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"magazine and webzine scores for "The Primrose Path""

4/5 Metal France
8/10 Oor Magazine - various magazines

"lordsofmetal on "The Primrose Path""

score;80/100But calling Cardamon just a side project wouldn't do justice to it at all for this is a highly accomplished band in their own right. The Primrose Path is their self-financed debut but sounds so professional that it might as well have been released on a proper record label. The version being reviewed here is only a promo through which the band hopes to score a record deal. And in this case that shouldn't be too hard. I have heard a lot worse releases that have scored deals.
Musically, Cardamon doesn't offer us any run-of-the-mill sort of rock/metal, although heavily influenced by bands such as modern-day Katatonia (especially the guitar sound and subdued tension and general feel to the music) Anneke-era The Gathering (the vocal harmonies which remind me a lot of that) and current Anathema. This isn't something you come across on a daily basis in a metal scene which is oversaturated by dime-a-dozen death metal, black metal, female fronted symphonic metal, European power metal, metalcore, melodic death metal, Gothenburg metal, doom metal, and what-have-you-not metal.
As stated, this is very proficient melancholic alt rock/metal the listener gets served and especially recommended to people that love the current guitar sound of Katatonia, just listen to When Space And Time Collide and you'll be enveloped by that typical circular melancholic type of riffing modern-day Katatonia is renowned for, or listen to Where They Hide, which is characterised by a subdued tension which can be found in a Katatonia song such as Criminals.
The Primrose Path is one of those albums that at first listen might seem a bit monotonous and boring due to its laid-back nature, but every subsequent listen reveals another aspect thus making it ever more interesting and having you go back to album over and over again. One of the other strong points is that songs nestle themselves into your head thus assuring them subliminal airplay.
Cardamon's The Primrose Path certainly reveals itself as a path of enjoyment. But is that a dubious goal in life? I highly doubt it.
So, come on you record labels, you can't go wrong with signing Cardamon. Music such as this should be played more often and larger audiences should have access to it. There certainly must be a market for it since there is also a market for Katatonia, The Gathering, and Anathema.

Personal favourites: Echoe, When Space And Time Collide, Common State Of Mind, Never A Tear, This Is Final -

"Wouter Dielesen on The Primrose Path"

"Cardamon sounds like Anathema, The Gathering and Katatonia, mixed with the musicality and precision of Opeth. Lead singer Floortje Donia draws the attention without getting in the way of the other members...The level of this band is at a constant high..." - Oor magazine


Selftitled Promo album (2005)
The Primrose Path - Full-length debut album



Cardamon is formed by Koen Romeijn and Thomas Kalksma, best known for both playing in extreme metalband Detonation at the time. Floortje Donia joins during the summer after impressing the guys with her beautiful voice and musical skills.

A promo-cd is recorded containing 'Sleepless world', 'A burden less to bear' and 'Bliss of loneliness'. All instruments where played by Koen and Thomas. The first gigs follow.

Talented musician Kevin Storm is added to the line up as second lead/rhythm guitarist. At the end of the year, Cardamon enters the Excess studios in Rotterdam to record its debut album. The album is produced by the band and Hans Pieters.

Cardamon takes time to be ultimately satisfied with the album, being over-the-top perfectionists. During the summer the mixing and mastering of 'The Primrose Path' is finished.

Luuk van Gerven (After Forever) joins the band on bass guitar for an undecided period of time, allowing the band to function on the desired level. The band plays some very succesfull shows opening for bands like Delain and Kingfisher Sky, selling their stock of cd's rapidly during the shows.

Cardamon signs a one-album deal with UK-based indie label Femme Metal Records, making the bands debut release available to an international audience. The label will re-release The Primrose Path with an added bonus track called The bliss of loneliness. Meanwhile, the band focuses on playing live shows and the writing of new material.