Car Boot Vendors

Car Boot Vendors

 Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, ZAF

Acoustoc music the way it shouldn't be played from Durban South Africa, influenced by everything from Bob Dylan across to Gogol Bordello. Pioneering folk/crossover band. Pretty much introduced this unique genre of folk guitar sounds and punk DIY ethos to the coastal South African town of Durban.


Car Boot Vendors shorter bio:

In a short space of time Car Boot Vendors have become a positive and frequent addition to the local Durban music scene. They play a strip down blend of upbeat rhythms and contradicting melancholic happy chord structures. Car Boot Vendors epitomize the term “bitter sweet” yet their live performance has all the grit and intensity of a punk show. They play acoustic music the way it shouldn’t be played and love every minute of it. Taking the approach of jamming as much as possible has worked out pretty well for The Vendors with slots at The White Mountain Folk festival, Thornfest, Splashy Fen and the 2010 Fringe Festival at Grahamstown National Arts Festival, not to mention countless pub and club shows in and around Durban. They also have an EP out and are touring Johannesburg at the end of May and are currently working towards their debut full length album which will be released on Right Hand Records, later in 2010.


"Demo Daze" 2010 off Right Hand Records