Carbellion is touring in 2006/2007 in support of the release of their new CD "Villains". Rock n' Roll hellraiser champions!


Carbellion was founded in late 2004 based on the idea that a band with soulful eclectic vocals,
guitars that are equally comfortable being aggressive and subdued, drums shifting from tranquil to thundering, and a bass that conjoins them into complete balance can do more with the sum of these parts than by the strength of any one. Lyrics that convey an idea or tell a story along to music that sets scenery and mood has in a very short time gotten Carbellion the notice of people across the country and stretching into Europe.
Carbellion got off to a busy start of live events. Among them were Summerfest 2005 (touted as the world’s largest free music festival) on Milwaukee’s lakefront, two Bomblastica 2005 (Maximum Ink magazines
birthday party sponsored by Bergoff Beer and Maximum Ink) performances, a label showcase at the Penny Rd. Pub in Barrington Illinois, and a welcoming celebration for freshman at Coe College in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Along with this Carbellion has played shows in support of such national touring acts as Motorhead, COC, YOB, Brand New Sin, Valient Thorr, Scum of the Earth, Project 86, Halestorm, Shinedown, William Elliot
Whitmore, Zeke, Lamont, Trephine, Clutch, Dark New Day, Earthride, Dixie Witch, Gates of Slumber, and so on in 05’/06’. This kind of experience has put the band in a position of being highly recommended and sought after for events like those previously mentioned. Carbellion has received recognition in various forms of media inclusive of radio airplay, published articles, and webzine reviews. They have received airplay on such Radio stations as Milwaukee’s Lazer 103 ( renamed to “the Hog") and Rock 102.1, Madison’s 94.1 WJJO, and MSOE's 91.7 WMSE. In the December 2006 100th issue of one of the the UK’s biggest magazines,
Classic Rock, the “Villains” album was given 7 out of 10 stars. Milwaukee’s leading free publication, the
Shepherd’s Express, wrote positively about them in their entertainment section of the August 25th 2005 issue. Maximum Ink Magazine, based out of Madison, featured them in an exclusive interview and accompanying
article. Webzine’s such as,, and southern France based and have all had
beaming things to say about the band and the American Heavy Rock demo recording. In August of 2006
Carbellion completed their debut full length CD entitled “Villains” produced by Chris Djuricic at Studio One in Racine, WI and mastered by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Studios in Milwaukee, WI. Carbellion recently signed on with HITT Music out of Los Angeles as well as Ecast, a digital jukebox company, for
national play and exposure. With the band’s signing to Indie500 records (
in January 2007, Carbellion is set to bring their flavor of heavy rock to an even wider audience.
For more information about Carbellion visit their website at , email the band at, or call (414) 702-0144/ (920) 254-4461.


Scarring Card

Written By: Cameron Kellenberger

And so we meet again…
So real yet surreal to see you now…it’s astounding how we try to quaintly make amends
Rejecting yet reflecting in silence…to a time when all of this would seem the likely and mundane
Washing it all away
The game is up so you conjure up convincing magic…
the past was once tragic fans of drama would declare
I indulge cutting deep with the sharp and the hard…the scarring card has now come into play
Washing it all away
I don’t care…No…I don’t care
No I don’t care… Anymore…
Ideas of change have long since been cast aside…it’s very much like hope is lost in winter
It’s quite a show for those that know I’ve said it before… there’s always more…
for the show must go on
Washing it all away
Because I don’t care…No…I don’t care
No I don’t care… Anymore…

Sapphire Eyes

Written By: Cameron Kellenberger

Hello and welcome… the doorman says
It’s good to see you once again, as if he cares
The truth be told in his mocking stare

How are the girls… I ask in jest
Knowing well they are the best
I can’t be bothered with any less

A little bit of liquor and we’re rolling with the rock n’ roll
Your sweat like honey flows
Now you’re coming on strong like a locomotive
Kind of crafty but baby I know your motive
I could quench my thirst if I could taste your lies…

So it’s through the door… the rabbit hole
Where at the bottom mingle lonely souls
It’s at the bar that I assume my throne

Here the cats…yeah… they show you the way
All trickery aside I like the ride
and the riddle’s answered once you pay

A little more liquor and we’re rolling with the rock n’ roll
Your sweat like honey flows
Now your coming on strong like a locomotive
Kind of crafty but baby I know your motive
I could quench my thirst if I could taste the lies…

Delicious disquise…maybe the devil is wise?
Fruit and serpent walk the line…their tempting boundaries
It’s getting late…but I’ve merely had a taste
I’m going to ride it out, this cowboys gamble is to go for broke
Ringmaster, shake it faster, make me beg
shake it faster and make me beg
Saphire eyes hypnotize
It takes a little time before I realize that you are changing me
You never lose, NO!, with your sultry move
Eliptical your spells the dance and you are changing me
Those sapphire eyes hypnotize- It takes a little time but you are changing me!

Heavy on the liquor and drowning in the rock n’ roll
Your sweat baby… like honey flows
When you’re coming on strong like a locomotive
kind of crafty but baby I know your motive
I could quench my thirst if I could taste the lies…
How sweet the sting of baby’s behind
Barbwire, sapphire eyes required of a seductress
This huntress has claimed her prey…

Wager Cage

Written By: Cameron Kellenberger

I’ve been given the chance to live too fast and surrender all that would be new
These eyes have burned through all that they’ve yearned to leaving all victims to waste.

But I won’t stop when there’s stones unturned
I’ll risk drowning when the bridges are burned
Life’s prizes are there for those willing to earn
Life is just too short is what I have learned

How many times are there left to pretend to start it all over
Contraband of the weak are the sum of these missed opportunities

The empty glass has seen me past many so called trials of faith
At times too haunting are the daunting tasks that render this path an obsession.

Repeat Chorus

Crossed the lines and adored in a land more fit for guest invention
Dead on the vine is the sign that the box has become more of a cage
…A sage committed to ruin…

Frustration is having the key
but fearing unlocking
options with outcomes unseen
Frustration’s the key

Nearing the last the anchor is cast and it’s found that hunger is fleeting.
No point in cheating if it’s better sleeping to awake in another phoenix blaze

Stagnant lives make for closing minds
Self-centered bets and ignorant crimes
No journey takes flight without cutting the ties
Most never know because they never try

Ask if it’s wise to ignore all the jealous who spend time condescending
Ask if the time that they spend would be better spent with mirror and
Ask if you might find in exposure a fresh sense of energy
Ask if I would say yes to all of this as a reason for prosperity


Carbellion "Villains" 2006
Carbellion "American Heavy Rock" 3 song sampler 2005
Carbon Parlor self titled EP 2002
Carbon Parlor "Riff Heavy Rock Ready" EP 2004
Whiskey Rebellion self titled EP
Whiskey Rebellion "Liquor-Sex-Guns" EP

Set List

Here is our ever changing current set list;

Hunting Sirens and Wolves
Sapphire Eyes
Shake it
Scarring Card
20th century Digital Boy-TRex (cover)
Whole Lotta Rosie -ACDC (cover)
Keep on Rockin' in the Free World (cover)
Fire (Cover)
Wager Cage
A Patriot's Eulogy
The Fires of Rome
The Clunketh Cometh