Captain Incognito

Captain Incognito


new EP "Like the Snow" coming soon!


our music is energetic indie rock influenced by such bands as the strokes, franz ferdinand, the libertines and we are scientists. we mix a northwest rock attitude with a dancy british sound.
In december 2005 we formed the group, and we've been writing songs, playing shows and promoting ourselves ever since. Our shows are intruiging and fun and there is alot of interaction with the crowd. we're a young band (15,16,17), but we don't want people to consider us a novelty.


Like The Snow EP-2007

Set List

we usually do a 10 song set or so, about 50 minutes. we can play up to 1.5 hours.
live staples are:
-Ms Kiss kiss Bang Bang
-My Alarm
-Captain's Log
-Two Years
-She's Like The Snow
-You To Me
-Across the City

we've never played a cover.