Cara Maurizi

Cara Maurizi


Heartfelt lyrics with melodic ballads, accompanied by keyboard. My focus is on capturing the mood of moments in song. Ocassionally I collaborate with a spoken word artist for added impact.


I started out singing jazz and standards and began writing my own work. My music doesn't mimic others but I am definitely influenced by what I hear. My goal is to capture moments in time with music and illicit a feeling. Often, i'll start with a melody or a riff, and the lyrics will flow from the emotion.

My background is in the theatre. I love the stage and finding the character in a piece. I think that my music feels like the different characters of myself to me. I hope that the listener can relate to the feeling that is being expressed. My favorite bands include Depeche Mode, Interpol, Coldplay, Sufjan Stevens, Muse, Killers, and Keane.



Written By: Cara Maurizi

I came into this world lost and found, just to discover i didn't belong here, nor there
For years i tripped along, I'd do anything I swear for you, if you'd only love me, love me for me
Round and round I'd go
Like a revolution
Bring the world to it's knees, like a revolution, there's only one you need to please
Tell me honestly, i wasn't your great hope
I came an unmarked package, an October day 3 months away
The little girl you knew, she's not behind my eyes, my smile
But i'll shine just as bright, if you uncover me
I only ask for one thing
The world and everything in it
Round and round i'd go
Like a revolution
: Spin me round again."

You are Not Here

Written By: Cara Maurizi

You are Not Here

It’s really cold out there, where you are

Won’t you come inside, if only for a little while

I keep reaching out to nothingness

Here one moment, gone the next

And when I look for you, you are not here

And when I reach for you, you are not here

And when I hurt for you, you hurt for her

Blue eyes now turned to black

All I see now is your back, it’s just as well

I asked to much of you, you say

All I wanted was to see you through

And when you speak for me, you speak for you

And when you hurt for me, you hurt for her

And when you cry for me, you cry for you

It’s time to let it go, let it out, to heal, to renew


It’s really cold out here, where I am

I guess I asked for it

I can’t make it go away

But it was wrong of me to stay

(Repeat first chorus)


Many of my original songs have yet to be recorded. That is my next project. I have a few live recordings on my website and myspace. My original songs include:
My Story, Void, Look Beside You, Revolution, The Ugliness of Me, Orion, Hear My Voice, and You are Not Here. My website is

Set List

I do a mix of covers and my own pieces. I like to cover songs that aren't expected from my genre, like "Enjoy the Silence," "A Little Respect", "Wonderwall", and various Jimmy Eat World songs. I think it's interesting to hear songs sung in a new style. Enjoy the Silence is such a driving song, and people don't expect to hear it sung as a ballad with piano. I also bring in songs from my childhood, like Rainbow Connection. I usually share a set with another musician, and play for about and hour to and hour and half myself.