Carla Baptista Alves

Carla Baptista Alves


The ties between mother and child This is an unusual project that unites music to magic and to dreams. Inspired by motherhood, Carla Baptista Alves, soprano, developed a project that uses music as an instrument in the “emotional, intellectual and psychological development of babies and children


Songs for children all over the world

The desire to do this project arose from a belief in Music as a universal language and in the voice as a means of communication par excellence, especially the mother’s voice. The music calms parents and children thus creating a unique moment of affective complicity whilst preparing the children for sleep.

Here, the voice and the manner of singing are adjusted to the musical need, to the genre and the times, sounding more maternal, intimate, jazz like or “operatic” according to the intended ambiances. Voice is always voice and good music is always good music.

Another concern of no less importance was to privilege all musical genres and the different ways of using the voice. Based on the belief that our babies and children will be much of what we offer them, we start to believe that quality and diversity will be one of the best investments.
Trying to transport us to an imaginary world of magic and dreams, another relevant aspect was the importance given to the orchestrations in an attempt to create distinct sound ambiances and colours. The dreamlike ambiances of calm, tranquillity, well being and gentleness are never too much. That is the reason for the diverse choice of songs ranging from Japan to Spain, from Baroque to Jazz, the so-called “erudite” to the most infantile.


The Magic Forest

Written By: Rui Zink

The magic forest

In the magic forest
There is always light
Even in the dark of
The night

In the magic forest
You'll see—in a glance
Even without moving
Everything is dance

In the magic forest
The mind is always whirling
Everything is so beautiful
There is no need
For meaning


"World Music for Babies"- Música para crianças de todo o mundo