Carey Creed

Carey Creed

 Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Carey Creed is an award-winning singer/songwriter and performer whose folk- and jazz-inspired music can bring your heart and mind to a better place through poetry, pathos, and humor—with a little backbeat.


When Carey was a child, her dad used to play Tin Pan Alley tunes on piano every day. This may have been the impetus for Carey to craft her first piano songs. As a teen, she was inspired by the music of Stevie Wonder and Joni Mitchell to compose her own acoustic guitar-driven social justice and love songs, which she played at anti-war protests and D.C. coffeehouses.

Over the years Carey has performed with jug bands, rock groups, big bands, and Black gospel choirs. These influences merge in her music—which may account for her numerous awards which include two WAMMIES from the Washington Area Music Association for her Gospel vocals and a couple of first place awards in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.

Genre-jumping has also led to collaborations with many other artists; Carey has been a guest on more than 20 album projects. Other collaborative highlights include live performances with Grace Griffith, Tom Prasada-Rao, and Mosaic Harmony at venues such as Kerrville Folk Festival, the Institute of Musical Traditions and the Birchmere.

Carey's first CD, "Plum Branch," came about as a result of major changes in her life. Music and poetry became lifelines as she dealt with the death of her husband combined with her own struggles with cancer and scleroderma.

The story behind the CD's title is that her husband had given her a home-made card with an ancient Vietnamese poem on the cover entitled "Rebirth." After he died, Carey set the poem to music. The title came from the poem's description of a plum branch blossoming even after Spring was gone.

Blix Street Records has released Grace Griffith's version of “Rebirth,” which has been broadcast on Public Radio's syndicated show “Midnight Special.” Grace's newest CD on Blix features another Creed co-write, this time with Fred Sisson: "Passing Thoughts."

“I’ll Know You,” Carey’s most recent release, including radio airplay magnets “Chloe” and “Mountain Cathedrals,” was produced with Tom Prasada-Rao and was engineered by Grammy award-winning Bill Wolf.

Carey’s music has been featured on radio and television by the DC area’s most treasured and legendary hosts, Dick Cerri, Lee Michael Demsey, Mary Cliff and Damien Einstein and has garnered favorable press such as this excerpt from "Woman Today" by Anna Garris Goiser: "She infuses [her lyrics] with such expression, such spirit, that they are literally transformed is aware of witnessing a quiet miracle.”

Carey continues to evolve as a writer and musician while inspiring and engaging audiences at coffeehouses, folk festivals, Black gospel/interfaith concerts, and inspirational retreats.


Buyin' Something

Written By: Carey Creed


We go down to the shopping mall
To buy some weatherbeaten pine
Our coffeetable's a fake farm tool
Only $599.99

Well, we're
Buyin' something
Oh yeah, we're
Buyin something
We miss the open country
We deserve a little treat
Now and then.

We have a maid who scrubs our floors
And she washes windows, too
We'd do the housework, but we're busy
Shopping for some running suits

Ooh, we're
Buyin' something
Oh yeah, we're
Buyin' something
We push papers every day
We deserve a little treat
Now and then.

One day we're gonna get a life
Where we're happy every day
But for now we have to keep our jobs
'Cause we've got all these bills to pay

We wring our hands over the homeless
We send a small, deductible check
We've got to save our hard-earned money
For that solid redwood deck

Ooh, we're
Buyin' something
Oh yeah, we're
Buyin' something
We can't save everybody
We deserve a little treat
Now and then

Meanwhile we're
Buyin' something
We miss the country, so we're
Buyin' something
A little lonely so we're
Buyin' something
We'd love to see ya, but we're
Buyin' something

Babe, I think we're in a trap
But there's a sale at the mall today


Solo Recordings:

Peace of Wild Things (Angel Toes Music, LLC/Azalea
City Recordings) Airplay: yes

I’ll Know You (Angel Toes Music, LLC/Azalea City Recordings) Airplay: yes

Plum Branch (Angel Toes Music) Airplay: yes

Call & Response—original musical settings of four Psalms

Set List

Carey's solo song list includes originals, co-writes and obscure covers, depending on the setting and the audience. She thinks of her current repertoire as largely "eco-spiritual." Most of Carey's solo shows are up to two 45 minutes sets. Greentree's performances include contemporary acoustic covers and originals, and traditional Celtic instrumental tunes. Band concerts are usually anywhere from a one-hour set to two 50-minute sets.