Captain Fresh

Captain Fresh


Extremely Ultra Super Crazy Awesome funk rock extravaganza


Band Interests:
World Domination, Fancy Parties, Good Music, A Fistful of Grade-A Popping Corn, and, of Course, Women.
They started back in 2007 with 4 members, Hunter, Sean, Trip and Clemens Wenger. It was initially and Rap/Hip Hop/Funk group, until Clemens quit the group to pursue a career combining his love of musical theater with his eternal dedication to Jesus. Sean, Hunter, and Trip soldiered on, developing a dedicated fan base of their friends and immediate family members, who, coincidently, all enjoy the awesome music.
We don't remember who came up with the name, but it wasn't Trip, that's for damn sure.



Set List

Originals: Ginny, Norway, Zombies, Fight Song, Tandem, Hold Your Breath, Gold Crucifix, Salty Air, New Year's Eve, Living in Japan, Badly Burned Albanian Boy.

We usually play 30 minutes sets, however we have enough material to do much longer sets.