Carey Dekle

Carey Dekle


Carey Dekle is a singer/song writer/piano player. The songs she writes are very upbeat and catchy. She has a great back up band. Music has been in her blood since she was born and wants to share it with everyone she can!


Carey was born musical. She started writing songs at age 14. She was always very shy about performing them though. Carey has been performing shows for various things locally for years and years. Recently, she was asked to do some guest vocals for a local band named Color the Coast. After that, she started performing her originals and loves hearing her songs come to life with her awesome band. Her songs are focused mainly on the piano. Her songs are very catchy and is always said to be "stuck in your head". Performing and writing has become her favorite thing to do. She just finished with her debut demo self titled Carey Dekle.


Carey Dekle EP
1.Been There
2. Get Over It
3. Patiently (radio air play in California)
4. Distance

Set List

1. Everyday
2. Been There
3.Untie the Rope
4. Get Over it
5. Open Your Eyes
6. Distance
8. Color the Coast
9. I'll Wait for You
More Originals always come up
Covers have more of a pop sound to them. They are songs that either help show off vocally or are entertaining for the audience.