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" - Editor's Pick August 2007"

What were you doing at 10 years old? Lemme guess: You and your invisible friend were drawing on the wall with mommy's lipstick. In contrast, these pre-tweens from Brooklyn write punk tunes about creepy dudes on MySpace with a gleeful sneer that's more convincing than most people twice their age. Make that three times their age.

"San Francisco Chronicle - Pop Beat"

The members of Care Bears on Fire aren't even old enough to get a learner's permit. But inside each of the 12-year-olds beats the heart of a punk veteran. The young Brooklyn residents eschew the ring-tone-friendly radio-pop blasting from the earbuds of many of their preteen peers in favor of rough-around-the-edges, early-style American punk. Adorable? Like, totally! But don't mistake this trio for some cutesy middle-school talent show act. The angsty original offerings being cooked up in the basement of bassist Lucio Westmoreland's mom's house is way more CBGB circa 1975 than playground. Sample "Everybody Else," the first single off Care Bears on Fire's forthcoming premiere CD, "I Stole Your Animal," at onfire . - Bill Picture

"Billboard 2006 Critics' Choice List"

"'(I Don't Wanna Be Like) Everybody Else' from the debut album "Confuse Me" (Beautiful Records). A standout track from a bonafide band of sixth-grade rockers from Brooklyn, N.Y. " - Thom Duffy - Billboard Editor

"New York Magazine - Burning Down the House With their parents’ full approval. Meet Care Bears on Fire."

"...they rock with impressive skill." - Jem Aswad

" "Care Bears On Fire Ignite CMJ 2007""

"Pint-size punkers Care Bears On Fire provided a glimpse of the 12-year-old Brooklyn scene, and, surprisingly, offered one of the more impressive shows of the night. Guitarist/singer Sophie proved to be a Joan Jett shredder, belting out uninhibited lyrics about MySpace and zoo animals..." - Gavin Paul Giovagnoli

"Nylon Magazine "A prepubescent powerhouse trio rocks a Brooklyn stage for their debut album release party""

"...a confidence and ease on stage that most performers achieve only after countless gigs..." - Caroline Kinneberg

"Harp Magazine - "No Kidding""

"...the pumping defiant kid-pride anthem "Everybody Else" shows there's hope in these days of Hannah Montana and High School Musical homogeneneity." - - Harp Magazine - Randy Harward

"Vanity Fair - Hot Tracks"

"Evocative of early Siouxsie and the Banshees and a standout in the kid-core scene..." - Lisa Robinson

"Village Voice - "Care Bears on Fire - Crash Mansion""

"What’s most striking, though, is how completely and fluidly they understand the form of the music they play."
- Brett Gladstone

"Miami Times - Care Bears on Fire"

"...the real gem is the sassarrific "Met You on MySpace," in which lead singer Sophie disses a would-be cyber Humbert with what might be my favorite lyrics of 2007."
- Steve Almond


1. Confuse Me (out of print)- EP released July 2006 Beautiful Records
2. I Stole Your Animal - full length album - release date:
Oct. 2, 2007 - Daisy Explosion Records.
Available on itunes,, snocap, and other online digital stores



Care Bears on Fire:

Sophie (lead vocals, guitarist, 12 years old), Lucio (bass-man, 13 years old) and Izzy (drummer, 12 years old) met in kindergarten, where they mostly ignored each other, despite the fact that while the other kids were bopping along to Raffi, they were pogo-ing to the Ramones.
It wasn’t until 4th grade that the three started jamming together in Lucio’s basement, and, with another friend, formed the short-lived band Nada Clue. In the fall of 5th grade they re-formed as a trio, started writing their own songs and became Care Bears On Fire.
Now in the 7th grade, the pop-punk tween trio is one of the coolest and most exciting indie-rock bands making music today. The San Francisco Chronicle describes their early American punk sound as “CBGB’s circa 1975.” It’s punk meets garage, straight out of a Brooklyn basement.
Or as SPIN puts it, “With their blasé vocals and two chord vamps, this trio are old-school classicists dressed up in itty bitty Chuck Taylors. Grumpy Bear might not be happy, but our ears are.”
If their first EP “Confuse Me” (Beautiful Records, 2006) established them as part of a new breed of rock n’ roll youth, their debut album release “I Stole Your Animal” (Daisy Explosion Records, 2007) produced by Joel Hamilton (Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Frank Black) pushes them to the front of the pack. Just to make it all official-like, NYLON Magazine anointed CBOF as one of the best New York new bands in its June International Music Issue.
Described as both “the love children of Joan Jett and Richard Hell” (Metromix) and the “wiseass kid siblings of Bad Brains” (The Miami New Times),
CBOF have become favorites on the New York club scene. Winning over even the most jaded hipsters with their authentic punk spirit and songs that capture
the experience of being a kid in 2008 with attitude and humor. That and the fact that, as NYLON points out that they possess a “confidence and ease on stage that most performers achieve only after countless gigs.”
Today, tunes like “Met You On MySpace”—a quirky cautionary tale about the dangers of online intimacy, “Five Minute Boyfriend,” and their first single “Everybody Else” (noted as a "standout track" in Billboard's Top Ten Critics' Choice poll) are finding their way on to college and indie radio play lists across the country. In the past year CBOF has been featured on NPR, been splashed on the front page of USA Today, and lead singer Sophie featured in Converse’s acclaimed Three Chord commercial, performing an unplugged version of “Everybody Else.”
As the song’s chorus goes: “Nanananananana, don’t want to be like everybody else.” It’s clear. Care Bears on Fire aren’t like everybody else. They’re the real deal.