Captain Starr

Captain Starr


Captain Starr is a mix of hard rock, funk, and deep groove elements, with melodic vocal lines.


Venturing into a unique soundscape, the Captain Starr sound can best be described as a blend of hard rock, funk, and groove elements, coupled with melodic vocal hooks. This 3-piece outfit was formed in mid-2005 by guitarist/vocalist Jonny Strides. Numerous lineup changes occurred, but solidarity was finally found in mid 2007 with bassist, Joey Bauman, and drummer, Matt Durante. Captain Starr has been laying down the goodness ever since.

With the upcoming release of their second EP, Captain Starr continues to deliver a unique brand of funk-rock. Their catalogue includes an eclectic mix of tunes, ranging from the gut-punching sound of False Reality to the sexy funkiness of Who's da man?! Despite the stylistic differences of the songs, the common thread remains the same: Hard-hitting drums, big league bass lines, down the hatch guitar work, and commanding vocals.

The Captain Starr live show involves an energetic stage performance, with extremely tight syncopation, fancy footwork, and musicality that rocks the faces of unsuspecting audience members. Check it out if you wan to get your face rocked off... Captain Starr style.


Captain Starr EP (6-song EP) - 2006
Hot Plugged (4 song EP) - 2008

Set List

Typcially we play 45 minute sets. However, we have over 1 hour of original material.