Carbon Dating Service

Carbon Dating Service


Carbon Dating Service is an 8-piece ensemble from Saskatoon that brings electronics together with harp, viola, and a 3-piece brass section on top of a rock rhythm section. CBC3 provided promotional sponsorship for their 2007 cross-Canada tour in support of their second release, Polyentendrii.


As “the funnest [8] person band ever” (Chris Kelly, CBC Radio 3), Saskatoon’s Carbon Dating Service has a lot more going for it than just a clever name. Their ambitious and sprawling self-titled debut, released in June 2006, earned the band a comfortable seat on campus and community radio charts nationwide, while the taste-makers at Fluxblog affectionately described their sound as “layers of warm, gentle instrumentation piled on like blankets”. This cozy atmosphere of triumphant pop symphonies, quiet country gems and raucous club bangers provides a perfect arsenal for doing battle with the shivering winters of their hometown.

One year later, Saskatoon’s spring thaw flooded Carbon Dating Service out of the basement with their sophomore release, Polyentendrii-- an album that bobs on its very own raft built of duct-taped trombones, flugelhorn, harp, viola, synthesizers, thumb piano, banjo and whirligigs. Exploring their backgrounds in classical, jazz, cute things, lo-fi indie rock and Dungeons & Dragons, Carbon Dating Service spent the winter feverishly disassembling and reassembling songs like malfunctioning electronic appliances. The result was eight unforgettable compositions, with loving attention paid to Masterpiece Theatre flourishes, arm-linking choral interludes, catchy baroque canons and the odd snow-melting explosion.



Written By: Carbon Dating Service

back-handed compliments and dirty inside jokes
keeping the standards low, you know
four hours a week for 50 weeks

seven seas of campaign notes and hand drawn island maps
random rules the masterpiece of my mastery of
dungeons and dragging my ass to english class

several lazy intellects with star trek quotes and more
trivia and lore sr71 top speed
obscurity works like an ottoman turk for free

white dwarf star with diamond core
larger than the sun
a teaspoon weighs five tonnes
let galactic carats ring
BPM 37093

dance mix (93) was the sweetest shit
like the last eunuch horn at the age of six
the secret of nimh was tears in my eyes
sucker for a sentimental storyline

yer rolling your eyes again
mockery from my friends
its funny I can't pretend I'm so tough
catholic shame is a diagnostic

ashamed of what I like
dodecahedral dice and d20s of olde
gary gygax plays a central role

a fumble a critical mr. and misses serious
you rob peter pan to pay for paul's boutique
well I have a taste for scarf and swoop critique

you hate the lyrics and the helm I wear
bring all these compaints
to cocaine venue lords who say "Gadzooks!" and snort
as we abscond with 20K cents of ours!

back-handed compliments and dirty inside jokes
keeping the standards low, you know
lightning bolt lightning bolt
lightning bolt lightning bolt

sleep, sweet sweet sleep

Sea Moose

Written By: Carbon Dating Service

with a hydrophone ear you can make out the call
a sad and spooky refrain the largest mammal of all
a half kilometer tall it's the moose of the sea
shaggy fur is a kelp bed all inky and green
it has antlers of coral and octopus hooves
and oyster shell eyelids for blinking at you
in the fathoms below when you're drowned in a shipwrecked love affair

toss me into open waters turn your ship around
pockets full of pennies pull me to the ocean ground to find you
the stars are getting further from me I cannot look down
I know that you are there beneath me waiting as I drown


Polyentendrii* - 2007
Carbon Dating Service** - 2006

*Starbeat Academy Graduation March has been receiving airplay on CBC3 since July 2007.
**Drunk Company has been featured on CBC3 since 2006.

Set List

Typical set list is 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Our original repertoire consists of roughly thirty five songs of varying styles--we are able to tailor our sets to suit the atmosphere of each venue.

List of covers includes:

Mr. Blue Sky - ELO
Now It's On - Grandaddy
Just What I Needed - The Cars