Captain Overdrive

Captain Overdrive


trombone,guitar,bass,drums. no singer?no singer needed.only pure instrumental energy. we call it powerfunk, you can call it party, if you like. captain overdrive fits for jazzclubs as well as for college festivals or rock clubs or house parties or.. but it sure does not fit for relaxing your feet


it all began 1999, when the four of us met at university. started jamming and needed a name for the first gig - and we still love this name:
captain overdrive.
since the beginning it has never been discussed to add a singer - because there is no need for one. the songs are powerful and emotional enough without a human voice. our "lead singer" is - the trombone.
bands like defunkt, funkadelic or the jbs are an influence, but also r.a.t.m. or the red hot chili peppers. since we all come from different musical backgrounds it is hard to explain our style. we simply call it powerfunk.
since our beginnings we played different kinds of venues - rock festivals, jazz festivals, university parties, clubs of all styles, house parties,...
won the "german rockprize 2004" and were one of the german finalists for the "global battle of the bands" in 2006.


captain overdrive (2003, lp)
blackout steammachine (2007, lp)

Set List

sets can last from 15 to 180 minutes.
typical set can be (e.g.)

funky king kong
bill collins
tropical terminator
fresh hell
lonesome rider
heart beat
don't tell me
seventh rehearsal
b 49
cholerical captain
blackout steammachine
rush hour stomp
(but i don't think you can use these titles - i just put them here because the page told me so :-)

this would be for about 70 minutes. if no one tells us to stop, we keep on playing....
sometimes we do one or two covers of the following:

come together (beatles/defunkt)
ace of spades (motörhead)
in a funky mood (nils landgren)
smells like teen spirit (nirvana)