Glendale, Arizona, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

Carita's music is lively and entertaining. Carita brings energy to every performance and and a unique style that sets the stage for artists to follow.


Carita Cole is a multi-talented artist best known for her bold flavor. Having been raised in a military based family, her life transcends in her music. Cole is originally from Glendale, AZ, but she has lived around the world. She currently resides Tennessee. 


ColeĆ¢€™s natural musical talents were discovered while in elementary school. The young artist began singing and playing piano by ear at the age of 7.  She worked hard to master her sound and production skills as a teen. The young maestro spent much of her free time composing and recording music in a makeshift home studio with a group of friends; Her hobby quickly became a passion. Not only does she produce and record most of her music, Carita has directed more than 20 of her own music videos.   


There has been a gradual merger between todays popular culture and music over time.  Consequently, Carita Cole has seized the opportunity to develop a sound that breaks the traditional barriers of genre categorization.  Trap Hip Hop and R&B music benchmarked her career and have warranted her appearances on Bounce TV and placements in within several other digital and print media outlets such as, and more.


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Set List

1. Royalty
2. Crazy
3. Lights Camera Action
4. Get it
5. Back Seat