Montréal, Quebec, CAN

A young Montreal alternative band. At only 18 years of age, they show impressive musical maturity by complementing gorgeous acoustic guitar melodies with delicate vocals, keys, electric guitar and bass, brass instruments and drums for a contemporary orchestral feel that is immense and introspective at the same time.


Inspired by a series of uninterrupted snowstorms, Carole Facal (a.k.a Caracol) locks herself up in her studio, surrounded by her faithful guitars, vintage amps, a few analogue synths, poetry books and Art-Deco imagery. As the snowcovered city glowed in a soft white light, she plunged herself head-first into her memories and feelings. Driven by her intuition, she wrote a collection of hypersensitive songs featured on her first international english release entitled Shiver.
Borrowing 2 french and 3 english songs from her latest release Blanc Mercredi, and 6 brand new english tracks, Shiver features Caracol's unique vocal harmonies and a tasteful blend of folk, indie-pop and retro-soul. Caracol surrounded herself with her usual dream team; produced by Sebastien Blais-Montpetit (ADISQ Producer of the year 2011 and DJ Champion guitarist) and accompanied by top notch musicians, she delivers an album of great musicality, using authentic vintage instruments to keep the purity of her signature style.
This third solo album marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Caracol, who has enjoyed a successful French musical career. Her first solo album "L'arbre aux parfums", received several top prizes for both show and album from Radio-Canada, Bourse Rideau, Prix Miroir, Adisq, as well as nominations at the Junos and Canadian Folk music awards. This follows a hugely successful album and #1 single "etrange" with world-pop duo DobaCaracol.
She has toured relentlessly throughout Europe and North America with artists such as Serena Ryder, Joseph Arthur, hitting events & festivals such as NACA, SXSW, CMW, NXNE, Osheaga, Rifflandia and several major Canadian folk festivals.
In june 2011, she was invited to play with The Bangles at the Twilight series on the Santa Monica Pier in California. Since its october 2011 release, Blanc Mercredi has placed in many "best albums of 2011" lists. Media response has been very positive and Caracol has been invited to appear on several tv shows such as Star Academie and Studio 12. She was also recently nominated for a Genie Award in the category "Best Original Song" for her song "Quelque part" in the recent blockbuster Quebec film Starbuck.



Written By: n/a



Dobacaracol : Calme Son : 2002
Dobacaracol : Soley : 2004
- Single: Étrange comme je t'aime
- Single: Baiser salé
Caracol : L'Arbre aux Parfums : 2008
- Single: Le mépris
- Single: L'amour est un tricheur
- Single: Le livre de la colère
- Single: La route
- Single: Laws of sadness
Caracol : Blanc mercredi : 2011
- Single: Certitudes
- Single: Blanc Mercredi
- Single: J'ai soif
Caracol: Shiver: 2012
- Single: All the girls

*** All our singles had radio airplay

Set List

the set list is very adaptable. This is a 1hr typical setlist, however Caracol has many more songs (english and french) and can play 2x45min sets of original material if required. Tipically she only plays original material and no covers.

Feux d'artifices
J'ai soif
Strange Film
la Route
All the girls
Good Reasons
Quelque part
Summer blues
Blanc mercredi
Sailor Boy
Le mépris
Le livre de la colère
Horse Shoe Women
Beauté terrible
Voler ton baiser
Viens vers moi
Tenessee me
Sabres of truth
L'arbre au parfum