Carbon Parlor

Carbon Parlor


Based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Carbon Parlor have established themselves as one of the most exciting live music acts to hail from Southeastern Wisconsin. This is heavy rock that breathes with texture. Rock and Roll has chosen Carbon Parlor as one of her champions.


The actions and accomplishments of this band best describe what they are about. Musically they are a live powerhouse taking the finer elements of classic rock and mixing it with punk and hard rock's raw tendencies. The Carbon Parlor between current line up and former incarnation (formerly “Roast”) have played shows in support of such national touring acts as
Saliva, Corrosion of Conformity, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Speedealer, Prime STH, Karma To Burn, The Cult, Gravity Kills,
Craving Theo, Revis, Memento, Ministry, Factory 81, Tinfed,
Clutch, Slaves on Dope, Earthride, Orange Goblin, Lamont, Dixie Witch, and many more.
They (July 3rd, 2003) played one of the nation’s largest music festivals,
Summerfest, in afternoon support of Seether and Trapt on the Mountain Dew Rock Stage. They performed at the highly exclusive official celebration of
Harley Davidson Motorcycles 100th Anniversary at the World Festival Grounds in August, 2003.
The Carbon Parlor has been frequently requested and in turn played on local radio stations such as Lazer 103’s Local Lick’s show, Rock 102.1’s Freeform Radio Frenzy and Milwaukee Rock’s shows, and MSOE 91.7’s Wednesday night with Laura.
The Carbon Parlor emote sensations of angst while not losing sight of the cornucopia of other emotions often lost by many hard rock musical acts.
Bryan Cox of Relapse Records artist’s Alabama Thunderpussy says
“I think your band's strength lies in the fact that you seem to have a diverse set of influences and aren't afraid to capitalize on all of them. Your sonic range is nicely varied and the songs have good dynamics."
Being ASCAP and NACA members, they fully utilize the tools required of a band to be successful.
Being a part of Milwaukee’s elite performers, The Carbon Parlor have given back to the community by playing free shows for benefit to cancer patients as well as pledging funds to local radio station Lazer 103’s Bob and Brian Leukemia Radiothon.
The Carbon Parlor were requested to and performed for Maximum Ink Magazine’s “Bomblastica 2002.5” birthday party at the Annex in Madison, WI. In addition to this they have established a reputation as one of the most successful bands and promoters of local music with their headlining showcases thrown at the Rave in Milwaukee.
With the drive, professionalism, street cred, and chops that the band has showcased countless times there is no doubt they will go far...


The Show Must Go On

Written By: Cameron Kellenberger

Surreal to see you now but I don't believe that fate keeps time
Distill the moment and lets quaintly make ammends
Conjure up your magic girl
The events of past cloaked in regret...
I wonder now if this moment is in vein
I indulge and I play the part of a long lost love in armoured shine
Reflecting in silence no longer raging over then
Partake in the tragic yet circumvent the route that twists the end
I wonder now if this role should fit the sane
Ideas of change are cast aside like hope in Winter
While parlor tricks of tragedy dazzle in envy green
And now this smile sends you reeling in anger
And now this smile sends you reeling in anguish
To disaster we do toast letting go of who hurts the most
Drunk on the moment and faintly caring then
What once was frantic is laid to rest
Ideas of change are cast aside like hope in Winter
It's quite a show for those that know there is more to grandeur
And the show must go on...

The Crutch

Written By: Cameron Kellenberger

Was it ever anymore wrong than it is right now?
In this life I lessen the throttle... and I refuse the pace
So serpentine are these willing shackles
I siphon the fuel and I mask it as fate
Or could this be...could this just be a crutch for what is known to have to face?

Then I think and know that there's a better way
Thinking back to waking at a younger age
This youth is gone and still it's holding on
All the turns and twists along this winding road
Is it fair that time weighs heavy all along
Though youth is gone I'm fighting moving on

So relentless... my eyes fall on signs
They signify that choices they narrow
Growing older this I recognize... and I surmise I cannot change

Lost to me are these fading memories
I've suffered the fool and paid respects at my own wake
Left to me... only left to me this crutch
It comes to symbolize all that I've never made

The Attraction of Saints and Angels

Written By: Cameron Kellenberger

Over and over decisions haunt my mind. The glare from the path that I have now burns my eyes. Regret is an aching benefit that I indulge. Our time's precious when certain comes final end. All that we are now is summed up in action's wake.
This weight is heavy in my heart when leaves change to Fall.
I bury my face in this box of snakes. Amongst all this bale I remove the stakes. I'm burning now with haste drawn closer to the saints.
Time and time again reminded of who I am. Where and when I came...long ago was needed change. This weight is pushing me closer to leaving in fall.
I bury my face in this box of snakes. Amongst all this bale I remove the stakes. I'm burning now with haste drawn closer to the saints... and the angels call!
Over and over decisions would haunt my mind. This glare from the path that I have now burns my eyes. The sun's ray pervading, beckoning again shifts tides. All that I was beccomes clear and gone in the blaze. This weight is lifted now that I am leaving in fall.


2003 Carbon Parlor self-titled EP debut
2004 Carbon Parlor Live "Riff Heavy Rock Ready" EP

Tracks are available from 2004 Live EP for streaming

Set List

Sets vary typically from 30 to 50 minutes with set lists looking something like this...
1. Devastator Intro (original)
2. Birds of Prey (original)
3. The Attraction of Saints and Angels (original)
4. The Crutch (original)
5. Lost in Translation (original)
6. The Show Must Go On (original)
7. (Cover song that varies-usually a retro song
like Travelin' Band, Hair of the Dog, etc.)
8. The Pilliage People (original)
9. Unbridled Taste (original)
10. Ra (original)
11. Holmes (original)
12. mexiCANdo (original)
13. House of Cards (original)