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Go To Church - 4min 47sec - (Produced by Moshesh Brown 2007)
This song is in response to ICE Cube's song call "Go To Church"



My greatest influence in rap was Ice Cube believe it or not. Growing up I would listen to N.W.A. and other ganster rap artist as well. Over time, as I spent a little more time in the streets I found that the hard core (violent) ganster rap was not good for me to grow and that is why I am a gansta for God now. I use to listen to the worldly ganster rap and it set my mind state. What ever they said that they were doing in the rap song I was most likely to do as well.

What set my music apart from other bands is the style. The music sounds gangster and you would not be able to differentiate my music from regular gangster rap until you hear the words. The beat is gangster, the hook is gangster and the rap is ganster as well. The beat bang! The words are clean for the uplifting of the children coming up in these troublesome times.
I live my life daily to please God. However, I am not successful everyday, but I try. I grew up going to school in the Compton Unified School District which basically was a boot camp of survival. Dipping and dodging bullets, drugs, gang bangers and going home to an alcoholic father. Through all those years going through different negative experiences from childhood up to my late teens was worth it. It was worth it because of one thing. I found out what my purpose is on this earth. I found out through it all that God had my back when I went to kill people (He did not allow it to happen) or when people tried to kill me (again, He did not allow it to happen) He always had my back. I came to this realization at the age of 22 sitting in Los Angeles County Jail. I realized where the changes needed to happen. Later on I was moved to the Twin Towers where there was a man who was able to answer all the questions I had about the Bible which was a miracle. There were also murderers, pimps, hustlers, baseheads, homosexuals, gang bangers and more in the pod with me as well. But the whole time God was working keeping me safe. Till this day I can't get over those "County Blues and Funny Shoes". My mom is the greatest influence in my life besides God. God is number one all day every day 4 life I rep His name!!
Ice Cube's song called "Go To Church" influenced me to make a song called "Go To Church" as well. It is a wonderful thing to go to church! Check it out!