Captain Cutthroat

Captain Cutthroat

 Lynn, Massachusetts, USA


Captain Cutthroat is an original rock band from just north of Boston, MA. They are a rock band with progressive jazz undertones, spiked with heavy metal. Formed in 2001, the band continues to achieve success working as a touring act in the United States. The five-piece band consists of Phil DeSisto (vocals), Kevin Landry (bass), Adam Lentine (drums, percussion), Craig McKeough (guitar), and Casey Trombley (keyboards). The fiery live act have released two independent albums; a self-titled album in 2008, and 2010's Maciste, an all-star effort both in terms of sonic achievement in front of the microphone and behind the boards as well. In their short span Captain Cutthroat have worked with top engineers Neil Kernon, Billy Anderson, and Kris Smith to record hi-fidelity albums that cross several genres including rock, jazz, soul, metal, classical, and punk.


Captain Cutthroat (Self-titled), 2008

Maciste, 2010