Caravan of Allstars

Caravan of Allstars

 Oakland, California, USA

High Energey


Caravan of Allstars is a powerhouse revue to showcase some of the unsung heroes of Oakland aka West Coast Blues. The Caravan of Allstars is a 7-10 piece band which includes a 3 piece horn section and features 6 singers with different styles such as crooner, slow blues, delta blues, Texas blues and women who sing the blues. Many times, great musicians sit at home and waste away because they do not have a band to back them up nor do they have the skills to bring together a band of musicians. Most of the time, old time blues and R&B musicians were not responsible for being the band leader, they had managers, booking agents and many others around them to help keep the business in order. When record companies stopped paying for band managers, booking agents and publicists, that left all of the work to the musicians which was too overwhelming. Many great singers just stopped singing and got day jobs. Many became depressed and had addiction problems. The Caravan of Allstars has tried to solved this problem by giving the singers the support they needed by providing a band and handling the business end of the entertainment industry so all they need to do is sing. The Caravan of Allstars has jump started many careers .


CD 1: Salute to West Coast Blues
CD 2: The Music They Played on 7th Street