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"Cara Quici On Bravo TV "The Real Housewives of New York City" The Show Must Go On! 7/17/12"

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<h2>Sonja Morgan</h2>
<h4>The Show Must Go On</h4>
<h4>Sonja gives you more details about her first Sonja in the City party and the questionable performance.</h4>
I guess this is to create drama? I still managed to arrange croquet in London and my PR contact through Dallas/Monica set us up with fantastic locals in London. So a lot goes on besides packing!!

The food looks great early on when they show it. I couldn't believe it when the sonnet Cara wrote called "Away From You" turned into the Cara Quici production! She couldn't do the song I requested and didn't come to the 4:30 pm rehearsal So the show must go on.

Well, she may have been too much for the uptown crowd! There wasn't an unpeeled eye in the room. I can tell you, if you were there, people really did enjoy the performance once they got over the shock! The lyrics to the song I chose were written for Reid and Aviva, and it was an unplugged rendition or unproduced, natural version. With Aviva afraid to go anywhere without Reid it was a touching song. Cara is from Corpus Christi, Texas, and has been singing since four years old in her church choir. She is a rising International star and very talented. I was pleased to have her donate her time and love. Let's face it though it was a big break and she got a little carried away!

Well it made for good drama!

Cara Quici Performing "Without You" &amp; her next single "FIGHT '12"
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"Cara Quici on Vulture Entertainment - Brava, Cara! Bravo, Bravo! 7/17/12"

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<h2><a href=""><em>The Real Housewives of New York City</em> Recap: The Ramona Wars</a></h2>
<strong>By Julie Klausner  </strong> July 17, 2012 12:17 PM Season 05 Episode 07 Good Trip, Bad Fall
Finally, we were at Aviva’s anniversary party, or as I like to call it, the Cara Quici Concert.
Concert. Sonja flitted around the room, which was lit like a DMV, and Ramona made a memorable yet depressing entrance in a shiteous blue silky strapless number, accessorized with her own jewelry. And just before Cara Quici — a beautiful singer who wrote custom lyrics like “a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a” especially for the occasion — took the stage, Aviva tripped and fell. And I didn’t care for that. Aviva’s was no Vicki Gunvalson spill. Her trip down the Quici stairs was ugly and sad — somebody with one leg who hasn’t done anything on-camera yet to inspire vitriol, losing control, then having to endure a loud Ramona joke. It bummed me out, and usually Housewives falling down is one of the top three things that will get me out of any funk.
Luckily, I will always have footage of Cara Quici’s two — TWO! — songs to cheer me up in any situation. Wasn’t that great? Didn’t you love being able to read Luann’s mind during Cara’s performance? (“And I’M the one they make fun of for singing?”) Wasn’t Cara’s fur choker, corset top, and leather pants outfit modern and daring? Didn’t her voice sound melodious? Weren’t her backup dancers tasteful? Oh, I loved that scene. It was almost as though the show were back from the grave in full. I smiled, I clapped, I enjoyed that performance IMMENSELY. Brava, Cara! Bravo, Bravo! Cara Quici for Hot Slut of the Day!
amp; her next single "FIGHT '12"
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"Philanthropy World Magazine Announcing pop star CARA QUICI as the Spokesperson for "MILLION FACES OF SUPPORT" 3/23/12"

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March 23, 2012 12:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Announcing Pop Star CARA QUICI Has Been Named the Spokesperson for "MILLION FACES OF SUPPORT"

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Announcing pop star CARA QUICI as the Spokesperson for "MILLION FACES OF SUPPORT". MILLION FACES OF SUPPORT is a movement that was created to encourage and support our troops through creating a montage of a million supporting faces.

Supporters can be a part of this patriotic movement by submitting a picture of their face to be included in a large mosaic photo. Accompany pop star QUICI and Million Faces of Support as they try to set a world record for the largest mosaic photo- measuring the size of a football field.

Be a part of this movement that singing sensation CARA QUICI and ANTHONY CICCARELLI, Creator of Million Faces of Support, are extremely passionate about. Both hail from military families and know firsthand how paramount a supporting face is to our troops. Make a statement and support out troops! Donations of supplies will also be sent to our troops overseas.

For additional information and official rules on how to submit photos, check out .

The philanthropic QUICI is also working hard for Habitat for Humanity, which transforms lives and our city by building quality homes for families in need and by uniting all New Yorkers around the cause of affordable housing. QUICI encourages her fans to take a stand with this social movement to end the housing crisis plaguing New York City and by calling on elected officials to make affordable housing a priority.

Join CARA QUICI as she lobbies for affordable housings on March 27th, 2012 all the way at our state capital in Albany. Catch her as she gives a speech for everyone who is fighting for the cause.

The ever busy QUICI has also been chosen to be one of the judges for the 2013 FDNY Firefighter Calendar being shot by renowned event photographer and owner of the Patrick McMullan Company, Patrick McMullan. The anticipation of which FDNY Firefight will be selected has everyone in suspense!

Follow CARA QUICI on Facebook and Twitter – Now Available on iTunes

<a title="" href="" target="_blank">Check out the original article!</a> - Philanthropy World Magazine

"Cara Quici's unreleased songs "Adios" "OAI" & "Clone" were recently featured on four different episodes of CMT's New HIT Show "Southern Nights.""

<a href=""><img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-2190" title="southernnights" src="" alt="" width="300" height="250" /></a>
Cara Quici's unreleased songs "Adios" "OAI" &amp; "Clone" were recently featured on four different episodes of CMT's NEW HIT Show "Southern Nights." - CMT

"Cara Quici on Music Industry Guide -Top 40 Charts News 7/18/12"

<a href=""><img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-2393" title="T4C" src="" alt="" width="650" height="200" /></a>
<h3>Cara Quici Takes New York City By Storm</h3>
<h3>By Yuliya Sterlina</h3>

<img title="Cara Quici Takes New York City By Storm" src=";i=" alt="Cara Quici Takes New York City By Storm" width="342" />

<strong>New York, NY (Top40 Charts/ MMG)</strong> Cara Quici a Texas born pop singer/songwriter is more than just a pretty face in the music scene. She is a passionate performer that has turned New Yorkers into believers. Just as Madonna did in the 80's, Cara's talent, determination, and love for singing has taken her from her small hometown in Texas to the Big Apple.

The pop singer has taken New York City by storm, as she is a trendsetter performing at the most exclusive downtown hot spots. Her recent performance at 1 Oak, a very selective venue known for featuring big acts such as, DMX, Bruno Mars, Cee-Lo Green and other well-known artists was rumored to have A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio in attendance on the night of her performance. On Monday July 23rd Cara will be performing at the exclusive "the double seven" for a hot new event hosted by Avenue A Soundcheck &amp; Jet Set Events with one of New York's best, DJ Whoo Kid from Eminem's Sirius/XM channel Shade 45. This nightlife event was featured in New York's Guest of a Guest for being the coolest event of the week, since it highlights new popular live musical talent.

Cara Quici's popularity began when her first single "Away From You" Jump Smokers Remix premiered creating mass appeal to radio stations all over the country and Time Warner's Music Choice. Soon after, the very talented performer caught the attention of television network executives which has resulted in the Bravo Television Network deciding to feature Quici on "The Real Housewives of New York City" Season 5 as the musical entertainer in episode 7. Bravo's cast quickly praised the pop singer as New York City's new Madonna and demanded a 3-song encore. The episode will air on July 16, 2012 9/8c to millions of viewers. In addition, Country Music Television (CMT) also took notice of Cara's singing and musical talent and featured 3 of her unreleased songs "Adios" "OAI" &amp; "Clone" on four different episodes, including the finale episode of CMT's new hit television show "Southern Nights" produced by Glassman Media.

Cara's performance at "the double seven" will feature a sneak peek of her next single "Fight '12" licensed by Universal Music Group. "Fight '12" is a remake of The Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right" which Cara recorded with music producer's Eric Sanicola and Damon Sharpe in 2010. The Beastie Boys have been a musical inspiration for Cara from a young age. Cara's "Fight '12" is a dedication to empowerment and The Beastie Boys.

As far as Cara being compared to Madonna, she prefers not to be compared to anyone as she feels her style is unique and her own. Her love for music and performing is a form of art, where she can freely express her feelings, concerns, and emotions. Cara's music can be found internationally on iTunes, as well as the ever-popular Radio for todays best of pop and dance music.

With her management under Jeff Cohen, the president of MMG, Model, Talent and Celebrity Management &amp; Darwin Ortiz, president of <a href="">Darwin World Media</a> Cara Quici is sure to be the next pop/rock sensation.

"Bravo Tv's Clubhouse Favorite Cara Quici Performing Her Hit Song "Fall" on Watch What Happens Live"

<a href=""><img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-2459" title="CaraWWHL" src="" alt="" width="680" height="482" /></a>
Clubhouse Favorite Cara Quici Performing her hit song "FALL" on
Bravo Tv's "Watch What Happens Live" Hosted by Andy Cohen
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Comment &amp; Share Cara Quici's first national LIVE TV perfromance on "WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE" episode Rise and 'Fall.'
GET "FALL"by Cara Quici on <a href="" target="_blank"> iTunes HERE</a>. - Bravo TV

"Celebrity Chatta Dubs Cara Quici A Pop Star 7/17/12"

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<strong>rhony episode 7 “good trip, bad fall” reaction</strong>
At Aviva and Reid’s anniversary party, everyone reunites to celebrate the couple’s 5th anniversary. Sonja’s treat for the couple was performer Cara Quici–but Aviva trips down the stairs!
<a href=""><img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-1584" title="Celebchat" src="" alt="" width="767" height="387" /></a>
So we were expecting Cara to sing opera or something…but she’s a pop star! Very strange! Aviva called the band, “a trainwreck.” Reid gives a heartfelt speech to Aviva…with Carole’s help! Aviva presents Reid with a new wedding band–good thinking!

By Celebrity Chatta
Categories: The Real Housewives of New York City and TV News
Tags: Anthony Radziwill, Avery Singer, Aviva Drescher, Bad Fall", Cara Quici, Carole Radziwill, Harry Dubin, Heather Thomson, Jacques Azoulay, Jonathan Schindler, Kenneth McClure, LuAnn de Lesseps, Mario Singer, Pinot Grigio delle Venezie, Ramona Singer, Ranjana Khan, Reid Drescher, RHONY, RHONY "Good Trip, RHONY season 5, RHONY season 5 episode 7, RHONYC, Sonja Morgan, The Empire Room NYC, Victoria de Lesseps, Yummie Tummie

<strong>And next time:</strong>

Ramona, Aviva, Sonja, and Carole head to Miami. As Aviva tries to set up Sonja with her “sex addict” father. Heather tells LuAnn that she’s overpowering to Sonja for being tall!

<strong><em>RHONY</em> airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.</strong>

Photos: Bravo
Read original article: - Celebrity Chatta

"Cara Quici on Entertainment Weekly 7-16-12"

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<span style="color: #339966;"><a href=""><span style="color: #339966;">TV RECAPS</span></a></span>
<h2 id="show-title"><span style="color: #808080;"><a href=""><span style="color: #808080;">The Real Housewives of New York City</span></a></span></h2>
<span style="color: #008000;">EPISODE 07 | AIRED JUL 16, 2012</span>

<span style="color: #808080;"><strong>'The Real Housewives of New York City' recap: Do it now. Do what?</strong></span>

<span style="color: #808080;"><strong>LuAnn got on Carole's nerves in London and Heather and Ramona go one more round at Aviva's anniversary party.
By Karen Valby | Published Jul 17, 2012</strong></span>

The episode was saved by one hilarious scene, so let's start there: Reid and Aviva's Anniversary Party, a Sonja in the City production. Sonja had called the happy couple up on the platform stage presumably to fete them but actually to introduce Sonja's hired musician <span style="color: #808080;"><strong>Cara Quici</strong></span>. It was getting cramped up there what with Cara's bosoms and all so Aviva wondered "Can we step down?" Oh hon. She then sort of slid/crumpled down the three mini-stairs in slow motion. Cut to the crowd and an anonymous blonde (possibly a Sonja intern?) gasping like Betty Boop and high-tailing it right back to the bar rather than suffer through the awkwardness of a one-legged Housewife down. If you're ever feeling down today rewind and play that gal's response to Aviva's fall a few times. I totally want to be friends with her.

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Cara Quici Performing "Without You" &amp; her next single "FIGHT '12"
<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="560" height="315"></iframe> - Entertainment Weekly

"Who is Cara Quici? On Wetpaint"

<h3 id="title-who-is-cara-quici-the-singer-during-aviva-dreschers-party">Who Is Cara Quici, the Singer During Aviva Drescher’s Party?</h3>

 by Rebecca Martin
<li><a href="">Season 5</a>,</li>
<li><a href="">Reality Gossip</a>,</li>
<li><a href="">Season 5: Episode 7</a></li>
<div id="body-who-is-cara-quici-the-singer-during-aviva-dreschers-party">
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<div title="Cara Quici: Fall">

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Cara Quici: Fall" width="310" /></a>

<div>Photo Credit: <a href=";qid=1342536407&amp;sr=8-7&amp;keywords=Cara+Quici" target="_BLANK">"Fall" by Cara Quici via</a></div>
<div id="body-text-block-0-who-is-cara-quici-the-singer-during-aviva-dreschers-party">

<a href="">The Real Housewives of New York</a> <a href="">Season 5, Episode 7: “Good Trip, Bad Fall”</a> was full of memorable moments, but none more so than the<a href="">world's most awkward singing performance</a>. So who exactly is the overly sexy singer<a href="">Sonja Morgan</a>inexplicably booked for <a href="">Aviva Drescher</a>'s five-year anniversary party?

Her name is Cara Quici, and according to her<a href=""> website</a> she's a Texas native and current NYC and LA resident who describes herself as a "hardcore pop diva." Which once again begs that question — what was Sonja thinking? Whatever you think of Cara's singing abilities, nothing about the phrase "hardcore pop diva" makes Cara sound like the right entertainment for a classy anniversary dinner.

</div> - Wetpaint

""Cara Quici Radio" is now on Pandora Radio!"

<img src="" alt="" title="Cara Quici Pandora" width="539" height="672" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2030" />

Cara Quici's "Away From You", "Away From You" Jump Smokers Remix, "Bass" & "Bass" Manuel Tilca Remix have been added into Pandora's regular rotation!

<a title="PageSix" href="!/stations/play/803401095319426093" target="_blank">Check out "Cara Quici Radio" for today's BEST mix of pop and dance music!</a> - Pandora Radio

"Cara Quici featured in Scribillare "The People Are The Media" 3/5/12"

<img src="" alt="" title="scribillare2" width="660" height="316" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2060" />

March 5, 2012 (Scribillare) — Just as Madonna in her early career paid visual homage to Marilyn Monroe, pop singer Cara Quici looks back to a generation earlier in a photoshoot. Her recent photoshoot evokes Madonna and Debbie Harry, of the eighties group Blondie. The Madonna photos evoke the glitz side of the eighties, and the Blondie photos evoke the Bowery-chic side.

The Madonna photos, taken by Gian Andrea Di Stefano, a fashion photographer, show Quici posing in a photo booth, wearing sunglasses and a little black dress, mimicking the cut-rate glam of Madonna's early career. The comparison between Madonna and Marilyn has been noted many times, most recently by Harvey Weinstein in 2010, who summarized it "She's the most extraordinary modern celebrity that we have… Madonna is Marilyn Monroe with women's emancipation."

The Blondie photo, with Quici's face made up to appear remarkably similar to Debbie Harry's early years, include a pose in hotpants in a dirty public bathroom. The placement recalls poses of Debbie Harry during the early days of the AIDs crisis, in which she posed in a T-shirt that stated "Debbie Says Use Condoms."

Of Quici's singing talents, her publicist stated "Cara Quici is a strong vocal talent, making her a rare find in today's pop music market. Armed with her solid singing skills, stunning beauty and charismatic personality, Cara is primed to be the next big star of pop music." Samples can be found at her web site.
<a title="scribillare" href="" target="_blank">Check out the original article!</a> - Scribillare

"Cara Quici in mi2n Music Industry News Network 2/28/12"

<img src="" alt="" title="Cara Quici" width="422" height="554" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1981" />

LOS ANGELES (February 28, 2012) - Rising pop talent Cara Quici has been snagging well-deserved attention within the industry lately. This incredibly talented singer's recent photographic tribute to stars Madonna and Debbie Harry has been highlighted in hundreds of press outlets, getting Cara Quici some notable national recognition.

Cara Quici is a strong vocal talent, making her a rare find in today's pop music market. Armed with her solid singing skills, stunning beauty and charismatic personality, Cara is primed to be the next big star of pop music. In her recent photo shoot that garnered national press, Cara pays homage to stars Madonna and Debbie Harry, giving fans a taste of her versatility.

Picked up by major press sources such as CNBC, Cara's recent photo shoot has given her quite the national recognition. As a pop star on the rise, Cara Quici is unquestionably one worth looking out for, as this talented singer is only just getting started.

For more information on Cara, check out:
Cara’s Official Website

<a href="" target="_blank">Check out the original article!</a> - Mi2n

"Cara Quici in New York Post Page Six 1/28/12"

<img src="" alt="" title="newyorkpost" width="660" height="316" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2090" />

We hear . . .
Last Updated: 1:39 AM, January 28, 2012
Posted: 12:17 AM, January 28, 2012

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That Ghetto Film School is teaming with Google for a masterclass series featuring Lee Daniels, Tamra Davis, D avid O. Russell, Spike Jonze, Catherine Hardwicke, John Singleton, Edward Burns, Paola Mendoza, Peter Sollett and Jim Jarmusch. The monthly sessions at the South Bronx nonprofit will be shared with filmmakers around the world, using Google+ Hangouts . . . That “Away From You” pop star Cara Quici performed five sold-out concerts in Riviera Maya, Mexico . . . That JFI Jets owner Arik Kislin will fly in 10 dignitaries to the Red Cross Ball in Palm Beach tonight, including ambassadors from Mexico, Morocco, Slovenia and Trinidad and Tobago.

<a title="PageSix"href="" target="_blank">Check out the original article!</a> - New York Post - Page Six

"Cara Quici in Sunday's New York Post - Page Six 12/04/11"

<img src="" alt="" title="newyorkpost" width="660" height="316" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2092" />

We hear...
Last Updated: 12:34 AM, December 4, 2011
Posted: 12:31 AM, December 4, 2011

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That Alec Baldwin and Norman Lear are headlining the People for the American Way Foundation’s 30th anniversary dinner at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel tomorrow . . . THAT downtown’s Beaumarchais is taking its Le Grand Brunch to St. Barts’ Manapany Hotel for a series at Pacri restaurant . . . THAT Cara Quici will perform at club Rokk City Dec. 10 for the Humane Society . . . THAT 4AM DJs Jus-Ske, Jesse Marco, Mia Moretti and Sinatra will perform at Irving Plaza Thursday.

<a title="PageSix" href="" target="_blank">Check out the original article!</a> - New York Post - Page Six

"Cara Quici getting some love from Encore magazine! 11/09/10"

<a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-1863" title="caraquiciencore" src="" alt="" width="717" height="1359" /></a>
<a title="Encore Magazine article" href="" target="_blank">Check out the original article!</a> - Encore Magazine


RELEASE DATE: July 08, 2012
LABEL: Independent
Streaming on PANDORA RADIO

TITLE: Without You
RELEASE DATE: May 07, 2012
LABEL: Independent

TITLE: Do It Now
RELEASE DATE: April 02, 2012
LABEL: Independent

TITLE: Bad Girl
RELEASE DATE: Nov 17, 2011
LABEL: Independent

RELEASE DATE: Nov 17, 2011
LABEL: Independent

TITLE: As We Live
RELEASE DATE: Nov 06, 2011
LABEL: Independent

TITLE: Away From You (Manuel Tilca Remix)
RELEASE DATE: November 6th 2011
LABEL: Independent

TITLE: Away From You
RELEASE DATE: November 9th 2010
LABEL: Independent



Cara Elizabeth Quici (born May 30, 1985) is an American singer/songwriter born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas now living in New York City and Los Angeles. Cara first began singing church hymns at the age of 5 and throughout Cara’s school years, she cultivated and showcased her talent by participating in local school talent shows and church musicals.
As a pre-teen Cara attended International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) Convention in Hollywood, California with her Texas Agency, Infinity Model and Talent Agency. She won various awards for singing, dancing, acting, and modeling. Due to her parents being unable to move to Hollywood as her guardians, Cara then flew back to Texas leaving multiple contracts behind. Back in Texas Cara fueled her need to perform on stage by auditioning for cheerleading and went on to become a competition cheerleader, winning many first place trophies with her team at Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) competitions. She also was chosen as a “Who’s Who of American Cheerleaders.” On her 18th birthday, which was the same day she graduated High School, Cara sought out to reach her dreams by leaving her small Texas town for the lights and stages of New York City.
After four years in New York Cara branched out to Hollywood, California becoming bi-coastal. During this time she prepped for her first professional recording sessions by attending the reputable Los Angeles based “Oksana’s School of Music” for piano and voice. Acclaimed pianist Oksana Kolesnikova was Cara’s teacher for piano. Cara then added accomplished Musician’s Institute Hollywood vocal coach Carol Rogers, known as Mama O, to her schooling. After recording over 30 songs with the industry’s top producers and writers in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami combined, Cara then released her first single to the public entitled “Away From You” which was also co-written by the singer herself. The track is produced by Max Gousse and BillBoard Hot 100 producer Fuego, who is most known for producing Jason Derulo’s “Whatcha Say” and the recent Chris Brown single “Turn Up The Music” “Away From You” Jumpsmokers remix, which premiered with mass appeal to radio stations all over the country and TV’s Music Choice was able to reach the 27th position on Dance Billboard charts.
As of early 2011-present Cara Quici has been working with choreographers and vocal coaches, including vocal coach Wendy Parr who is known for working with Patti La Belle and Bette Midler. Quici has been working on her performances consistently and has successful shows under her belt including her first live show at Rokk City in New York City, which was to benefit the Humane Society and over capacitated the venue. Quici's National TV performances include episode 7 of Bravo's Season 5 "Real Housewives of New York City" where she performed her 3 singles "Do It Now", "Fall" and "Bad Girl". She was also featured performing live on Bravo TV's "Watch What Happens Live" hosted by Andy Cohen season 7, episode 22. Rise and 'Fall' (Clubhouse favorite Cara Quici popped in to serve drinks and sing her hit song, 'Fall). Cara Quici’s unreleased songs “Adios” “OAI” & “Clone” were also featured on four different episodes of the CMT’s hit Show “Southern Nights.”
In recent news Cara Quici and celebrity fashion photographer Gian Andrea di Stefano have collaborated in an original series of photographs portraying the authentic identity of Quici and her iconic inspirations; Goddess of Punk Rock, BLONDIE’S leading lady, DEBBIE HARRY and the Queen of Pop, MADONNA. Quici’s photo’s have received National attention and press. Among having 12 singles already on Itunes, Quici will be releasing a highly anticipated new single that is licensed by Universal and Sony, in the next coming months. This single will debut through radio personalities nationwide. Quici continues to write melodies and lyrics, was recently accepted into Pandora Radio, and has been dubbed as a “pop star” by NY’s Page Six and Daily News newspapers.