Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA


After searching for nearly 2 years and starting a variety of different projects it was clear to Adam Zarda (guitar player for Capture the Flag) that it was going to take a special mix of ingredients and individuals to create and form what he had in mind. He wanted groove driven beats and bass lines sprinkled with melodic and ambient guitars on top. After almost throwing in the towel, Adam ran into Micah Jacobsen(vocals/bass) at a show in KC and immediately started writing and recording songs. With Jacobsen being an owner/engineer of Face Ripping Records the process was a familiar one and Capture The Flag was born. With a full length album recorded and meeting Matthew Otting (drums) in the first 4-5 months there is no doubt that CTF is here to stay. We will see you at a show!


Capture the Flag Self-Entitled (Release Date Feb 3rd 2012)