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If you like gangsta rap before you were a Christian than you should like my style of rap and beats. I keep it true and tell it like it is, with love. Love is the glue that holds the world together. I am from Compton; the city where gangsta rap started! No cursing but straight up!


My greatest influence in rap was Ice Cube believe it or not. Growing up I would listen to N.W.A. and other ganster rap artist as well. Over time, as I spent a little more time in the streets I found that the hard core (violent) ganster rap was not good for me to grow and that is why I am a gansta for God now. I use to listen to the worldly ganster rap and it set my mind state. What ever they said that they were doing in the rap song I was most likely to do as well.

What set my music apart from other bands is the style. The music sounds gangster and you would not be able to differentiate my music from regular gangster rap until you hear the words. The beat is gangster, the hook is gangster and the rap is ganster as well. The beat bang! The words are clean for the uplifting of the children coming up in these troublesome times.
I live my life daily to please God. However, I am not successful everyday, but I try. I grew up going to school in the Compton Unified School District which basically was a boot camp of survival. Dipping and dodging bullets, drugs, gang bangers and going home to an alcoholic father. Through all those years going through different negative experiences from childhood up to my late teens was worth it. It was worth it because of one thing. I found out what my purpose is on this earth. I found out through it all that God had my back when I went to kill people (He did not allow it to happen) or when people tried to kill me (again, He did not allow it to happen) He always had my back. I came to this realization at the age of 22 sitting in Los Angeles County Jail. I realized where the changes needed to happen. Later on I was moved to the Twin Towers where there was a man who was able to answer all the questions I had about the Bible which was a miracle. There were also murderers, pimps, hustlers, baseheads, homosexuals, gang bangers and more in the pod with me as well. But the whole time God was working keeping me safe. Till this day I can't get over those "County Blues and Funny Shoes". My mom is the greatest influence in my life besides God. God is number one all day every day 4 life I rep His name!!
Ice Cube's song called "Go To Church" influenced me to make a song called "Go To Church" as well. It is a wonderful thing to go to church! Check it out!


Go To Church

Written By: Captain Omali


You know we got to get this money man, gotta get this cash.
I’m stressing.
We gone get this cash if it’s the last thang we do!
Ride or die! Ain’t nobody gone take nothing from me!
This my block! I gotta get this money
Count these big faces, these big face bills! The bills!

Chorus x2
You can make it!
Go to church!
You can make it if you hold on!
Go to church! (Yea!) Go to church!
Go to church!
You can make it!
(They say your crazy!)

Verse 1
If you don’t know what to do
Devil on you like the flu
Gotta to get this word to go
Don’t get locked up pushin snow
San Quinten Death Row
Not a place you want to go
And that gang you banging 4
Body bag Tag yo toe
Tatted up you hit the street
Rollin banging to the beat
Rolling while you smoking weed
Dope deala slangin keys
And you got them gold teeth
On yo hummer big feet
Your 45 like to eat
steel and flesh about meet
they panic when you hit the block
Cause they know you paid the cops
Cause they know they cannot stop
13 people wit twin glocks
on a mission slanging rocks
trying ta make it to the top
don’t care what yo momma say
you gone still disobey
no longer welcome at home
cause you crazy in the dome
Night and day the streets you roam
Pistol whipping with yo chrome
That big dude they call Jerome
You took him all the way home
Blasted him 2 times in the head
Pulled the trigger now he’s dead

Chorus x2
You can make it!
Go to church!
You can make it if you hold on!
Go to church! (Yea!) Go to church!
Go to church!
You can make it!
(They say your crazy!)

Verse 2
Now you got the block on lock
Now you keep yo business low
Got that AMG Benzo
Got the emblems made of gold
It’s the Feds, job to know
What the Sheriff never told
Got yo strap on lock and load
Hanging out selling dope
Now you met this girl name hope
Girl is stacked from head to toe
Kinda girl that’s not a hoe
kinda girl you keep her close
kinda girl the Feds look fo
If they want to kick yo doe
Kinda girl that like a pro
Undercover federal
Kinda girl you let her scope
Where you stock and drop yo dope
Kinda of girl that you don’t want
In the mix, in the front
Kinda girl be getting high
Just To keep her cover low
Kinda got you dropping soap
Cali State Wasco
Now you tie your soap to rope
Learned that dropping ain’t no joke
Now you stressing in the pen
In the pen ain’t no grins
Reminiscing on the sin
Cause you facing more than 10
You look back on life again
Wishing that you never sinned

Chorus x2
You can make it!
Go to church!
You can make it if you hold on!
Go to church! (Yea!) Go to church!
Go to church!
You can make it!
(They say your crazy!)

Verse 3
You pray that God will see yo trouble!
Hope He answer on the double!
Prison life state pen Wasco pass the clavo!
Prison life gotta be down though
Have a shank wit a pretty good handle
Got a hit on yo name and it’s mando
From the street you remember that scandal
You was out there jacking for the keylos
killed Jerome now he gotaa halo
L.A. Times but wasn’t front page though
Now ya fearing for yo life
Betta stay low!

Man, what time they having church man? I need to get me a bible.
My momma always, man, my momma…. (They say your crazy!)

Chorus x2
You can make it!
Go to church!
You can make it if you hold on!
Go to church! (Yea!) Go to church!
Go to church!
You can make it! You can make it!
(They say your crazy!)

I think I need to PC up.


Go To Church - 4min 47sec - (Produced by Moshesh Brown 2007)
This song is in response to ICE Cube's song call "Go To Church"