Minneapolis-based indie rock project dedicated to artistic expression and its interpretation.


Meeting at Bethel University, Josh and Danny began collaborating in the winter of 2002. Utilizing only a piano, an acoustic guitar, and Josh’s pristine voice, they began composing songs such as “Deciding to Care” and “The Middle.” For two years, the music they created expressed the experiences of their lives. In the spring of 2004, they teamed up with Clayton and Jake to form the band now known as Caris (meaning gift of grace in Greek). Performing at Bethel and in various clubs in the Minneapolis area, it is their eclectic and artistic voice that draws their fans.
Since then, they have released a self-titled E.P. and are currently working on their debut full-length album.


Quick Looks

Written By: Caris

Quick looks and conversation
Your folded arms are telling me don’t start it
Small talk and wide expressions
Would you tell me that I’m your best option

You’re unaware
Of my attention to all your favorites

Good looks and cost efficient
But your folded arms are telling me don’t start it
Forget the hesitation
Would you tell me that you’re ready for it

You’re unaware,
Of my attention to all your favorites
Would you forget,
all the numb love that you’re used to

Forget it all, Forget it now…

You’re unaware,
Of my attention to all your favorites
Would you forget,
all the numb love that you’re used to

Red Flags

Written By: Caris

I need what you can do for me,
and so do you
I’ve waited long enough
I’m too alone to let this go,
and so are you
Don’t ever doubt it

I don’t need any more
than a girl to make me feel all right
Love can happen over night
so hurry up before we change our minds

If we tell you we’re ok, Get off our backs
Why should we wait, right now we know
We would listen if you’d say
What we want to hear

You want, you take
You love, you fake

You’re seeing red flags
And you don’t care

Sister Song

Written By: Caris

You wake up, see yourself in the mirror,
You hate, You wish that you could be
Someone else everyday
And you buy, all their lies
That you’re not good enough
Don’t let them tear you down
You’re stronger than you know

You see those who call you friend
Talk down at you ignore you
Stop wanting what they’ve got
They’ve had their full reward
I see in you something more
That you’re got to hang onto
Stop doubting Truth you know
I know one day you’ll shine


EP - Self titled

Set List

A typical 45-minute set includes the following songs:

Quick Looks
The Motions
Red Flags
Sister Song
Turning Me Around
The Middle

We can also add the following for a 1 to 1 1/4 hour set:

Deciding to Care
Front Seat