Cara Austin

Cara Austin


Cara Austin is a rock acoustic singer-songwriter with a crunchy voice, catchy tunes, and deep lyrics. The album was produced by Joe Laquidara, platinum record winner for his work on Boston’s Walk On album.


If there is one word that describes Cara Austin, it’s passionate. And Cara’s first album, “Send Me,” combines her passion for missions and life with her songwriting and musical talent, and the result is an impressive debut that features her unique sound, poetic lyrics and rocking acoustic guitar chords.

This singer-songwriter-musician hails from Texas (not Austin, though, Houston!), and currently resides on the North Shore of Boston. But as her lyrics show, her heart often lies elsewhere, on the African plains, on the beaches of Thailand, in the jungles of Ecuador. Cara’s love of missions and of going to the “forgotten places” has been an inspiration for many of the songs on this album, including the title track, “Send Me.”

An upbeat and inspirational person, Cara has endured her share of ups and downs, and her lyrics reflect her desire to encourage anyone who has struggled to keep on going. The often humorous look at forgiveness in “Lay it Down,” her searching questions in “I Know” (There are days when I start to doubt/Life gets too hard and I can’t figure it out), and the deep questions that she poses to God in “Who Else,” are all issues and topics that get to the very heart of all of humanity and cause Cara’s listeners to question, reflect and struggle with the biggest issues in life.

A true poet, Cara is always able to mix the searching issues of life with her optimistic and upbeat outlook. There is always a mix of levity with the depth, and this is reflected in a number of her songs, including “In Heaven,” “I Know,” and “Lay it Down.” And in this debut album, as well as in Cara’s life, nothing is more attractive about her passion than her desire to follow her heart and do what is right no matter what the cost. As she writes, “They walk on/Counting all things loss/They walk on/Despite the cost.”


Send Me

Written By: Cara Austin

Lord I want to be used by You
I’m not that much, but I know the truth
I do the things that I don’t want and don’t things I do
But I still want to be used by You
I want to make a difference for You

For Your Kingdom
For Your Glory
For the sake of Your Name
Send me, here I am

So many people all across the lands
From nation to nation – Africa to Thailand
Living in the darkness yet searching for light
I want to be a part of proclaiming Your life
And if I don’t speak the rocks will cry out

You say if I lose my life for You I’ll find it
Well here it is, please do something with it
Not one who calls upon You will be turned away
But how can they call You if they don’t know Your name
So someone’s got to go to them in the forgotten places

They Walk On

Written By: Cara Austin

There is a lady at the jungle’s edge
She’s got a toddler in tow and a calico dress
She thinks of the father her child will never know
And if she takes this path it just might kill them both
But she smiles with a calm and holds her head high
She walks on. She walks on. She walks on with Heaven in sight

Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news
And this is for the ones who have given up their lives
And traveled far from home with Heaven in view
They walk on
Counting all things loss
They walk on
Despite the cost

There is an old man in the depths of Nepal
He’s got shackles on his feet, and he’s chained to a wall
They let him go, but they warn him well
That if he keeps on speaking he will be back in this cell
But with a strength in his jaw and a glint in his eye
He walks on. He walks on. He walks on with Heaven in sight

There is a traveler with luggage that’s worn
And he holds in his hand a photo, smudged and torn
He takes just a moment to think of those left behind
Then he closes his eyes as the plane starts to climb
There’s a peace in his heart and a purpose inside
He walks on. He walks on. He walks on with Heaven in sight


LP - They Walk On

The following singles have been released - from They Walk On:

1) They Walk On
2 I Know
3 Send Me
4 Lay It Down
5 Come to Me
6 Arise
7 Throne of a King
8 What if It's True
9 Who Else10 Mercies
11 In Heaven
12 As High As

They all have streaming airplay on Rhapsody.

Set List

Send Me
Set Sail
Lay it Down
What if it’s True

This is a typical set list for a 30 minute set...can be extended for longer sets.