Cara Behan

Cara Behan


Cara Behan's music is hauntingly introspective, melancholic yet uplifting. Her lyrics and vocals draw comparisons to Portishead's Beth Gibbons and the legendary Joni Mitchell.


Cara Behan has been performing and writing music since she was 15 years old. In 2000, she was chosen as Best Musician in online talent agency's nationwide talent search. Selected as winner out of 5,000 applicants by acclaimed director Spike Lee and MTV personalities, Cara went on to shoot a nationally-broadcast commercial with Spike. She continued gigging in NYC before deciding to study music in college. There Cara experimented musically by performing in many ensembles as a vocalist/guitarist and as lead singer for rock band, Gallery. Cara then studied jazz at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Australia. Cara is using her diverse musical past as inspiration for a return to solo material. She is currently recording a debut EP with Grammy award-winning musician Michael Leonhart.


In This Light

Written By: Cara Behan

A bit of sadness in his voice
He hasn't been there in a long time
and uncertainty prevails
At least from my view
but my view is tainted by what I'd like to see
To see if you're like me
Cause I long for a connection
A reflection of your world
Cause what I see in you is glass
A mirror of me at least how I'd like you to be
Maybe the reflection is in my mind's eye

In this Light

I haven't been able to string you in
since the last time we fell into
each other but the glass
has shattered away
With only broken pieces left in our way
Now i'll take every word you say
and try to find a deeper meaning
Maybe a symbol to plan my life to
Sadly your words determine my actions
Just a fraction of my self worth is built in you

In this Light

A bit of happiness in your voice
I haven't seen you in a long time
In this light

In this Light

Gain Ground

Written By: Cara Behan

Ryan said to me
"Time will work for us,
Don't you worry baby"
Ships are pulling into the yard
in Brooklyn

Now I've found him,
I'm unsure how to stop
I walk along the pier docks
The harbor's turning over
The slower it moved before
Just like you and I

We still try to gain ground
Our love found each other
Each other

This ideal we're both aiming for
Could we ever gain it?
More is not enough to stop
Another lover in the cards
Another lover in our hearts
Can we stop? Let's stop
oooh, not enough to stop
oooh, never be enough to stop

We still try to gain ground
Our love found each other,
Each other


- "Gain Ground" (c) 2006, Cara Behan
- "Best New Artists" (c) 2004, Greenline Records
- "Three Songs" (c) 2000, Cara Behan

Set List

I can perform 2 hours of original material. Incorporating covers, my set can range up to 3 hours.