Carbon Tigers

Carbon Tigers

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Carbon Tigers is a four piece Pop-Art Rock collective


Five college students begun writing music in a Chicago basement during the summer of 2009. Over the next year the quintet went on to win AT&T's Midwest College Battle of the Band and 3rd place at Columbia College Chicago's Biggest Mouth competition. Over the next few years the band faced member changes along with their van and equipment getting stolen after a show. During this time, the band refined their sound and shared the stage with Cold War Kids, Russian Circles, Maps & Atlases, Chance The Rapper, Maritime, Biffy Clyro, Walk The Moon, and more. During the summer of 2013, Carbon Tigers started recording their third release, The Wars at Home, with Jon Alvin in Crystal Lake, IL. Since the November EP release, the band made a SXSW '14 appearance with five performances including the Audiotree, Big Picture Media/Glamour Kills, and AEMMP Records showcases, along with several sold-out shows in the midwest. Carbon Tigers is set to perform at multiple festivals throughout the United States and will be hitting the studio again with Zak Jablow (Chance The Rapper, Kids These Days) and Matt Hennessy (Jay-Z, Beyonce) for an early Fall release.


Everybody Else

Written By: Chris Wienke,Aaron Sweatt,Nick Cudone

On the first day
All of this got started
Got the last name
Of my father's father
This riddle gets too hard to solve so I
leave it on the shelf
But I am just like everybody else

Pen to paper
This wish of mine
Filled an ocean
And I dive inside
Then the waves get darker
And they take me on a ride
But I'd be floating on my back
If I could only find the tide

When this riddle gets too hard to
solve I leave it on the shelf
I am just like everybody else

The Wars at Home

Written By: Chris Wienke,Aaron Sweatt,Nick Cudone

On a hill in the middle of nowhere
It's a lot like your home, you say
Where the green grass grows a little
In the bonfires on hot nights
It's not like we did not share that.
You said, "What you gonna do
when everybody goes away?
'cause I'm so afraid of that"

When the war was at home
I needed more
I didn't know different before

In September, or early November
It's so long ago
But I still remember
The way up was straight through
Burrow deeper to the middle
Take the sides out, I like how it's
bright now
It's beautiful that way

When the war came back home
We needed more
We didn't know different before

We'll line 'em up in little rows
Plant our marigolds
Dig 'em in and clean our hands
And oh, they get tall, see them grow
Swim the orange and yellow
Send a picture to all our friends
And then begin again


Written By: Chris Wienke,Aaron Sweatt,Nick Cudone

This mountain where we stand
Can be carved by our hands
We'll dig it deep, we'll dig it deep ourselves
To let go of our plans
Fall hard to start again
We'll drain the lake to let the river
Ohhhh let the river flow

You'll be the last one standing
You'll see it all too right and then
Then you'll stand there waiving

This canyon where we stand
Your graveyard is our land
There's nothing left to take
We're gonna make some more
So we stack the glass
And now we're home at last
We built a gate made of mountain
And everybody knows

We were gonna change the world
With no ride and no time


Written By: Chris Wienke,Aaron Sweatt,Nick Cudone

Don't shy away
I can hear what you say but it's muffled
I'm caught in the shuffle
Speak loud my ears are
Goin' deaf from the midnight moons
out here
Cause I've been hearin' old news
Your bright voice is turning blue

I'm fadin'
Bring my body over to
Lie here with you

You could be the queen
Come on, get just a little bit closer
Reelin' in the city rollin' over
Twist my body

Now we're in your world
I'm fadin'
Bring my body over to
Lie here with you

Don't shy away
That crown is glimmerin' goldin'
You got the magic it's so good
Touch me
Turn me
To your own gold

Cause I'm faded
Bring my body over to
Shine here with you

The Harvest

Written By: Chris Wienke

Here we are
In paradise my Queen
The sun... the moon...
We train the birds and the bees
To carve out our names on
The side of the road to our kingdom
This is our pathway, we never forget
Where we came from

But I did it for you
Cause I wanna be first to the harvest
I heard somebody creepin' in
It's the good old get ahead

Red golden apple
Hangs from the joker's tree
The one, it's the only,
Fruit we shall never eat
But we've grown so thirsty
That dragon's holy waters so clever
We're gonna burn dead
Just tryin to live forever

But I did it for you


The Burrows (2010)
The Dover Sessions (2011)
The Wars at Home (2013)