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Brazilian roots - with a global twist. Caratinga's sound is a stunning blend of infectious Brazilian grooves, beautiful original songs and dazzling acoustic interplay. Six superb young musicians from Brazil and the UK update Brazil's Choro and Samba tradition.


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New dates announced for Autumn '08 - Visit Calendar for details.

Caratinga on BBC Radio 3 (Online and Nationwide FM & DAB in the UK) 2nd June at 23:15 BST/18:15 EST. Lopa Kothari World Music show. Listen online for 1 week after the show at

"Caratinga bring together two rich and intertwined Brazilian traditions in a festival of bliss." [Wiltshire Times]

Caratinga is an exhilarating blend of infectious Brazilian rhythms, lyrical melodies, delicate acoustic interplay and sparkling improvisation - six great musicians from Brazil and the UK updating Brazil’s choro and samba tradition.

Caratinga features the incredible mandolin and percussion of Anselmo Netto (Jazzinho), percussion genius Adriano Adewale Itauna (Antonio Forcione, Modeste), and star clarinetist Idris Rahman (Reem Kelani, Soothsayers, Zoe Rahman).

Based in London, they have played at major venues and events across the UK including the Royal Festival Hall Foyer, the Royal National Theatre's "Watch This Space" festival, the Eden Project, and the Barbican Centre's Brazil:Brasil festival.

Caratinga play music rooted in Brazil's choro and samba traditions; the group features superb musicians playing all of the traditional instruments associated with that music, such as the bandolim (Brazilian mandolin), cavaquinho (the Brazilian ukelele), the seven-string guitar and pandeiro (tambourine).

The band’s first CD "Caratinga" was released in 2005, and the follow-up "Na Ponta Do Pe”, featuring stunning original songs and instrumental music alongside Caratinga's unique interpretations of the music of Chico Buarque, Radames Gnattali and others, is due for release in June 2008, accompanied by live dates across the UK.

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Leandra Varanda
Leandra is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and paid her dues singing in numerous bars and clubs in Sao Paulo’s Vila Olimpia district, taking inspiration along the way from great names in Brazilian music such as Elis Regina, Joao Gilberto and Marisa Monte. Na Ponta Do Pe sees Leandra getting back to her roots and singing the sambas and other styles that she grew up with. Na Ponta Do Pe also showcases Leandra’s songwriting, with two great new tracks Retalhos and Voa, Voa.

Anselmo Netto
Mandolin, Percussion
From Salvador in Brazil’s northeast, Anselmo is a true virtuoso. Following a successful career touring and recording in Brazil for many years, he moved to London a couple of years ago, and since then, he’s toured everywhere from Moscow to the Montreux Jazz Festival, and been a special guest on Guy Barker’s World Cafe on the BBC World Service. He’s also frequently to be found playing with artists including Hamish Stuart and Guida de Palma’s Lisbon-based Jazzinho; with whom he was featured on the Ed Motta-produced Atlas (2005).

Adriano Adewale
Adriano is from Sao Paulo. He moved to London in 2000 and formed his first UK band Sambura, releasing the album Cru. He is widely known as part of the Antonio Forcione Quartet with which he has performed all over the world. His recording credits include three albums and a DVD with Forcione, Netsayi Chigwendere’s Chimurenga Soul, Zoe Rahman’s Melting Pot and Madagascan guitarist Modeste’s Fomba.

Jonathan Preiss
7-string guitar
A native Londoner, Jonathan’s background is originally in jazz and classical music, and he played for many years with classical group the London Guitar Trio. He fell in love with samba and choro about ten years ago, took up the Brazilian seven-stringed guitar and eventually formed Caratinga. His recording credits include Caratinga’s eponymous first album, and a critically acclaimed CD Above the Bellow with celtic accordionist Luke Daniels. Jonathan’s also performed with Netsayi Chigwendere (London Jazz Festival 2006) and Tina Grace.

Felipe Karam
Cavaquinho, Violin, Rabeca
Felipe is from the city of Porto Alegre, in Brazil’s southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul. In Porto Alegre he played with the group Cafe Acustico, whilst since relocating to London he has played with, amongst others, Capital do Samba, Zeu Azevedo’s Forrodaki and singer/songwriter (and longtime Nitin Sawnhey collaborator) Tina Grace. On Na Ponta Do Pe Felipe plays his first instrument, the cavaquinho, and is also featured on violin and rabeca (Brazilian folk fiddle).

Idris Rahman
Clarinet, Mixing
Anglo-Bangladeshi clarinettist Idris Rahman has played across Europe with his own group Soothsayers, as well as with artists including Zimbabwean singer/songwriter Netsayi Chigwendere and Palestinian singer Reem Kelani. Idris also mixed Na Ponta Do Pe; his mixing credits include two albums nominated for the UK’s Nationwide Mercury Music Prize, Zoe Rahman’s Melting Pot (nominated in 2006) and Basquiat Strings’ eponymous Basquiat Strings (nominated in 2006).

About “Na Ponta Do Pe”

In Sp


Voa, Voa (Fly Away)

Written By: Lyrics - Leandra Varanda; Music - Jonathan Preiss

Estrada boa e piche, agua azul de banho de mar,
Aviao voa, voar
Roda a roda, rodar
Cabeca fria e guia,
Pernas o carro de ir, mudar, mover, apressar e chegar.
Mente e livre e livro
Mapa de guiar
Caminho de escolher alegria e nao chorar
Vida de andarilho, pernas pra capar
Melhor coisa do mundo e sair pra viajar
Se nao souber a lingua fale com as maos,
Lingua e carne e corpo, e gesto, ingestao
O resto e poeira
Atomo de mim, de voce, dos seus,
Somos iguais
Pe na tabua
Gira a roda
Roda a roda
Leva ao longe
Voa, voa
Aviao voa
Leva ao longe
Liga o mundo
Enrola a lingua faz que entende
Gesticula e vai na boa
Voa, voa, voa

(English translation by Natan Barreto, John Rhodes, Leandra Varanda)

Pitch black road, blue water bathing,
Aeroplane flies, flies
Wheel turns and turns
Cool head’s your guide,
Legs are the vehicle to carry and move you, and get you there.
The mind is free, a book
A map to guide you
A path to choose happiness, not to cry
The wanderer’s life, legs to cut through
The best thing in the world is to go out and travel
If you don’t know the language, say it with your hands,
Tongue is flesh, is body, is gesture, ingestion
All the rest is dust
Atoms of me, of you and yours,
We’re all the same
Foot to the floor
Spin the wheel
It turns and turns
And takes me far
Fly, fly
The aeroplane flies
Takes you far
Connects the world.
Mangle your words, pretend you understand
Gesture, it’ll be OK
Fly, fly, fly away

Retalhos (Remnants)

Written By: Lyrics - Leandra Varanda; Music - Jonathan Preiss

Quando voce partiu levou consigo a paz
Deixou sem som casa vazia
E eu vivo das lembrancas,
Lindos tempos nossas dancas,
Tal rotina tranformou
E as horas escravizam minha solidao
Fazem do tempo o meu acoite
E triste a alegria
de tocar a melodia
Violao ja se cansou
Ainda penso em te pedir volta pra casa amor
E te mentir que sou alguem que nao sou
Mas quando vejo um album, paginas rasgadas,
Retalhos de um velho amor
Surdo nao deu o pulso pro nosso tocar
Perdeu o passo na cancao
Sim perdeu
Nao quis tocar poesia, so marcou desarmonia
Choro e lamentacao
E a danca terminou em Do
Samba cancao
Fez de um compasso a eternidade
E la se foi o dia,
Trapos velhas fantasias
Fatos fotos pelo chao
Ainda penso em te pedir

(English translation by Natan Barreto, John Rhodes, Leandra Varanda)

When you left you took peace with you
You left an empty house, without a sound
And I live on these memories,
Beautiful times, dancing together,
How our old ways have changed
And the hours enslave my solitude
Making time my whip
It’s sad, the happiness
of playing the melody,
The guitar’s already tired
I still think of asking you to come back home, my love
And lying to you that I am someone that I’m not
But when I see an album, torn pages,
It’s over
Remnants of an old love
The bass drum didn’t give the pulse to our playing
It lost the rhythm of the song
Yes, lost
It didn’t want to play poetry, it beat out only disharmony
Crying and lamentation
And the dance ended in C
Eternity made from a single bar
And the day ended,
Rags, scraps and fantasies
Facts and photos scattered on the floor
I still think of asking you


Caratinga "Na Ponta Do Pe" (Camus Records 2008)
Provisional release date 01/06/2008

Caratinga "Caratinga" (2004) (CD, 12 tracks)
available from

Set List

Current show includes:

Original repertoire from the new album “Na Ponta do Pe”

Na Ponta Do Pe (Preiss)
Voa, Voa (Preiss/Varanda)
Retalhos (Preiss/Varanda)
Enferrujado (Preiss)
Sarau Para Um Viola (Preiss)
Baiao-di-versity (Netto/Daniels)
Valse a Manon (Preiss)

Cover repertoire from the new album “Na Ponta do Pe”
Samba Do Grande Amor (Buarque)
Na Baixa Do Sapateiro (Barroso)
Chuvas do Verao/Vibracoes
(Fernando Lobo/Jacob do Bandolim)
Remexendo (Gnattali)

Traditional samba and choro repertoire including
Noites Cariocas (Jacob do Bandolim)
Lenda das Sereias (Vicente - Dionel - Veloso)
Tristeza (Niltinho Tristeza / Haroldo Lobo)

Full concert-style shows are typically 2 x 45/50 minute sets; festivals etc may be of any duration, eg single 1hr set.