We are a group of friends that play pop / rock Christian music of our own with an italian style. We'd like to show that also in Italy it's possible to make high quality Christian music. (From our song Seven: "We're seven on the stage who Jesus has engaged, Leave everything and follow me")


The band was born in 2005 and it's based on a Rule of 10 points that guide us in making music: we want to make pop music to share our happiness in the Jesus Faith. In 2008 we won the Jubilmusic festival in Sanremo with the song "Vi lascio la pace".


Carisma is our first CD (published in april 2009).

Set List

We have a list of 15 / 20 songs of our own, taken from our first CD and from new material that we are developing for our next album and projects. This is the list of the CD songs:
"Fate questo in memoria di me"
"Non voglio Dio"
"A Dio"
"Vi lascio la pace"
"Col pensiero dirti addio"
"Mille madri"
"Oggi risponde"
"CanterĂ  per te"