Cara Tyler

Cara Tyler

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

"Fashion concious Super-Pop electro-spectacular style - did someone say Sexy? Meeee-ow! It's glam, theatrical with all the timmings. A musical diva with a decandent style" Remixes PAUL BELL PETER REGINALD




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Cara Tyler is a singer/songwriter and a pop diva who writes music about Girl Power, saucy strength, sensuality, individuality, love, life's wins and losses; the discoveries in the experience in being human and the courage to take in on.

Originally from Canada, Cara is now based in Melbourne Australia and has developed a dedicated fan base with her original songs, "Like the Girls Do" and "Divarosity" receiving high rotation. "Dangerously Close" her third single has more of a rock pop edge to it and widens Cara's appeal as a dance diva, through to cover broader pop genres. Now working with local and international DJ Producers and remix talent, Cara's songs are set to explode onto the club scene in 2008. Producers DJ Paul Bell ,Peter Reginald DJ Mykey B , Mikkel Hein DJ Hamduk ( Denmark ), DJMJ ( DJ Morten Janik ), Omi Okan, and DJ Anthony James have all collaborated with Cara to make a list of remixes ready to burn up international dance floors.

Already "Like the Girls Do" has been placed on Joy Melbourne's compilation CD along side artists such as Madonna, Danni Minogue, Britney and Bananarama. "Divarosity" is on the American CD compilation "Females on Fire" and has become an anthem for party girls across the globe for the new millennium.

Cara has performed at festivals such as Midsumma Opening Night at Federation Square 2006 to over 10,000 and Pride March in St Kilda 2006. Club performances such as The Market, Wonderland and Veludo's, Eve, Boutique and also New Years Eve at Heaven's Door 2006/07 are just some of Cara's credits. Performing on main stage at Midsumma Carnival in February 2007 Cara was also the headline act at the huge T- Dance outdoor Dance Party. Cara had the crowd of thousands screaming and singing along to her originally penned tracks in the summer party that signalled the arrival of a star. Other notable performances include an exciting showcase on Sky Channel for the Launch of E. Funk Houser New York '06 professional cosmetics collection and also at a fashion show extravaganza for up coming designers at BMW Edge at Federation Square, also in 2006.

Cara won first prize for the inaugural New York Artist Forum Award and two spots in the top ten of the Australian Song Writing Awards. Cara won an honourable mention in the United States Billboard World Song Contest in 2006 for her song "Divarosity" and also a top finalist in the International John Lennon Song Writing Competition and "Like the Girls Do" appeared on the Australian "AIR" pop sampler CD, heard by hundreds of industry heavy weights. Recently she was named "one of the hottest unsigned dance artists from around the globe" on her placement on the Miami Tune Tank, compilation CD. Cara's single "Dangerously Close" was a finalist for the International singer/ songwriter award and she was a featured artist in 2006 for We Are Listening and the TIN music series. All three songs made it to semi finalist position and then "Divaroisty" placing in the top ten spot in the Independent Music Awards Contest, which was chosen from 15,000 song entries from 88 countries, also receiving finalist awards in the Great American Song writing Contest and is now nominated for best international artist Toronto Independent Music award.

Cara Tyler has developed her career from setting up her own record label TYGERGIRL Productions and has moved forward as a singer/songwriter and entertainer to the mainstream. A cultured mix of stage experience, with a clear vision of determination that is unrelenting, Cara has performed internationally solo, in bands, duos, trios, on stage, in film and on television in Canada and Australia. This experience in dance, singing, acting and song writing has culminated in Cara's solo career of pop dance for all audiences.

Cara writes melodies and hooks that are the recipes for classic songs that will last as Anthems. Cara Tyler is a dynamic, highly professional and a diversely skilled artist. With killer tracks and with a bold irreverent style, don't miss her amazing shows made up of her three punchy original numbers, a selection of classic covers, sexy costumes and hot male and female dancers.
Look out 2008 Cara Tyler's remixes will be exploding onto dance floors everywhere as will her amazing shows across festivals and clubs.

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Written By: Cara Tyler

I’ve arrived,
I am Alive,
And I won’t apologize
I’m here where,
I Wanna Be
Take this world, say what I need

Not afraid of
what I see
Say it proud, loud , that’s me
We complicate
So much strife
Can be simple in this life

You are strong (ahah)
And you belong (ahah)
Dare to be wrong, get your groove on
Who you are (ahah)
Crazy star (ahah)
Aint no art but your in charge

Well it’s what you wear
And how you move
Can you talk the talk
Can you learn to groove

DIVAROSITY ( oh yeah)
NO ANIMOSITY ( oh don’t get me wrong)
SOME FEROCITY ( that’s what I ‘m saying to you)

Gotta be real
Gotta be you
Gotta do what wanna do
Are you talkin
Are you stalkin,betta start walkin

Design your life
Decide your fate
Do it in style, don’t procrastinate

POSSIBILITYS ( oh don’t get me wrong)
TAKE A CHANCE YOULL SEE ( that’s what I ‘m saying to you)

Work it out own it now, love it now , say it now x2
Are you going my
Let me hear you say

CHOURS c 2004 CaraTyler

dangerously close

Written By: Cara Tyler

J’ai besoin votre amore

I’ve been waiting
A very long time ‘until you come round to my door
And it’s so fine
Now that you’re here how can I not ask for more?

And as I invite you inside
can you feel my body thrive
Trembling we start the ride
The Highway to the danger side

Will, you hold it against me
If I take you there
Press your body close to me
Can you dare?
Dangerously close
Tie me up hold down
Watch you devour, me

And Listen to the sound
Dangeroursly close

I need some lovin
Its getting stronger
Can’t resist temptation much longer
Red emotion
Pulsing through my size
It’s such a rush
It blows my mind

The way you move I’m magnetized
When I’m with you I feel alive
You silence me with sensuality
Can’t catch my breathe intensity

Will, you hold it against me
If I take you there
Press your body close to me
Can you dare?
Dangerously close
Tie me up hold down
Watch you devour, me

And Listen to the sound

Dangerously Close

As we start to dance
I‘m in a trance
As our bodies move
Then start to thrive
I feel alive
Oh you are so damn fine


Dangerereusement proche
Me lier en haut
Me tenir en bas,
Je la montre de il vous me devorez
ET jell acute le son

like the girls do

Written By: Cara Tyler

girls on a prowl we need to get out
boys are willing there ain't no doubt
Dresss it up dangerous curves
sky high leg dish up a serve
Sex in the city we'll walk it slow 'struttin it up put on a show
play the games we wanna play
play for fun and we'll get our way

girlfirends gonnin strong all night long
well feel the groove forget your mood
Booties rock
don't ever stop
the girlfriends got it goin off

Lets go out lets hit the town lets work it out
Like the girls do
Hot and strong babe bring it on we're burning up
like the girls do
Foxy lady sex on legs
vamp it baby
like the girls do
lets go out lets work it out
like the girls do

wanna be raunchy no routine
where's the fun to cause a scene
escape be wild saucy sass
wanna get dirty and shake my ass

pre chours

people on the floor dancin more have a good time and party
the light is in your eyes mezmerise
your a star now you can be free
free with me.

Beat is pumpin music's thumpin partys rockin theres no stoppin



Written By: Cara tyler


When you touched me
It made me shiver
When you lent against me
I felt your breathe against my skin
When you comfort me
I felt safe with in your arms
When you looked at me
I couldn’t stare

Confused bemused
You make me hot
What have I got to lose
I wish I knew what to do’
Yet my heart beats quicker
My stomach flickers
Can only think of you
I wish I knew what to do

What to do….
I ‘m fallin, Catch me I’m fallin…
I’m fallin, I’m fallin

I don’t what to do
I am so in to you

When you danced with me
I knew I wanted more
When you embraced me
I only wanted you to stay
When I felt your worth
I was afraid to enjoy it
When you pleased me
I knew that you were worth more

Confused bemused
You make me hot
What have I got to lose
I wish I knew what to do’
Yet my heart beats quicker
My stomach flickers
Can only think of you
I wish I knew what to do

What to do….
I ‘m fallin, Catch me I’m fallin…
I’m fallin, I’m fallin

I don’t what to do
I am so in to you

Heart beat quickens
My stomach flickers

I’m fallin, I’m fallin


"Like the Girls Do", Radio airplay, Streaming, Websales.
"Dangerously Close", Radio airplayStreaming, Websales.
"Divarosity", Radio Airplay, Streaming, Websales.

Set List

An amazing line up of Killer tracks, sultry vocals, sexy dancers, dynamic screen projection back drop, glamorous costume changes and outrageous energy bar none. 15 minute show remixed together, 3 songs plus one cover including 30-40 sec intervals of other cover music mixed in. Entertaining, Unique, and Exciting!