula set up and ripped through four songs from their latest album In The Land Of Silver Souls, which is produced by John Agnello. Formed in Buenos Aries, Argentina and now based in Bilbao, Spain, Martin Guevara, Coni Duches and Ignacio “Nacho” Villarejo combine psychedelic rock, the South American and Argentinian bands they grew up on and vintage rock like Iggy & The Stooges, Lou Reed and David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds.

Read more: Studio Performances, Interviews, Live Concerts & More - Presents -

"Capsula - Hit ‘N’ Miss"

Capsula, a rock trio that is originally from Argentina and now resides in Spain, will release its second album In The Land Of Silver Souls this spring via Krian Music Group. The record is a collection of rambunctious garage-rock numbers tinged with glam influence. The album’s single, “Hit ‘N’ Miss,” resonates like a distant cousin to David Bowie’s “Suffragette City,” featuring a chorus that should have you singing along fairly quickly. -

"Capsula’s “Hit’n'Miss” Meets the Mark"


Argentinian-bred, Spanish-based trio Capsula had a big year. They drummed up major buzz at SXSW, garnering a four-star review for their sophomore album In the Land of Silver Souls. Simultaneously new and old-school, Capsula feels like Bowie and the Pixies had an uber-stylish baby.

Check out their video for “Hit’n'Miss,” where a discotheque-style light show underscores the band’s grungy harmonies. - MTV Iggy

"GRAMMYs On The Road At SXSW With Capsula And Imperial Teen"

The Recording Academy Texas Chapter played host for GRAMMYs On The Road At South by Southwest during the conference's 26th annual installment from March 9–18 in Austin, Texas. The Chapter conducted exclusive backstage interviews with artists participating during the music portion of the conference, including pop/rock trio Capsula and alternative pop outfit Imperial Teen.

Capsula discussed the band's formation, performing at South by Southwest, musical influences, and current pop/rock music, among other topics.

"In the last years, in pop music on the radio [and] on TV … there [has been] so much … synthesizers and soft music," said Capsula vocalist/guitarist Martin Guevara. "We think it's time to give guitars one more chance. We really believe in the power of guitars."

Formed in 1998 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Capsula — featuring Guevara, bassist Coni Lisica and drummer Ignacio Villarejo — derived their name from a line from David Bowie's "Space Oddity." Their sound is a fusion of South American psychedelia, drawing on influences from acts such as the Stooges and the Velvet Underground. Capsula's most recent album, In The Land Of Silver Souls, was released in 2011. The trio has concerts scheduled in Spain through June. -


Dayammmm! Thursday was nuts man! The Shins, Suckers, Of Montreal, our new fav new fav rockers from Spain called Capsula (who decided to let us do a photo shoot in the men's restroom of the THE IRON BEAR - Austin's popular gay nightclub), and many many more shows completely blew our minds!

"SXSW 2012 Records"

In the Land of Silver Souls (Krian Music Group)
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, now anchoring the northern Spanish outpost where these three Argentines settled at the millennium, can't house half of the exhilarating artifacts of Capsula's In the Land of Silver Souls. Darkwave drone pushed by Coni Duchess' tsunami basslines, drummer Ignacio Villarejo's car-chase pace, and frontman Martin Guevara's Fifties moan, Capsula spans the dank dynamics of the Velvet Underground to the postmodern indie noir of the Raveonettes. Duchess' motoring heartbeat often hooks like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, while Guevara's guitar sprays a Mancunian pomp and density that's seldom better exemplified than on opener "Wild Fascination." Bigger, bolder, faster strokes lash follow-up "Let's Run Far Away," leading to the howling "Town of Sorrow," the circadian rhythms of "A Night in the Ocean," and the riff-pierced title cut with its psych chorus cries of "silver, rider, silver, rider" hyperventilating a new high. Tough, exhilarating, under-three-minute Stooges pummel ("What's in the Mirror") and a Primal Scream ("Communication") only makes In the Land of Silver Souls that much more historic. (Thu., 9pm, the Iron Bear - The Austin Chronicle

"SXSW regional preview: Europe"


Buenos Aires-via-Bilbao, Spain-based rock trio Capsula are bordering on becoming SXSW lifers. The band, which plays a grungy blend of garage rock and Sabbath-style metal and just released a new album, "In the Land of Silver Souls" (produced by John Agnello, who has worked with Sonic Youth, Drive-By Truckers, Kurt Vile and many others) is going on five years at the fest. Unlike some (most?) bands, it's not just to party — as Europe-based musicians, it helps them meet other bands that they end up touring with, says the group's two principal members, Coni Duchess and Martin Guevara. We caught up with Duchess and Guevara from New York, where they were busy getting some gear to use in the U.S. as they made their way to Austin.

What is the music scene like where you live in Spain?

Coni Duchess: We live in Bilbao, in the northwest of Spain. It has a very good scene with lots of bands doing different styles.

Martin Guevara: Maybe it's because of the weather or the sightseeing, it has a lot of mountains and the sea is very close. The Basque country where we live, the bands coming from there have a very special attitude I think. It's kind of like the Detroit of Spain. It was an industrial city, during the 20th century. There were a lot of rock bands playing there. I think we take that energy and transform it into a new sound.

On your new album in particular, you seem to blend in some metal along with the garage rock sound.

Duchess: We don't see ourselves just as a garage band, but it's true that the distortion of the guitars and the strength of the drums (are like garage rock), and sometimes we play very fast on stage are similar.

Guevara: The closest to metal we are is the grunge sound — Mudhoney, Nirvana. But we love Black Sabbath also.

Duchess: (laughing) We don't live the metal life.

Guevara: And we don't play long solos, we don't have metal hair, we are not very technical, also. I think metal is very technical, and we are not technical at all.

Almost everything that's been written about Capsula mentions the Velvet Underground and the Stooges.

Duchess: Those are bands that we love. I cannot explain how immense our love is for the Velvet Underground

Guevara: I think the essence of our band is similar. We wanted to be in a band because of the Velvet Underground.

When did you move from Argentina to Spain?

Guevara: We first moved in '98. We were living in Buenos Aires, in Argentina. We wanted to tour around the world. In South America, all of the distances between cities were so far. In Europe, it's very close to travel from one city to another. In the Basque country, we found a lot of friends, and it's so beautiful that anyone who goes there wants to live there, and we decided to move there.

In your band bio, you talk about how you were inspired to play music in part by censorship in Argentina when you were younger. Bands were not allowed to write about subjects such as love, sex, justice, revolution, drugs ...

Duchess: When were kids, we listened to bands that were writing songs during the dictatorship. We were born during the dictatorship — there were a lot of feelings that we write about that were really influenced by censorship.

Guevara: Yes, living in South America when I was younger, it was very dark.

Official showcase: 9 p.m. Thursday at the Iron Bear. -

"Album Review: Capsula - In The Land Of Silver Souls"

Rock’n'roll may well be an American invention, but that doesn’t mean that musicians from other countries can’t credibly create enduring works. And not just the usual suspects (England, Canada and other primarily-English-speaking countries). Witness some of the far-flung goodies included on Nuggets II: British Empire and Beyond for excellent rock’n'roll from France, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany…on and on.
Spanish-speaking countries have a long history of appreciating rock’n'roll. Los Bravos was a Spanish/German affair, and their hit “Black is Black” was a modest yet wordlwide hit back in the 60s. The wonderful if not widely known Mockers actually relocated from Virginia to Spain in the 90s, and enjoyed a loyal following there. (Our loss!) Chilean band Aguaturbia’s albums in 1969-70 represented some of the most unusual psychedelic music of the era. And in fact an unofficial, fan-compiled collection of “Latinopsych” (admittedly, that’s a clumsy and misleading term; I’m open to better labels) called Psychodelicias offered up six CDs of psych, garage and popsike, as often as not sung in English.
Now comes Capsula, a power trio originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina (but now based in Spain). Classified as indie/garage, their swaggering music has more in common with Stone Roses than, say, the White Stripes. Thank goodness. Capsula established their cred for those in the know when they provided ace support to Ivan Julian on his The Naked Flame album. But on In the Land of Silver Souls – their seventh album (not including the collaboration with Julian) – it’s clearly their show.
Rarely on In the Land of Silver Souls does the band sound like a trio. Martin Guevara’s barbed-wire guitar slashing (see “A Night in the Ocean” for an example) often forms the sonic centerpiece of the songs. The group’s sound is highly textured, and Ignacio Villarejo’s propulsive drumming (accented by that old standby, the tambourine) will get heads nodding. And the throbbing, precise bass work (and vocals) of Coni Duchess bring it all together.
The title track proves that the list of primordial riffs still has room for additions; imagine a Black Sabbath riff played by a band that sounds halfway between Kula Shaker and Black Mountain.
The snippet of backwards-masking that kicks off “Into My Skull” sounds very much like the untitled bits on Oasis‘ (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?; the highly compressed, roiling sound that those fighting Mancunians got on their sophomore release is the same sonic approach used on In the Land of Silver Souls. But somehow it doesn’t sound as dated as one might expect.
Capsula played SXSW in 2009 to great acclaim, and as of this writing, they’re slated to return to that tastemakers’ paradise in 2012. If there’s one shortcoming of In the Land of Silver Souls, it’s that the record is so consistently good that it blows by too quickly. This reviewer’s prescription: repeat as necessary. - MUSOSCRIBE

"Capsula: In the Land of Silver Souls"

Garage-rock tastiness from Argentina, via Spain

Argentinian (!) three-piece Capsula play a garage-rock mish-mash that incorporates swirling, fuzzy guitar, the occasional farfisa, and buckets of Iggy Pop-esque vocals—in English—from frontman Martin Gurvara. Plenty of other bands mine this same vein, but Capsula does so with vigor and inventiveness and a good deal more success than most. In the Land of Silver Souls is a 14-track fuzz-fest whose energy rarely flags, and if it doesn’t reinvent the form, well, it may go some way toward reinvigorating it.

Opening track “Wild Fascination” throws down the gauntlet with its layers of chiming wash of guitar distortion and reverbed vocals, but any number of other tunes are equally representative: “Hit ‘n’ Miss” thrashes along on waves of jarring fuzz, softened by breathy female harmonies, while “Into My Skull” pounds its midtempo stomp directly into the listerner’s cranium (along with Gurvara’s note-perfect Iggy impersonation). These songs are short sharp shocks—only one track tops four minutes, and happily, “Communication” is a moody, bass-heavy rumble that makes good use of its 5:09. Listeners who have been hankering for a satisfying set of down and dirty rock and roll basics, served up with energy and panache, will find their dreams answered. Party on, Garth. - Pop Matters

"[Band Of The Week] Capsula"

Want to listen to a band from Argentina, that is settled in Bilbao, Spain and sings in English? Also I forgot… that is amazing?! Then check this ouuuut: Capsula !

Capsula derives from a song from David Bowie in Space Oddity. They are said to be the reminiscent from The Stooges, The Velvet Underground and the Rolling Stones and we truly believe that. It’s like a garage band but they sound so good! Rock n’ Roll Baby!

(See Video Clips) - The Geek Invasion

"Capsula In The Land Of Silver Souls"

When it comes to South American rock bands, very few (if any) could ever break into the European music scene. But that may change this year. Capsula may hail from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but their musical influences are diversely deep.

From Sixties psychedelic rock with South American influences to American punk, their newest album, In The Land Of Silver Souls, is catching attention in Europe and turning heads in the U.S.

Capsula hails from Argentina, but their sound defiantly carries international appeal.

Capsula takes its name from the Spanish word for “capsule” in honor of David Bowie’s Space Oddity. The band left Argentina for Spain. Regardless of where they play, they sing in English.

"We didn’t know anything about how to tour Europe, but we knew we wanted to be touring wild all year round,” said singer/guitarist Martin Guevara. "We thought that in Europe the distances were smaller compared to South America."

In Argentina, they might have to travel across the Andes Mountains just to get to their next gig. It was extremely frustrating for a band that just wanted to play every night. But, as expected, Europe has opened doors, production facilities included.

What seemed to take years — producing EPs and albums, and booking festival appearances in North America, South America and Europe — now takes months. And although the newest album is technically their eighth studio album, it's light years ahead of the critically acclaimed Rising Mountains (2009) and anything else they have ever done.

As good as Rising Mountains seemed to some, it was formulaic at best. In The Land Of Silver Souls is completely different: 14 tracks of anything but the same old, same old.

The production quality certainly counts. This time around, the album was recorded by Santi Garcia at Ultramarinos Costa Brava at Sant Feliu, and by Guevara at Silver Sounds Studios in Bilbao. Not only does the band wear influences like the Cramps and Sonic Youth on their sleeves, but their brash approach and sonic delivery still give them a sound that is purely their own.

Capsula took a long and winding road, but the journey was worth it.

It's about time for a band that was originally formed by Guevara and singer/bassist Coni Duchess in 1998. The duo have been slugging it out ever since (and married for better than a decade), and recently added drummer Ignacio “Natxo” Villarejo.

There is a lot of interesting history around the band. Guevara and Duchess lived through some tenuous years in Argentina. They struggled through censorship and dictatorship. But it is also these experiences that likely shaped their approach. It almost seems subtle, even when it's in your face.

It all works because while Guevara sometimes is almost whispered and difficult to decipher, Duchess’ backing vocals are moody and clear, a striking contrast. Add in some crunchy guitars and a barreling rhythm section and it becomes crystal clear that they know what they are doing.

Standouts from the pack include Hit ‘n' Miss, which is a classic garage rock number with a quasi California influence; Wild Fascination featuring Guevara’s Bowie-esque vocals; and Communication which is punctuated by a whispery refrain and Guevara’s low, guttural vocals. When you listen to it all, there is plenty to discover across the right combination of psychedelia, punk, garage rock, and a hint of a pop surf rock

In The Land Of Silver Souls By Capsula Rocks In With An 8.2 On The Liquid Hip Richter Scale.

Without a doubt, In The Land Of Silver Souls marks a turning point for Capsula. There’s not a weak song on the album — it grows on you in the best possible way. And, even more exciting for anyone who likes it, there is a good chance the band will be touring in the United States this year.

In The Land Of Silver Souls by Capsula is on iTunes. The album can also be found on Amazon. You can also download one free track from their band site or follow them on Facebook. Definitely plan - Liquid Hip

"Capsula In The Land Of Silver Souls"

Despite the musical worldliness made possible by that glorious series of tubes we call the Internet, it’s safe to say that our grasp on South America’s alternative scene is pretty shaky. Sure, most people are familiar with CSS, but if prompted to name 10 South American alternative acts, even the biggest audiophile may not be up to the task. But here’s one to start your list: psych-rock band Capsula, an Argentinean trio that, in its new LP, In The Land Of Silver Souls, crafts an impressive (and impressively catchy) blend of garage punk and psychedelia, with just the right dose of sunny surf pop.

As with all strains of garage, comparisons are inevitable. Lead singer Martin Guevara has a voice that isn’t too far off from Lou Reed’s gruff growl, albeit with a different accent. Backing singer/bassist Coni Duchess, meanwhile, sticks to the Kim Deal camp of moody vocals and steady bass rhythms. But rather than ape the sonic hallmarks of its influences, Capsula finds new ways to expand and explore the touchstones of the genre. “Communication,” for example, transforms a throwback surf-garage groove into a trippy jam with a creepily whispered refrain. Other tracks deliver the thrills of sweaty, lightning-in-a-bottle power pop. There’s lead single “Hit ’N’ Miss,” with its sweltering solos and subtle hand-claps, and “What’s In The Mirror,” a full-throttle barnstormer that coasts on the waves of a blissed-out solo halfway through before plummeting into the rapids again.

Like any good no-frills rock group, Capsula knows how lethal a misplaced ballad or sonic experiment can be; thankfully, there are no such buzzkills here. The only thing that even resembles rest is the sludgy blues of “The King Of The Rain.” And yet, while we all love fast songs, everyone knows the dangers of sameness. But the band avoids this mistake as well, through its careful use of shifts in tempo and its ability to break up any monotony with a good old-fashioned psychedelic groove. - CMJ

"Capsula: Shows, SXSW and recording in March"

Buenos Aires' garage rockers Capsula have been touring the US this month and they will be performing their third SXSW showcase, on Thursday March 15. Witnessing Capsula live is an experience not easily forgotten, as they tear though blistering washes of guitar and pounding rhythms delivered with the true essence of punk rock attitude, garnering a great deal of acclaim from Rolling Stone, Wired Magazine, and The Chicago Tribune among others.
In March the band will be recording in Hoboken at Watermusic with John Agnello. Check out their upcoming tour dates below
Feb 18 Madrid, Joy Eslava, ARCO MADRID 2012
Feb 23 Barcelona, Sidecar (GPS)
Feb 24 Zaragoza, Sala López (GPS)
Feb 25 Castellon, Four Seasons
Feb 29 Madrid, FNAC Callao
Feb 29 Madrid, Siroco (GPS)
Mar 01 Valencia, Xtra Large (GPS)
Mar 13 House Of Creatives, Austin, Tx
Mar 15 SXSW Krian / BFM Showcase, Iron Bear, Austin, Tx Vhs Or Beta, Capsula, Hands, The Ettes, Suckers, The Strange Familiar
Mar 16 EIS, Austin, Tx
Mar 30 Ponferrada, La Vaca (GPS)
Mar 31 Leganes, Derry (GPS)
Jun 09 Zarautz, Rockumentalak 2012 - The Hype

"Capsula- "In the Land of Silver Souls" Review"

If you dig music that makes you want to jump, skip, hop, or rock the f*#@ out, Capsula is right up your alley. Pulling from multiple genres, it combines an array of styles, giving it quite an original feel.

From their new album “In the Land of Silver Souls,” you immediately pick up an ancient punk/rock style that has awakened a very original take on upbeat rock. Accompanied by superfluous blues riffs, it takes off in a way that makes you double take. There are definitely hints of pop, which are done well if not great—it leaves you wondering what era you’re in.

The emotion delivered on this album is a great change of pace as well. These guys did a fantastic job of injecting the passion in between the notes. I really do enjoy the performance-based music style, and if all the electronic wubwubs are getting you down, Capsula’s the cure. - The Pointer

"Subtle Rebellion"

Capsula is one of those bands that is slightly awe-inspiring when you think about its history. Originating in Buenos Aires, Argentina, nearly 15 years ago, Capsula has lived through a huge array of experiences in its career, which has enhanced its music in a way that is truly unique to them.

One thing Capsula — made up of Martin Guevara (vocals/guitar), Coni Duchess (vocals/bass) and Ignacio Villarejo (drums) — is known for is its ability to not bombard listeners with its message. Living through Argentina’s dictatorship taught Capsula to censor its music in a secretly rebellious way. Touching on topics such as drugs and love, the band’s aggressive and psychedelic music is paired with subtle yet poignant undertones.

“Wild Fascination,” the opener on its latest release, “In the Land of Silver Souls,” begins with an energetic instrumental. Guevara’s vocals are sharp and have an undeniable David-Bowie-like quality to them.

While Capsula’s music has a psychedelic modern-rock twist to it, its single off this 14-song album, “Hit ’N’ Miss,” is a heavier rock track with a classic vibe to it. “Communication” is another notable song, one that the band really exhibits its mellower side on. Guevara’s vocals are so low he almost whispers the lyrics.

His vocals and the band’s ability to create a very eclectic style of rock make “In the Land of Silver Souls” an album that will appeal to a wide range of people. It’s full of grand, sweeping rhythms and powerful guitar riffs that will undoubtedly entice fans into wanting more from Capsula. - The Weekender

"Capsula – In the Land of Silver Souls"

Argentinean-born trio Capsula has released their sophomore album, In the Land of Silver Souls. The album overall blankets varying influences of different rock decades. It takes you from the mid to late 60's straight to a touch of the early 80's in fourteen songs. The album also encompasses many differing energy levels from stoned and catatonic to a Red Bull overdose. Its tough to compare them to anyone we’ve heard before, although vocally there is definitely some David Bowie reminiscent of his Labyrinth days lost in there.

“Wild Fascination” has an extremely psychedelic appeal, painting a picture of lava lamps and mushrooms all the way through. It is also where the Bowie comparison comes in the strongest. Their first single “Hit ‘n’ Mis” offers a garage rock comfort although personally I think the first single should have been “Town of Sorrow”, hopefully it will be the next up.

The title track, “In the Land of Silver Souls”, has a contagious beat; one that truly makes you want to see them live. ”Under the Woods” brings it down to a much mellower note, I felt this song would be in my rotation directly after something off Mazzy Star’s Among My Swan circa 1996. While “The King of the Rain” mentally brought me to an old Levi’s commercial; A loner in rugged ripped jeans standing in the desert. Or maybe the desert vision was just the call of Peyote and any other hallucinogenic cactus I could get my hands on for a proper Capsula experience. - Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend

"LISTEN: Capsula Offers a Taste of New Release ‘In The Land of Silver Souls’"

Capsula has returned with their sophomore album and sonic masterpiece, In The Land of Silver Souls (Krian Music Group).The trio collectively creates a musical storm, a whirlwind of psychedelic wonder and punk rock fury. Their music roars with a combination of garage rock toughness and modern style that have earned them a wide range of comparisons from The Stooges and The Pixies to Sonic Youth and David Bowie.

Although the band now lives in Bilbao, Spain, all three were born in Argentina. You don't have to understand every lyric of a Capsula song to capture the unbound emotion of their dirty rock. Their first single "Hit 'n' Miss" kicks off with a classic garage rock riff, and can be streamed below.

Don't miss Capsula while they tour the US in 2012, following their third SXSW showcase! - Filter Magazine

"Capsula Prepare US Tour + SXSW Performances"

Wild. Energetic. Hot. Psychedelic. A Furious Hologram. A Space of Sounds. Droning Riffs. Garage Rawness. Shinny Surf Pop. Exploring Vocals. Feedback and Noise. CAPSULA.

The trio has returned with their sophomore album and sonic masterpiece, In The Land of Silver Souls (Krian Music Group).

Capsula's Martin Guevara (vocals/guitar) and Coni Duchess (vocals/bass), along with Capsula drummer, Nacho, collectively create the musical storm, a whirlwind of psychedelic wonder and punk rock fury. Their music roars with a combination of garage rock toughness and modern style that have earned them a wide range of comparisons from The Stooges and The Pixies to Sonic Youth and David Bowie.

Although the band now lives in Bilbao, Spain, all three were born in Argentina. Martin and Coni's creative process was largely affected by living through the Argentinean dictatorship. A time when the censoring of music's most fundamental subjects- love, sex, justice, revolution, drugs- created an atmosphere in which subversive lyrical and musical expression was a necessity. You don't have to understand every lyric of a Capsula song to capture the unbound emotion of their dirty rock.

Their first single "Hit 'n' Miss" kicks off with a classic garage rock riff, before Martin rips into a Bowie-esque tale about the rise and fall of those seeking fast stardom in the big city. Listen and watch the video for "Hit 'n' Miss" [below].

Capsula will be touring the US in 2012, following their third SXSW showcase. Witnessing Capsula live is an experience not easily forgotten, as they tear though blistering washes of guitar and pounding rhythms delivered with the true essence of punk rock attitude, garnering a great deal of acclaim from Rolling Stone, Wired Magazine and The Chicago Tribune among others.

Their sneering rock and roll attitude may suggest they don't care if you like their music or not, but after one listen to In The Land of Silver Souls, it's going to be hard not to. Deep grooving rhythms and wailing guitars are ever present as the band shifts between blazing riffs, spacey exploration, shimmering walls of sound and thick catchy vocal melodies. - Exploding In Sound

"Capsula On BTR Studio Live"

Originally from Argentina, but now based out of Spain, Capsula play a manic blend of 60's South American psychedelic rock and fiery rock 'n' roll. The three-piece -- consisting of Martin Guevara on guitar and vocals, Coni Duchess on bass, and Ignacio Villarejo on drums -- take their name (which means "capsule" in Spanish) from David Bowie's "Space Oddity." Many of their hard-hitting songs, like fiery single "Hit N' Miss," incorporate the sounds of bands like The Stooges and Sonic Youth. - Break Thru Radio

"An Interview With Capsula"

We talked with Argentinean 3 piece Capsula about dadaism, the future noise, and the effects of the economic crisis on musicians in Argentina. Performance footage is from their show at the Grackle in Austin during SXSW.

(Video Interview Clip) - Tremble Tremble


2011. ‘In The Land Of Silver Souls’ (Krian / BCore Disc)
2009. ‘Rising Mountains’ (BCore Disc)
2009. ‘Ivan Julian & Capsula: The Naked Flame’ (Bloody Hotsak)
2007. ‘Run Run Run/I Need Somebody’ EP (LN Records/Devil In Her Heart)
2006. ‘Songs & Circuits’ (Liliput/Devil In Her Heart)
2004. ‘From The Sun/Voices Underground’ EP (LN Records/Devil In Her Heart)
2002. ‘Capsula’ (LN Records/DDT/Gaztelupeko Hotsak)
2001. ‘Imagenes Paganas’ Single. Virus Tribute (LN Records/Devil In Her Heart)
2000. ‘Yudoka’ (LN Records/Gaztelupeko Hotsak)
1999. ‘Sublime’ (LN Records/Gaztelupeko Hotsak)



Capsula is a rock band hailing from the
streets of Buenos Aires Argentina, currently
launching their sixth album called 'In The
Land Of Silver Souls' (BCore) mixed and
produced by John Agnello (Sonic Youth,
Patti Smith, Nada Surf, Screaming Trees)
and Capsula.

Formed by Martin Guevara and soul-mate
Coni Duchess, the couple grew up listening
to The Velvet Underground, Bowie, Kinks,
Sonic Youth and South American
underground music from the 60s and 70s
fuelled with dirt blues and native sounds: a mix that shaped their sound in their minds and hearts as a furious
exploding hologram. After recording two albums in Buenos Aires, they relocated in Bilbao (Spain), touring throughout

Their first album released in Europe, 'Songs & Circuits' (Liliput) was acclaimed as one of the best albums of 2007 by
the music media in Spain, reviewed with 8/10 stars by musical press in United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Capsula one of the hottest bands. The song "Voices Underground" peaked at N#1 on the first Online Indie Radio in Spain (Bidebieta Irratia). The video rotated on MTV and Capsula became one of the bands to watch at.

Constantly on tour, they converted themselves on stage animals. In 2008 they recorded their psychedelic breakfast
garage manifesto 'Rising Mountains' (BCore), an album that became N1 Best Album of 2009 by Ruta 66 Magazine in
Spain and one of the best 10 albums of the year by KEXP Radio (Seattle). The songs deeply shake among spectral
noises and songs like huge waves. Immersed in sonic and sounds explorations, they recorded a collaboration album
with Richard Hell & The Voidoids' guitarist, Ivan Julian titled The Naked Flame, moving among no-wave rhythms and
77 art-punk roars. Capsula toured US and Canada, hitting SXSW where David Fricke (Rolling Stone) stated that
Capsula was as one of the best bands he has seen in SXSW in the last years.

Highlighted by National Public Radio (NPR) Music, Chicago Tribune, Austin Chronicle, Capsula recorded 'In The Land
Of Silver Souls' (BCore) in 2010 just before their 4th US tour (right now they are ready to embark a 7th US tour) playing
festivals from coast to coast (Culture Collide, Chicago Decibelle, CMJ, CMW). The album has the collaboration of
master of sounds John Agnello on the mix and the production. Sounding darker, wilder and thicker 'In The Land Of Silver Souls' was highly praised in Europe and US. They recorded some songs of the album live for KEXP In Studio in
August 2011

Also in 2011 Capsula started to play the whole album 'Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars' (Bowie's 1972
album and one the greatest records of all times) from the first song to the last, in the same order as it was recorded on the album. They said they did it because they couldn't stop dreaming with David Bowie.