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Carbellion @ Vnuks Lounge-In support of TROUBLE

Cudahy, Wisconsin, USA

Cudahy, Wisconsin, USA

Carbellion @ Pub on Wisconsin-THOUGHTS FOR FOOD BENEFIT

Racine, Wisconsin, USA

Racine, Wisconsin, USA

Carbellion @ The Over/Under

Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA

Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"American Heavy Rock, it's the title of southeastern Wisconsin band, Carbellion's first EP and according to the lead singer, Cameron Kellenberger, the most apt description of their music. "Thematically, a lot of songs are pro-United States, American culture", he says, "heavy rock is a tag we put that just kinda stuck"."

"Formed from the ashes of Milwaukee metal stalwarts, the Carbon Parlor and Whiskey Rebellion, Carbellion is a mashup of the two former band's names. But Cameron likes to tell unsuspecting fans that it's a Spanish ghost-ship, a matador-killing Mexican bull, or a Civil War soldier. Carbellion has already played many of the Midwest's biggest cities in support of bands like Corrosion of Conformity, Clutch (who the band feels are musical brothers-in-arms), and Alabama Thunderpussy. "kicking back and having a beer with your friends goes a long ways, we're influenced by a lot of southern rock values, even though we're from the North.", Cameron says. But those values, including the show-must-go-on mentality, are part of what makes them unique. before their March 2005 Bomblastica show in Racine, their rhythm guitarist Brandon broke his ankle and was headed to the emergency room when he realized that he wouldn't make it to the show in time. Like a rock and roll champion, he sucked it up, put on a few extra pairs of socks, and played the show, waiting until afterwards to go to the hospital."

"As for the future, Carbellion, is headed to the studio for another EP release that they can shop to record labels. They'll be bringing their huge whiskey-soaked riffs to Madison on September 10th at the High Noon Saloon for Bomblastica 2005.5."


"Milwaukee's Carbellion is fast becoming the hardest kick in the crotch straight up rock act in the area. Taking from styles like Brother Cain and Cry of Love, the boys are creating a sound that could easily be labeled "Southern Rock." However, the balls to the wall riffs and heavy- almost soulful at times- rythyms and grooves take them up a notch to reveal a sonic dis-association from something that simple. For a well earned smash in the mouth of rock, check out their latest CD American Heavy Rock or catch them live either at Bomblastica 2005.5 at the High Noon Saloon Sep 10th or at the Rave Sep. 17th with my heros Clutch."

- Vol. 10/Issue 7/No. 115

"Bands like Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet and the like will never really go away, but it takes a bit of ingenuity, as well as a good, hard twist, to take Southern rock to an acceptable new level. Carbellion has done just that with a sound reminiscent of bands like Brother Cain and Cry of Love. Solid vocals, stage presence and an outstanding rhythm section set this band above many of their peers with songs that groove, chunk and cause the foot to stomp in an involuntary fashion. Spit shine those engineer boots and get ready to rock Tuesday, Aug. 30 when Carbellion opens for Arch at Vnuk's Lounge"

- August 25-31, 2005 Issue

This band is a combination that the world cannot be ready for!! Born from two Milwaukee greats Carbellion is made up of members from Carbon Parlor and Whiskey Rebellion. Their new 3 song CD, American Heavy Rock, is ready to prove that we have some serious rockers in this city!

Throughout this CD the guitars are heavy, solid and absolutely crystal. The songs are in their own way danceable and will have a wide range of listeners tapping a foot or thrashing a head. Outstanding bass and drums keep the rock rollin all the way from the first note to the last chord struck. Beautifully sung lyrics with well harmonized backups fill in the rest to round out this perfect mix. This is a great start for this band coming from what was and heading into the future at warp speed.

I did pick a favorite on this CD, although I have to admit it was hard. When I first heard the CD I liked it from cover to cover, but, the last track, MacArthur stood out. Not only does this song offer solid riffs, but, they chunk them up a bit. It’s heavier and drives like a Ferrari on the Autobahn, without a chance of slowing down. The vocals are growled and screamed a bit more and it really adds another weapon to the arsenal of Carbellion.

This CD is radio ready!! To check out more about Carbellion and get a copy of the CD go to

Keep Rockin!! Camille

Very Original and Energetic
The guitar part truely grooves in a classic chili pepper/rage against the machine style. saying this it has a style all of its own. this works really well with the tight drum and bass parts that really make the song "groove" forwards as a song. The sound achieved is a sort of heavy rock sound that is kinda of funky as mentioned above. To me the song is very original and catchy. the vocals are very strong and distinct, and i feel the music really portrays the truth of the lyrical content. Production is also good and i like the use of reverb on the vocals, really fits. I really have nothing negative to say abou this song, i really enjoyed listening to it!

Good Dirty Groove.
I like the feeling here, Just a dig in and rock kinda tune. The vocals are fantastic. The contrast of the 1st and the part of the songs that really kicks in is very cool. Im not much on comparing to other bands so I dont know who you sound like but I like it whoever it is.

Gater Bait Rock
Sounds like a gater crawled out of the swamp to claim the throne of rock and roll. Nice mix with plenty of thrust to back it up. This could be the next big thing in rock... Gator Rock. You guys did yourself proud.

Translated into English...
"Well received your promo kit & the Cd which was already in the last Show! . Really impressive Kit .The first one we've got. It's good for the radios teams. They will be enthusiasts, I'm sure.People now like so much, the care taken over presentation. Sabina, my partner on Air, was really under the spell; the radio-team too... I must honestly say that your dynamism astounds me; I haven't two artists like you in my contacts. You seem to be burning the fire to be everywhere at the same time (many gigs mentionned in your mails + other activities! ). Pretty good for a career...And your new Music is really burning the fire, too! incisive and rough & straight to the bone. True Good food for Stone Edge. Days go by; Talent and voice remain. Thes three songs will be often in Stone Edge...Remy" - Remy Gilliand

The title of Carbellion's previous demo, 'American Heavy Rock', is a good way to describe their music. Thick, lumbering riffs that are simple and direct with throaty howling and the same rhythmic punctuation that gave bands like The Cult their sense of dynamics. Vocal harmonies, squealing leads and all, Carbellion are clearly having fun rocking out in their world of seventies-inspired heavy riff rock, complete with a storming rendition of the Marc Bolan-penned classic "20th Century Boy". The opening of "Shake It" is pure Zeppelin, while things get slightly heavier with the swaggering "The Fires of Rome" and "Scarring Card"'s wailing crunch. The band said it best: American heavy rock.

Rating 4 Stars! - WS of

Classic Rock Magazine 100th issue, December 2006, pg. 89

"A bone-crunching debut of muscle-car rock, like Clutch with extra testicles. With major liquor endorsements even before their first album is released, Carbellion are going somewhere. Probably rehab. 7/10 stars" - Classic Rock Magazine

The show at Gopher One on Saturday, March 19th was truly a night I won't forget! The venue was small, but created an environment of camaraderie amongst those who came to support local music. The show was set up as a benefit concert to recoup losses from a recent theft at their bar and I believe they did nicely through drink sales alone. CARBELLION, kicked off the night in style with their exceptional spicy southern style rock laced with a surprising heavy edge. I was mesmerized by their fantastic vocals, creatively written riffs, strong bass lines and rocking drums. The best part though was the funny and interactive stage banter that brought a sense of unity to everyone in attendance. - Maria Weeks


Carbellion "Villains" 2006
Carbellion "American Heavy Rock" 3 song sampler 2005
Carbon Parlor self titled EP 2002
Carbon Parlor "Riff Heavy Rock Ready" EP 2004
Whiskey Rebellion self titled EP
Whiskey Rebellion "Liquor-Sex-Guns" EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Carbellion was founded in late 2004 based on the idea that a band with soulful eclectic vocals,
guitars that are equally comfortable being aggressive and subdued, drums shifting from tranquil to thundering, and a bass that conjoins them into complete balance can do more with the sum of these parts than by the strength of any one. Lyrics that convey an idea or tell a story along to music that sets scenery and mood has in a very short time gotten Carbellion the notice of people across the country and stretching into Europe.
Carbellion got off to a busy start of live events. Among them were Summerfest 2005 (touted as the world’s largest free music festival) on Milwaukee’s lakefront, two Bomblastica 2005 (Maximum Ink magazines
birthday party sponsored by Bergoff Beer and Maximum Ink) performances, a label showcase at the Penny Rd. Pub in Barrington Illinois, and a welcoming celebration for freshman at Coe College in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Along with this Carbellion has played shows in support of such national touring acts as Motorhead, COC, YOB, Brand New Sin, Valient Thorr, Scum of the Earth, Project 86, Halestorm, Shinedown, William Elliot
Whitmore, Zeke, Lamont, Trephine, Clutch, Dark New Day, Earthride, Dixie Witch, Gates of Slumber, and so on in 05’/06’. This kind of experience has put the band in a position of being highly recommended and sought after for events like those previously mentioned. Carbellion has received recognition in various forms of media inclusive of radio airplay, published articles, and webzine reviews. They have received airplay on such Radio stations as Milwaukee’s Lazer 103 ( renamed to “the Hog") and Rock 102.1, Madison’s 94.1 WJJO, and MSOE's 91.7 WMSE. In the December 2006 100th issue of one of the the UK’s biggest magazines,
Classic Rock, the “Villains” album was given 7 out of 10 stars. Milwaukee’s leading free publication, the
Shepherd’s Express, wrote positively about them in their entertainment section of the August 25th 2005 issue. Maximum Ink Magazine, based out of Madison, featured them in an exclusive interview and accompanying
article. Webzine’s such as,, and southern France based and have all had
beaming things to say about the band and the American Heavy Rock demo recording. In August of 2006
Carbellion completed their debut full length CD entitled “Villains” produced by Chris Djuricic at Studio One in Racine, WI and mastered by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Studios in Milwaukee, WI. Carbellion recently signed on with HITT Music out of Los Angeles as well as Ecast, a digital jukebox company, for
national play and exposure. With the band’s signing to Indie500 records (
in January 2007, Carbellion is set to bring their flavor of heavy rock to an even wider audience.
For more information about Carbellion visit their website at , email the band at, or call (414) 702-0144/ (920) 254-4461.