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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Alternative Punk




"Interview with WECB - Emerson College - 3/17/2011"

This is an interview we did for "Pretty Vacant", a radio show featuring punk and alternative music at Emerson College. - WECB

"Captures - False Economy - Review - 7/5/2011"

Captures are a four piece band from Brooklyn/NYC and you can read The Review Blog’s first interview with the band themselves here.

False Economy is the first release from Captures and at four songs in length it provides a good introduction to their distorted yet melodic music. The track which lends its name to the EP opens the release. It’s a strong start and for me, reminiscent of bands such as The Clash, particularly due to the vocals. If you’re not careful you’ll find the refrain of the track repeating in your mind for hours after listening to it. Face Ache then bounds in and ups the pace with more of the same: good melodies and potential sing-a-longs. These elements remain for the rest of the EP, providing a good start for Captures, and an entertaining listen. The only downside I can find to this CD is at four songs, you’re left wanting more.

You can download False Economy from bandcamp. - The Review Blog

"The Review Blog Speaks to Captures - 7/5/2011"

TRB: First things first, tell us how Captures came to be a band?

Captures: There are four of us in Captures - Chris on guitar and vocals, Jeremy on rhythm guitar, Alan on bass and Pat on drums. We formed in NYC/Brooklyn in 2010 and met through work. It seemed like the right thing to do - we’re all friends, love (relatively) similar music and get excited about the process of creating music.

TRB: Why should our readers be listening to you? How would you describe the band to people who’ve never heard you?

Captures: We definitely believe in melody but we’re still suckers for fuzz and distortion - anything that gets the hair standing up on the back of your neck. It’s hard for us to compare our sound to anything else, but people say they can hear elements of Husker Du, The Wedding Present and Jawbreaker in our songs. We wouldn’t necessarily make that connection ourselves, but those our artists have definitely played a part in our lives at some point or another. Put simply, we’re anglo-american melodic alternative sex-rock…with balls.

TRB: You’ve released False Economy in recent months how do you feel about that release?

Captures: You know, all the songs we have out there right now are more or less demo versions. Since we recorded those versions, some tunes have taken on lives of their own. False Economy is a great intro to what we’re all about, but we’ve recently started revisiting our songs since Pat joined the band a couple of months back. We’re excited to see how everything develops…. But we still would obviously advise everyone to go out and download our songs via iTunes or for free at

TRB: What is the best and worst thing about being in a band?

Captures: The best thing is getting to create music that we would all want to listen to and then performing it live. There’s nothing bad about it.

TRB: Any plans for the future?

Captures: Actually yes….We’re just getting started on our debut album and have 10-12 songs in varying stages of completion that we’ll be recording over the next couple of months. Next week we start tracking guitars and then mid-August we’ll laying down drum tracks.
We have a title for the album, but we’ll hold off on sharing that for now. However, if you look closely enough, you can find it in the deepest depths of our Facebook wall.

TRB: Any message you’d like to send to the readers?

Captures: Just download our stuff via the links below and come and check us out live. We promise to give you 100% of a good time, 50% of the time. - The Review Blog

"Captures - Time Machines - Review - 6/22/2010"

Captures is three parts American, one part British, and all parts excellent raw talent. The one song they have available for listening, “Time Machines” ( is a cross-culture jam. The guitar riffs sound like a mash-up of electronica-pop band Phoenix and post-hardcore, to give a vibe of darker, grittier edginess with enough pop sensibility to hook a casual listener.

The vocals carry more of the definitive British accent, and the repeated line “Don’t go chasing,” is one that was stuck in my head long after listening, when I would find myself air-guitaring and drumming along to a tune that stuck with me. That “stick-ability” in itself makes Captures well worth the listen. - The Unsigned Find


10/2010 - Single - "Time Machines"

03/2011 - EP - "False Economy"

Expected release: Late 2011 - Full length album - Title TBD



An alt / indie / punk band from UK / NY / PA / CT currently residing / playing / recording / gallivanting / cavorting in Brooklyn/Manhattan.

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