Captain Conrad Sells

Captain Conrad Sells


I have a baritone-tenor voice. I do many varities of music, plus comedy and impressions. I have one cd recorded. I wear a cowboy hat. I'm a showman and have fun doing it. I belong to the NSAI and an affiliate writer for BMI in Nashville, Tn. I put my heart into my music.


My music comes from personal experiences, stories,
other ideas I think of in order to write songs. What sets me apart from other singer-songwriters is being fully commited to the audiences I play for and you can be an entertainer without the use of drugs, alcohol, and pre-marital sex. My father was my influence in music, and he believed in me as an entertainer and the rest of my story is I enjoy what I do.


I have a cd that I recorded with a listing of 10 songs. Some of my songs had some airplay, and one song in general that went on 250 radio stations across the United States, plus Canada, and 5 countries overseas.

Set List

My typical set list is that I do upbeat songs by different artist, then do my own songs, and usually end with some gospel songs like other entertainers do. In an hour set I can do 15 to 20 songs. My songs are as follows. Dinah, Soldier, Jordan, My Woman's Love, Dolly's House, Higher Ground, God willing & the creek don't rise, Midnight rider, Farmer's Heart, I'm So Thankful, America, Hello Again, Take me home country roads, Sunshine on my shoulders, Under the water, Elvis Presley songs and so much more.