Captain Pop

Captain Pop


Melodic folk-rock and power pop with a hint of soul music


Life’s all about the trivial. The Common, the ordinary, the everyday. All this combines to make the extraordinary.

The love of trivia is the wind in Captain Pop’s sails. A little guitar click in Big Star’s Thirteen; a vocal surge by Aretha in Say a Little Prayer; ice or not in your whiskey. Captain Pop says the Lord as well as the Devil is in the details.

Captain Pop is a co-operative crew of musicians and singers in love with Pop music. “Pop is the only genre that matters” argues the Captain, “ To us it doesn’t just mean popular, though of course there are many popular pop songs, it means songs with melody and a zest for life. It’s the power of pop that we look for in a song. We might want to do a Dance Band number next week. It’ll still be pop.”

The Captain Pop Crew reside in Liverpool, Brighton, Cheshire and Oxford in the UK. Some of them have played with mighty big bands on Top Of The Pops, others play the local pub. Steve Roberts' aka The Skipper had his first solo album It Just Is nominated for The Mercury Award in 2001; First Mate, Brian Chin co-wrote many of the songs on it. The Ships Cat, Tony Mac has drummed for bands as diverse as Echo & The Bunnymen and Atomic Kitten and Bosun Martyn Campbell plays in Richard Ashcroft's band. “We all love melodic, classic music. We’re all sad enough to covet mundane facts or rumour about the makers of the music we love. What producers produced what song inspired by an argument about what subject is a regular topic round here I’m glad to say. It’s trivial but it’s everything.”

So here’s Catain Pop’s first release: Shut Up & Sing. The music is made using trumpets, strings, banjos, electric guitars, handclaps, voices, acoustic guitars, drums, home made percussion, organs and anything else they could get their grubby little mits on.

Recorded in a week of madness and fun, Shut Up & Sing features toe-tappers, ballads and the slightly esoteric all dressed in a colourful Pop overcoat.

Ah, Captain Pop, let’s get trivial


Shut Up & Sing debut album released September 2006
Your Papers Please single due out October 2006