Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Caravact is a "crowd-oriented" band. All live shows involve 100% energy, effort, clarity and motivation. All members give each of their talents and skills selflessly to play gripping, powerful, and utterly beautiful music. Caravact's sound is easy to identify with, but difficult to compare to.


There is reasoning behind the madness.

Imagine, if you will, a collection of six orbital bodies hovering in a solar system, generating an implausible force of gravity collecting light faster than a black hole.

In the eighth year, of the second millennium, the six bodies of mass gave birth to our auditory master. Caravact, the echo god, was born.

The sextet of the Devil, the anatomical manifestation of the nightmares and fantasies during our interstellar dreams, bestowed the sound of truth and vitality to all of the star-lord's (CARAVACT) children.

Using trickery and talent, Caravact fed the masses their knowledge of contrasting wave formation in the distortion of homogeneous currents in frequency and deliverance. They understood the workings of stimulating cochlea hairs and proportioned/altered their instruments in permeating the inner core of such aural anatomy, providing indeterminable vibrations of sounds unheard to the earth man's ear.

To this day, followers of the star-lord speak of his name in song and dance. Hoping to summon the six dark princes of the ether, to brandish their blissful voices and chords, they speak only to the heavens and to the sound.


CARAVACT (self-titled)

Set List

Damn Jim
5 Dollar Friends
Green Ink
Johnny Appleseed
December Was for Bears
Cabin Fever
Every Good Song
I Could Have Been a Scientist
Shotgun Wedding
Much Higher
Absalom (Heptagon)
My Philosopher, My Lover
Bell Curve Safety
Mad Cap Dance