Carbon Choir

Carbon Choir

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Carbon Choir is a band whose virtues compound with each song. They take great care to execute evocative moments, employing emotion and superior technique in a refreshing fusion of brain and heart. Many bands strive for soaring ethereal beauty, but few have melodies as rock-solid as Carbon Choir. -TM


Carbon Choir is a band that moves you deeply every time they reach your ears. Rooted in the Indie/Alt rock sound with solid and sophisticated songwriting, striking vocals, hooky riffs and a unique atmospheric undercurrent, their live shows are both energetic and captivating. Carbon Choir’s music is truly an exhilarating experience. Their contemporary and progressive sound reflects many current trends in music ranging from explosive rock bombast, to atypical jazz and classical tonalities, capable of winning the hearts and minds of a broad range of music lovers. Never a prisoner to influence, Carbon Choir is a band that does not fear to explore new sonic territory to create their own unique sound.

Since the band’s inception in 2007 at the foot of the mighty Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Carbon Choir has played a major role in the vibrant Denver music scene and their loyal fan base continues to steadily rise. They have released 5 collections of recordings to date, including their brand new EP 'Sakhalin, their debut full-length album 'High Beams' and 3 additional EPs, which have been released to great acclaim by critics and fans alike.

In the coming months, there is no sign of Carbon Choir slowing down. As the band’s popularity has grown over the years, they have shared the stage with many national touring artists and have performed at several of Colorado’s most coveted venues. Carbon Choir will be one to watch – a band that will certainly travel to all corners of the globe, carving out their own path along the way.


1. Sakhalin EP (released April, 2012)
- 6 brand new songs including the title track 'Sakhalin' and 'Cracks'

2. Cut From The Cloth EP (released 2010, additional material from the High Beams sessions)

3. "High Beams" (2009)
Full-Length CD including the single 'Measure of Your Madness' currently airing on 93.3 KTCL's Local's Only show, Radio 1190, 97.3 KBCO, and 99.5 The Mountain, KRFC Ft. Collins, KCSU Ft. Collins, and KGNU Boulder.

4. "Middletown EP" (2008)
5. "2007 EP"

(all can be heard at

Set List

we play 1 set between 30 minutes and 1 hour at shows - all original