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The best kept secret in music


"Milwaukee Metal Online"

The tracks on this CD are a unique listening experience. Hearing heavy music with a light singer is something I enjoy. Track 1; Intro’s are underrated. I enjoy getting a taste of what I’m in for. This intro had some amazing sounds and neato riffs! Track 2; It was a little hard to catch what the singer was up to here. He just wasn’t quite loud enough for this track. The music was enjoyable and I got into a few of the guitar riffs. Track 3; Yes there IS a singer…and drums! This song I like. Slow and hard it begins. Then it gets fast and hard into the chorus. Keeps us thinking, that one is nice. Track 4; I really liked this song! It was put together perfectly. Slow and melodic I felt it in my bones. Sad in it’s own little way. It is great. The tracks on this CD are a unique listening experience. Hearing heavy music with a light singer is something I enjoy. Track 5; This song has surprises all over the place. Everything flows very nicely. Rock-n-Roll Hoochie Koo!! Need I say more?Track 6; Solid vocals in this one. The guitarist smoothly jumps around from on thing to the next. Still a good flow, all over kickin’! Track 7; Outros also underrated. Slightly shorter than the intro it let’s you go softly. I
enjoyed listening to this CD. It is pleasing when you get the vocals of a slower rock band, but, the music of a hard rock band. I was waiting for the drummer to give me more of what he’s got, but, that may have to wait until I can attend a show. I would like to see what this band has to offer onstage for us fans. The CD puts forth a great energy when your listening to it, the should prove as good. Check them out at Vnuk’s Lounge in Cudahy on Oct. 7th along with Dixie Witch and Hex Adjuster.
- Kimmi

"It speaks without shouting..."

The Carbon Parlor sent us a fantastic press kit, including their self titled Ep, The Carbon Parlor. This Ep
includes six original tunes that ROCK! They have a wide mix of influences that show thru in their music. In the end it became a radio ready, crisp, clean, hard driving Ep. The Carbon Parlor includes a variety of styles in their songs. They are very powerful and the vocal quality is pristine. They are a very tight
foursome and have created the kind of music that removes you from where you are standing and
transports you to another time. It is almost eerie...but, extremely beautiful at the same time. It is
expansive and heavy, without being painfully fast or played with insanity. It speaks without shouting.
- Cammille of

"A fully engorged COC in there?"

The elaborate packaging that accompanies this demo looks like a dossier that a secret agent from the future would pass off to you from the vibrating vortex of the time portal. I know, that’s not your problem, but I just thought I’d mention it, especially in light of the tuneage emanating from CB’s demo. The songs are pretty fuckin’ complicated, too, you see. From Milwaukee, home of the Fonz and Tormentula, Carbon Parlor play a soulful, slightly maudlin kinda supergrunge that dips into Southern riff rock at times and epic, Cult-ish arena metal at others. And while that all sounds like Saturday night’s alright for fighting, Carbon Parlor are really more of a Tool/Floyd headphone trip than a ‘raise your fist and yell’ ball breaking rock n’ roll band. It’s blacklight poster stuff, perfect for lying face down on the floor and rocking out deep in the chewy center of your mind, cuz your arms and legs have all called it a night already. Closing track “Monster Trucks” turns the whole lurching beast 181 degrees in the other direction, comin’ on like a Grunt Truck-styled 70’s metal hammer party. As you’d like a Monster Truck to do, this evil bitch crushes
everything in it’s path, leaving shards of broken bones and big puddles of mud n’ blood behind it. I dunno if it’s the hippy stuff they’re after, or if this is the direction Carbon Parlor wanna go in- but it sure as fuck is the direction I’m going in. Stay tuned for further transmissions- their just might be a fully engorged COC in here somewhere. Or a new Laserium band. Could go either way.

"I can't get enough of this album"

I received The Carbon Parlor's self-released album a few months ago, along with an impressive press kit, and a t-shirt…Milwaukee, Wisconsin's The Carbon Parlor elude genre classification by writing extremely original and diverse songs… but I'll be damned if I can put my finger on one thing and say, "yeah, this band is [insert genre here]." The Carbon Parlor…Remind me of that free-spirited, open-minded style of rock, where limits simply don't exist…Musically this band is about as good as musicians can get…Being a singer myself, I was naturally drawn to Cameron Kellenberger's vocals. I guarantee you will not hear
another singer like this guy anytime soon…I really had no idea what to expect from The Carbon Parlor when I got this disc, but I can't get enough of this album. I want to hear more from these guys. In the
meantime, I'll be wearing my t-shirt with pride, and crankin' this sum'bitch up for everyone to hear.
- Reviewer: Reverend Sick  /

" I hear everything from stoner rock to latin blues..."

The Carbon Parlor is a 5-piece from Milwaukee, Wisconsin…this makes for a strange
combination and on this self-titled EP, you get exactly that. None of the six songs sound
anything alike. I hear everything from stoner rock to Santana-flavored guitars in “El Fuego”. The recording quality is pretty solid and it’s obvious that these guys know how to play.
- Reviewer: Thomas Dumarey of www.munchkinmusic.

"The Carbon Parlor is holding the stoner rock flag high..."

The stoner rock scene isn't the biggest in the world but in saying that it holds an abundance of quality compared to other genres today. Arguably we give to you the hottest band Milwaukee, Wisconsin has to offer. The Carbon Parlor are one of those bands that are holding the stoner rock flag high, as their latest six track EP holds many influences that range from stoner, to rock to even some dark Latino blues. The opening track in 'Ra' is straight up rock in the finest
fashion as clean guitar riffs escape the hands of your typical Texan drink beer, smoke weed sound, while 'El Fuego' clasps an odd Latin sound with frontman Cameron Kellenberger
spraying out lyrics in a different language. 'House of Cards' is perhaps the most stoner rock based song on the effort, as its aggressive vocals and straight-up guitar riff will get most of the local punters in the bar up and dancing on a laid-back Saturday night. The influential sounds of the 80's in 'Victory' are like Porcupine Tree jamming with Phil Anselmo on Black Sabbath's 'Planet Caravan', while the edge crushing and brooding sounds of 'Monster Trucks' is the breath gasping closer, as it manages to shed more light into The Carbon Parlor's intriguing display of rock diversity. With every song holding different elements this quintet seems to have all angles covered on the assortment scale. The Carbon Parlor definitely has the attitude of using their influences rather than leaving them abandoned outside of the studio and this EP is the perfect example of that. With this in tact its the perfect stage setter to a bright future for Milwaukee's current pinnacle.
- Reviewer: Simon Kirk of

"Carbon Parlor has a nice varied sound that will definitely please fans of grunge"

Here is some great hard rock out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin that is very melodic and relaxing but also knows when to kick up the volume as few notches as well.....The Carbon Parlor sound is a mixture of grunge, classic rock and modern hard rock. They have that riff after riff style of rock n' roll that makes me think of earlier Soundgarden and even Tool to an extent, with a lot of classic leads and riffs in there too. The vocals are right up front which I always like and they are varied and melodic which compliments the sound really nicely. The production is very tight and the whole thing came in a slick promo pack, which was really nice to see as well.....Carbon Parlor has a nice varied sound that will definitely please fans of grunge, classic rock and stoner rock sounds.....Well done. - Reviewer: Jason C. Snyder of  

"Line after line of good hard rock's hard to deny that these guys know"

These guys remind me a lot of the better more underground bands...hard rock grunge stuff. The vocals remind me of somewhere between Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell, strong with good falsetto at times, lots of soul...Musically they are pretty tough...blues influenced hard rock riff after metallic riff. Good musicianship throughout this self titled 6 song blaster, and I mean these guys are super's tinged with top notch players all the's hard to deny that these guys know what they are doing. If you like everything from Down to the Cult, then you will almost certainly appreciate aspects of this CD. - Reviewer: Stoner  

" Great dynamics and use of influences."

"I think your band's strength lies in the fact that you seem to have a diverseset of influences and aren't afraid to capitalize on all of them. Your sonic range is nicely varied and the songs have good dynamics." - Reviewer: Brian Cox / Drummer for Alabama Thunderpussy

"Round 2 rocks even more..."

The Carbon Parlor-Riff Heavy Rock Ready CD

Here's a brand new, live E.P. from The Carbon Parlor who turned my head a few months back with their 6-song demo. I really dug what they had going on last time around and the stuff on this disc is even better yet, showing a lot of progression in the songwriting department. This is a nice solid set of songs mixing an eclectic variety of sounds from classic rock to stoner rock and grunge. The songs are smooth with great riffs and hooks that are blues tinged andcatchy as hell and are delivered at max volume. These guys have a lot of classic rock flavor, which I really like as well, bringing in hints of Zeppelin and Sabbath in the riff department. The rhythm section is strong, giving the tunes a powerful foundation that keeps you rocking. Top it all off with great vocals that are right up front as well and are delivered with a lot of soul, reminding me a little more of John Garcia this time around. Cameron's got a good range and sings with a melodic yet gritty vocal style that I really dig. Everything just sounds even tighter than last time around and they definitely had my attention on their first recording! I was really looking forward to this one and it certainly delivered the goods. I highly recommend checking these guys out if you dig smooth rock sounds, that run a gamut of influences from classic rock to stoner rock and a little bit of other stuff too. I definitely see lots of good things in the future from The Carbon Parlor, after the release of two strong EP's and I look forward to catching them live sometime. Great stuff, from start to finish.

- JC of


2003 Carbon Parlor self-titled EP debut
2004 Carbon Parlor Live "Riff Heavy Rock Ready" EP

Tracks are available from 2004 Live EP for streaming


Feeling a bit camera shy


The actions and accomplishments of this band best describe what they are about. Musically they are a live powerhouse taking the finer elements of classic rock and mixing it with punk and hard rock's raw tendencies. The Carbon Parlor between current line up and former incarnation (formerly “Roast”) have played shows in support of such national touring acts as
Saliva, Corrosion of Conformity, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Speedealer, Prime STH, Karma To Burn, The Cult, Gravity Kills,
Craving Theo, Revis, Memento, Ministry, Factory 81, Tinfed,
Clutch, Slaves on Dope, Earthride, Orange Goblin, Lamont, Dixie Witch, and many more.
They (July 3rd, 2003) played one of the nation’s largest music festivals,
Summerfest, in afternoon support of Seether and Trapt on the Mountain Dew Rock Stage. They performed at the highly exclusive official celebration of
Harley Davidson Motorcycles 100th Anniversary at the World Festival Grounds in August, 2003.
The Carbon Parlor has been frequently requested and in turn played on local radio stations such as Lazer 103’s Local Lick’s show, Rock 102.1’s Freeform Radio Frenzy and Milwaukee Rock’s shows, and MSOE 91.7’s Wednesday night with Laura.
The Carbon Parlor emote sensations of angst while not losing sight of the cornucopia of other emotions often lost by many hard rock musical acts.
Bryan Cox of Relapse Records artist’s Alabama Thunderpussy says
“I think your band's strength lies in the fact that you seem to have a diverse set of influences and aren't afraid to capitalize on all of them. Your sonic range is nicely varied and the songs have good dynamics."
Being ASCAP and NACA members, they fully utilize the tools required of a band to be successful.
Being a part of Milwaukee’s elite performers, The Carbon Parlor have given back to the community by playing free shows for benefit to cancer patients as well as pledging funds to local radio station Lazer 103’s Bob and Brian Leukemia Radiothon.
The Carbon Parlor were requested to and performed for Maximum Ink Magazine’s “Bomblastica 2002.5” birthday party at the Annex in Madison, WI. In addition to this they have established a reputation as one of the most successful bands and promoters of local music with their headlining showcases thrown at the Rave in Milwaukee.
With the drive, professionalism, street cred, and chops that the band has showcased countless times there is no doubt they will go far...