Their name is CARADEFUEGO ( faceoffire) and the search for beauty is drawn all over their name and music. from málaga (spain) with a worldwide appel.


DÉJAME VIVIR CON ALEGRÍA will be released after the summer but first get a
taste of it :

"TRANQUILA": wonderful song by the fabulous producer,composer and arranger
Alexandre Kassin (moreno+2, la Orquesta Imperial, Adriana calcanhoto, Bebel Gilberto, arto Lindsay,
etc) adapted into spanish by us.
A.Kassin has given us another gift, the sensual and geometric remix of
Also, the most magnetic & sexy voice in LatinAmerica is swinging the serene
rhythm of this sing..............from Uruguay! Martín Buscaglia!!!! Singing
a duet with maría rayo

"CHOP-PLOF": it is a fairy tale song as Nabokov would say...
The piano and string arragements are a tribute to our dear Vainica Doble.

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Lp: masculina ( V2 spain )
special recopilation ( susurrando records spain& Mexico)
special recopilation ( susurrando records spain& México )
spacial recopilation ( Artistas en Ruta )Spanish Advertisement for Andalucía/ Tv and cinema( song: cómo saber )

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