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"Best Things to Do This Weekend"

“Kindl’s passionate and brooding music would not sound out of place on a radio station that featured such female artists as Tori Amos and Fiona Apple.” Tallahassee Democrat July 2013 -

"Cari Eden Band"

"One of my favorite artists, Cari Eden. . .this spunky lady rolled into town, formed a hot band and has been winning friends and fans ever since with her straight from the heart original material. Her songs feature hooky changes and edgy progressive rock breaks. Veteran road dog and ax whiz John Metcalf plays guitar with advanced chops and a psychic awareness of just when to accent Cari's material with his hot licks. Clearly, Metcalf's skillful playing is a perfect counterpoint to Cari's stellar songwriting and emotionally charged voice. Cari plays a forceful rhythm guitar and belts out her songs with convincing showmanship." Rick Grant - First Coast Entertainer


Dreaming of Oz
The Amazing Nowhere Girl
Superficial Journey

Bits and Pieces~ An Intimate Friendship 1997
Bottomless Wishing Well~They Live Among Us, Episode 5 2013



Cari (Eden) Kindl hit the music scene in 2001 in Jacksonville Florida with a live original act and the album release of Dreaming of Oz. Cari began writing music at an early age, influenced by the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and the Sundays. More recently her productions suggest Radiohead, Neil Finn and Fiona Apple were high on her list of inspiring artists. She played bass in her first band, London in Carlsbad New Mexico just out of high school. Cari worked as a radio DJ for a while until moving back to her hometown of Florida where she eagerly pursued a music career. But disillusioned with the music “business” she decided to start a family put her family and traveling first. After touring Europe, Australia and a life altering trip to Nepal in the late 90’s Cari finally got her own band together in 2001 and wrote the album Dreaming of Oz. The “Cari Eden Band” played around Jacksonville establishing a name for their selves as an original act, performing in venues such as Free Bird Café for 9-11 tribute and getting rave reviews. The band dismantled in 2002 as the members followed different paths. In 2005 Cari went back into the studio. This time the studio was a cabin in the woods near Tallahassee where she would spend time learning to record and produce.

Over the years Cari Kindl has licensed her songs to Independent Film and television such the soundtrack to An Intimate Friendship in such company as Melissa Etheridge. In 2010 she released The Amazing Nowhere Girl, a collection of tunes reflecting that challenge and spotlighting her abilities as a singer-songwriter, instrumentalist and producer. Superficial Journey, another solo album was released in 2012.

Sensational lead guitarist John Metcalf, former guitarist on Dreaming of Oz is joining her again along with smoking drummer Larry Garrett, Michael “Rev” Metzger on bass and the amazingly talented keyboardist Dave Schiffer. Tallahassee's Saturday in the Park 2013, marked the beginning of a campaign to promote three albums of material as well as the mellow yet powerful ballad, Bottomless Wishing Well featured in Episode 5 of They Live Among Us. Cari and her new band are also in the studio working on the video for Bottomless Wishing Well and a new album.

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