Car Full of Midgets

Car Full of Midgets



Starting in the fall of 2005, Car Full of Midgets was formed to combat the lacking/non-existant music scene of central Wisconsin. Improving greatly from their inexperienced beginnings, Car Full of Midgets strives to bring their infectious brand of rock/ska to the midwest. Their releases include two full length CDs and an upcoming EP. Even though their members are spread out around various colleges, they still manage to play shows every month and tour the midwest. Along with touring, they run and book the midwest's largest and longest running ska festival, Skappleton. In the immediate future, the band will start recording new demos and touring the east coast this summer.


You Could Have Done Better-LP
Trust Us-LP

Set List

Culture of Narcissism
Trust Us
By Any Means Necessary
For Lack of Better Words
Never Worry
End of the World (REM cover)
Talk of Revolution
This set usually lasts about a half hour, but we can add more or take out some to change length.