Carey Haynes

Carey Haynes

 New Castle, Delaware, USA
BandHip HopFunk

Energetic, upbeat, fun and sometimes dark hip hop compositions. Music industry quality track for TV/Film themes or backdrops.


Carey Haynes is a hip/hop R&B composer from Philadelphia, PA. His love affair with music began at 11 when he expressed an interest in becoming a rapper. One night, his father forced him to rap to a Rick
James instrumental all night until he got it right. That event inspired Carey to begin composing his own music.
After years of wrtiting song lyrics and entering various talent shows, Carey decided to trade in his microphone for an MPC 2000 drum machine and a keyboard.
Since then, he has went on to produce music for many local
(and not so local) Philadelphia artists such as Major Figgas and Freeway.
Recently, he has landed several cable television placements including TV One’s "Comics Unleashed" as well as various stage plays.
Keep a watchful eye out for this cat to be a strong musical force in the near future.


Make Em Say

Written By: Carey Haynes

"Make Em Say"
(Carey Haynes, III ASCAP)
Now imma make em say (oow)
Make em say ho take a few hits let me light up that dro'
Imma make em say (oow) make em say ho
On your way back grab a dutch from the store yo x2

Verse 1:

Playa, you know that Im about it
Think you beat me, yo your weed must be droughted
Can't even see cuz my mind be so clouded
Dont even care cuz my mind be so clouded
I once knew a girl, her name was Marie Jane
Let me introduce, my name is Carey Haynes
A stone cold junkie, from the north side
Every single morning, visine in my eye
I saw Half Baked once, and Friday 5 times
Started off with nicks, and move up to dimes
Now I'm up to ounces, couple every week
I am fiend dog seeing weed in my sleep
Got every kind bud, some I cant pronounce
Some I wont name and others I denounce
And if you think I'm lyin, you can ask my man
I puff puff baby weed burns on my hand


Verse 2:
Every single morning first thing I do is blaze that
I'm still layin in bed like shorty where the haze at
Make her get up grip some of that sticky bud
She grip the dutch she pass to me I crack the game and empty guts
I twist it up, tear that paper lick it up
I'm getting hungry tasting all that honey when I'm twisting up And then I fire that til I'm sitting higher than a bird or a plane
And I aint even got no wings
Getting high is an everyday thing, I love that ganja
I done smoked that Cali kush and that Chi Town (censored)
I done smoked that Cali red coming from Arizona
But aint nothing like that haze from the Philly corner

Chorus x2

Verse 2:
I'm ready to feel it, the best I ever had
My last time smoking I wish I never had
I said I wouldnt do it, but I guess I lied
Pass it off homie, its time to get high why
Roll up, lets smoke on that haze
I'm talking about the kind of bud that have you in a daze
I'm talking about the kind of bud that have you in the street
Looking up and down if you drop a single piece

Chorus x 4

Doe Stacks

Written By: Carey Haynes

"Doe Stacks"

(C. Haynes, III ASCAP)

Verse 1:

I got my brand new Tims,
Brand new shirt, new hat with the brim
Aint nobody out there comin' with the lean
Brand new shades and my patent leather jeans
I'm just playin' wit yall
But the truth be told, yo a playa gotta ball
It feels so good, it aint nothin' goin' wrong
Got a pocket full of cash and my cruise is on (come on)

Chorus: I got my doe stacks playa, game on playa., Pick it up daddy where your eyes at playa
Game dont stop, we ride hot, take you out for a little spin. I think not x 2

Verse 2:

You'll never understand, how it is to be a playa with a laid plan
Got my money right and my minds on ease
And with the opposite girl you know I'm sure to please (please)
I'm feelin better than all days
Honeys hangin' out and they jockin' as always
Its about 85 on a warm summer day bumpin ******** til I see her comin my way
What up mama, I'm looking at your ta ta's
Thinkin to myself can I take it any further
My minds playin' tricks you the best that I done seen
Can I get your cell, no need to be mean
Come over here let me whisper in your ear
Got a man understand what he do this year
A day in the life, I probably do it tomorrow
Aint nothing wrong waking up like a superstar cuz


About 11:45 (at night that is) I realize that I cant drive
It's alright it's a party going on
About halfway through they start playin' my song
Hold up, I need somebody to dance with
Somebody I can feel on maybe romance with
About that time lets get the groove on
Start doing 2 steps to a brand new song
Step1, step2, step3, step4, step5, step6
I'm about done baby girl take me home and thats it

Chorus x2


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