Detroit, Michigan, USA

"Carjack: Sounds like the Stooges played through an Atari. What's not to like?"

"Carjack: Beat heavy one-man band of destructo-space punk"
- TinyMixTapes

"Carjack: If Egyptian Lover spawned a love child with Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn, the result would
be Carjack."
- MetroTimes


Carjack is a one man mutant space punk band from Detroit, MI. He’s been nominated for ‘Best Overall Live Act’ and ‘Best One Man Band’ in Detroit. He’s performed with a ton of bands such as Melt Banana (Japan), WAVVES, Bob Log, Crystal Castles, the Sights, the Electric Six, the Dirt Bombs, Terrible Twos, the Hard Lessons, Deastro, Bars of Gold, Wildcatting, Holy Fuck (Toronto), Professor Murder (NYC), & much more.. He was most recently nominated for 'Best Electronic Act' at the 2013 Detroit Music Awards, “Best Acts to see at Metrotimes Blowout 2013' by the Detroit News and is currently getting national attention for his new video 'Carjack Theme 2013':