Cardo and Friends

Cardo and Friends


Cardo and Friends centers around El Paso, TX singer/songwriter Cardo. Cardo began a music career at a time when most of his peers are heading into retirement. His debut album was produced by David Kershenbaum. The music is a mix of alt country, country rock and americana.


Cardo made his career as a concert promoter, starting with the first US tours for Rush and Heart in the mid-1970's, through the first tours by the reunited Eagles in the mid-90's before retiring in the early 2000's. Throughout his career he nurtured a keen storytelling instinct and a passion for playing music, which first manifested while he was in college through impromptu acoustic gigs. In the early 2000's, after enduring the painful loss of his parents, Cardo found himself boiling over with songs and an overwhelming motivation to express them. In 2007, he began working with legendary producer David Kershenbaum, whose coaching and guidance have culminated in the recording and release of “Cardo and Friends”.

David Kershenbaum: Producer, mixer and backing vocals – legendary producer and music executive whose career spans 4 decades, 75 gold and platinum records, multiple Grammy Awards and an Oscar Nomination. David’s productions are responsible for millions of dollars of record sales around the world and his touch has aided or rocketed some of the biggest names in the business: Tracy Chapman, Joe Jackson, Janet Jackson, Bryan Adams, Cat Stevens, Duran Duran, Tori Amos, Blessed Union of Souls. As a film executive David supervised the music for hit movies such as “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” and “Last of the Mohicans”.

Mitch Perry: Associate Producer, Musical Director, Electric and Acoustic guitars, backing vocals – Mitch’s career as a guitarist stretches back to the early 1980's working with Edgar Winter, Heart, Alphonso Johnson, Graham Nash, Glenn Hughes, Michael Schenker (MSG), Lita Ford and Cher. Mitch is a versatile, talented player and songsmith, able to find the right tone and texture to suit the song and the performance.

Jorgen Carlsson: bass – LA-based session musician and studio owner, Jorgen is the bassist for Gov’t Mule.

Denny Fongheiser: Drums, Percussion – Denny’s discography is a who’s who of modern music, playing with artists such as Tracy Chapman, Stevie Nicks, John Paul Jones, Seal, Counting Crows, Bruce Springsteen, Roger Waters and Freddie Mercury.

Doug Pettibone: Steel guitar – Doug most recently has been working with John Mayer but has credits including Jewel, Lucinda Williams, Tracy Chapman, Ray LaMontagne, Norah Jones, Mark Knopfler, Sting, Steve Earle, and Elvis Costello.


Restless Spirit

Written By: Cardo, Chris Sanders, Steve Smith & David Kershenbaum

A restless spirit… loves to roam
Before you leap, before you go
Take a look around, n’ take it slow
The truth of the journey is in what you know

You’re on your way… it’s a brand new start
Armed with dreams and an open heart
So much to look for under the sun
A new adventure has just begun

You might stumble, you might fall
Or find yourself against the wall
You must rise above it all

A restless spirit… lives to roam
To have the freedom to be on your own
Spread your wings, go on and fly
Don’t let your whole life pass you by


You turn a page, every step you take
The future yours, it’s yours to make
So spread your wings, go on and fly
Live your life, don’t let it pass you by

(Repeat chorus twice)

It Could Happen to Anyone

Written By: Cardo, Chris Sanders, Steve Smith, David Kersenbaum, Elijah Copeland, Mitch Perry, & Mark Paulda

AK 47’s
Behind the kitchen door
Bodyguards in camouflage
Surround and search your car

Gunmen in the window
Shakedown has begun
Helicopters tear the sky
With killers on the run

It could happen to anyone
Anywhere in the world
It could happen to anyone
Anywhere in the world

Fifty thousands dollars
The price tag on a life
Ransom’s such a bargain
When it’s going for half price

???Someone’s darling daughter
Is staring down a knife
Fear can come from anywhere
When there’s no wrong or right

Backyard birthday party
Groom on his wedding day
It only takes a moment
And it all gets blown away

An afternoon in Juarez
Across the Rio Grande
Illusion of a border
There is no foreign land

Juarez, Beirut, Kabul, New York
Another piece of history
Another fucking war
You can’t escape the violence
When it knocks on your door

It could happen to anyone

Christmas Eve Alone

Written By: Cardo, Chris Sanders, Steve Smith & David Kershenbaum

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m on the road
Lonely static on the radio
Snow’s blowin’, it’s freezing cold
Headlight beams are all I know

Plowing hard thru the dead of night
All the motels look alike
Hit the truckstop to grab a bite
Hope my love is doing alright

And I hope my love is safe tonight
Hope my love is doing alright
Christmas Eve alone and I
Hope my love is safe, tonight

Working hard at this thing called life
Such a struggle, always a fight
Trying my best to make things right
I hope my love is doing alright

Never thought I’d see the day
I’d spend my time so far away
Every road takes me home

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m on the road
Lonely static on the radio
Snow is blowin’, it’s freezing cold
Headlight beams are all I know

(Repeat chorus twice)

Shake My Fist and the Sky

Written By: Cardo, Chris Sanders, Steve Smith & David Kershenbaum

Late at night, watching you, lying on your bed
In the darkness, the angels were flying overhead
Hard as I try, that memory won’t fade
Forever etched into the back of my brain

So I,
Shake my fist at the sky
Scream at the angels flying by
Shake my fist at the sky
Cry with the spirits of the night
Spirits of the night

I lost count, of all the times, I wished you didn’t leave
Late at night, I still talk to you in my sleep
Everything has to change for better or worse
I won’t forget all you meant, I guess that’s my curse

(2nd Chorus)
So I,
Shake my fist at the sky
Scream at the angels flying by
Shake my fist at the sky
I never thought I’d say good bye
I’d say goodbye

Anger yells
Sorrow cries
Can’t seem to stop
These tears in my eyes

Losing you cut a canyon, straight thru my heart
Never thought I’d face the day we’d be apart
On I go, along my way, you’re still by my side
Looking back, I see the angels along for the ride

(2nd Chorus)


Help Me, Tell Me

Written By: Cardo, Steve Smith, David Kershenbaum, & Mitch Perry

I was walking down the street one day
In the middle of a summer heat
Hearing music with a funky beat
Tennis shoes were on fire on my feet
I saw a man, walking right in front of me
He was pushing the cart he lived out of everyday
I could hear him say as I went on my way

Help me out before you go
Help me out before you go

He wanted a helping hand,
A little something to get thru the day,
He asked for a smoke, so I handed him a butt,
Gave him a light, I slipped him a five and slid on by
I kinda feel guilty when I see someone like that,
I think how lucky I am, that could be me

He said, can you help me out before you go?
Can you help me out?

Help me, tell me, help me before you go
Help me, tell me, help me before you go

He told me the world was on the brink,
I felt my spirits start to sink
I didn’t know what I should do,
I had the feeling of impending doom
Just like that coyote,
You know, the one in the cartoon
The man was preaching to the cars on the street,
At anyone he could see, he was preaching at me

Tell me what you know
Tell me what you know

(Repeat Chorus twice)

You know that cart held everything that man owned
It was his home
What are you going to do when you run into someone like that?
Whadda ya gonna do ?
Do you avoid his eyes and look at the sky?
Do you look away? Will you trade places with him for the day?


Just a Chance (The Fence)

Written By: Cardo, Chris Sanders, Steve Smith & David Kershenbaum

Pass a dollar on thru the fence,
What kind of good would it do?
Among the piles a’ trash they exist,
Kids n’ dogs running thru
Take a bath in the river below,
Dirty water’ll do
Jobs they take for fifty cents,
They’ll out-work me and you

Just a chance
Just a chance
Go on, go on
Take a chance

Don’t stop to look what’s lying there
Blood runs cold at your feet
Run like hell to get outta the way,
Watch your back on the street
Grab what you got, take what you need,
It’s a night with no moon
That fence don’t look so tall anymore,
Time to make your move


You gamble your life away,
For a shot at this sacred land
Place your bets, n’ place your life…
In someone else’s hands
Slip your money to a voice in the dark
Thinking… you paid your debt
He wants all he can get… he’ll take all
He can get, all he can get

Gather friends and family around,
Like so many times before
There’s one chair empty tonight
And no knock at the door
Look to the candlelight
For a sign heaven sent
Say a prayer for the underdog
And a prayer for the innocent

(Repeat chorus twice)

One of These Days

Written By: Cardo, Chris Sanders, Steve Smith & David Kershenbaum

One of these days
I won’t wear my feelings on my sleeve
Or be fooled by anyone’s selfish needs
Maybe what I see will be exactly as it seems

One of these days

I’ll learn to read between the lies
Know what to believe or leave behind
Just move on and make the most of my precious time

One of these days

I read the headlines and I weep
See the evening news and I can’t get to sleep
Rise with the hope that the world might be at peace

One of these days

We won’t need to win every race
Or have to lie to save face
Treat us all with dignity, dignity and grace

One of these days

I’ll see the wonders of life everyday
Put my cares aside and learn how to play
Look deep inside and know I’ll find my way

One of these days
Ah, One of these days

Ahh yeah

Chasin’ the Future

Written By: Cardo, Chris Sanders, Steve Smith & David Kershenbaum

From the old tire swing
To the promise ring
The secret places where shadows hide
Your first sweetheart
Tore you apart
(You’ll) never forget how hard you cried

Four on the floor
Racing out the door
Can’t wait to get out, it’s the hottest ride
A back alley fight
In the streets at night
Not much of a life, leave it all behind

Chasing the future
Escaping the past
Try to make a deal with time
But it races by so fast

Do you still give a damn
In that long sedan
A blond on the side like a shot of caffeine
Draped in success
Flashing excess
Are you really secure on the corporate team?

Poisoned ambition
Fueled by aggression
Driven with a vengeance seldom seen
Find a solution
Solve the illusion
Of the golden myth of the American dream

???The passage of time won’t slow, so let’s run
With all we’ve learned, from all we’ve become
So run to the dream… let’s run
Let’s run


Do you feel any guilt
About the world you built
Taking all you could get, feeling justified?
Worldly possessions
A lifelong obsession
It’s a crying shame you’re never satisfied

(Repeat chorus twice)

World Gone Wrong

Written By: Cardo, Chris Sanders, Steve Smith & David Kershenbaum

School kids are still shooting each other
We learned nothing from Columbine
What drives them to pull the trigger?
What demons do they hide?
Outcast, they join into packs
Running wild thru the night
Tell me, those colors you’re wearing,
Are they really worth your life?

In a world gone wrong
World gone wrong

People dying in the name of god
Or maybe in the name of gold
All the riches in the world
Can’t pay off the debt that’s owed
People fighting for their homelands
But still so many without a home
After all the killing is done
Can you even tell if anybody won?

In a world gone wrong
In a world gone wrong
In a world gone wrong

So we ask for divine guidance
Seeking answers from above
Maybe they’re already here
Faith, hope, and love

Tear away the daily headlines
Tear away the shock and awe
Mercy falling from the heavens
Kindness rises above it all
I still believe in the human spirit
I still believe in the good of man
Everyday, miracles happen
And everyday, god plays his hand

In a world gone wrong
In a world gone wrong
In this world gone wrong

World gone wrong

Gone wrong

The Perfect Disguise

Written By: Cardo, Chris Sanders, Steve Smith & David Kershenbaum

I woke one day
The world had changed
Nothing was clear
A grey dark haze

I walked around
The streets nearby
Searching for clues
Something to find

And it came in the night
In a fool’s dream

The world flashed before my eyes
A comet burns across the sky
It all came as no surprise
Truth buried in a pack of lies
Ohhh… the perfect disguise
The perfect disguise

I can’t ignore
The signs I see
Are they real
Or make believe?

Time will tell
If we’ll survive
I look to the stars
Searchin’ for a sign

And it came in the night
In a fool’s dream

(Repeat chorus twice)


"Cardo and Friends" (self-titled) debut album, 15 tracks released September 2012.
"Christmas Eve Alone" single released to radio with promotional video, fall 2012.

Set List

Restless Spirit
Chasin the Future
Perfect Disguise
Shake My Fist
American Landscapes
World Gone Wrong
Real world
It could happen