Being alluring to the listener is not Carcrashlander’s main object; here, music is valued as much for its harshness as it ts sweetness - or anything in between - as long as it’s true to the song. -Lucy Lehman


Carcrashlander comes from Portland songwriter Cory Gray who has previously toured and recorded with many bands including: Darren Hanlon (Australia), Laura Gibson (Hush), Tracker (Film Guerrero), Norfolk & Western (Hush), Graves (Hush) and more. The band influences converge genres including indie, experimental, rock, jazz, classical,improvisation-anything that works to convey the emotion of the song.


"Mountains On Our Backs" , Jealous Butcher Records
"Carcrashlander" Label: Parks & Records
"All Y'all 7" Label: People in a Postition to Know
"Snowghost Sessions"

Other Media:
Movie: "The Ultimate Ride-Shaun White in Japan" video featuring gold medalist snowboarder Shaun White. Carcrashlander song, Gold Sunset.

TV Episode:"The Ultimate Ride-Steve Fischer Kayaking in Africa"-Carcrashlander song, Coast to Coast.

Documentary: Rip City (Portland Skate Scene): Carcrashlander song: Gold Sunset.

Set List

Sets typically 30-45 minutes (longer if needed). Currently playing most songs from newest record "Mountains On Our Backs" as well as a few songs from the first self-titled record.