Carla Ulbrich

Carla Ulbrich


Great for coffeehouse or comedy series!


Carla Ulbrich - Demented Musical Comedy

Don’t let the diminutive size and cute looks fool you -- Carla Ulbrich is one seriously demented lady! Why? Well, she had the #1 and #3 top rated songs on the Dr. Demento Show . . . and the #1 demented song of 2003 on the internet.

It’s all about the humor -- even the song titles are dementedly funny: "(I Don’t Like) Corny Schlocky Sappy Songs" . . . "The Wedgie" . . . "Please Do Something Stupid." . . . "I Have to Kill You Now."

She’s the president of the "Difficult Last Name Club," and, of course, has a song about it.

In 2002 she had a stroke (undetected high blood pressure . . . she talks about it in her show) while on the way to a show . . . and still played!!!! Carla says, "I’ve raised the bar for when it’s okay to cancel a gig. No more of that runny nose stuff."

Now that’s demented.


A Live Album: "Proffessional Smart Aleck"
Airplay on BBCradio
XM radio

Set List

1. Kelson says Hi 0:12
2. I Have To Kill You Now 2:40
3. A Name is a Name (My Name is Carla) 2:49
4. That's Alright Now (instr.) 1:21
5. The Guy Who Changes the Light Bulbs (Waffle House Song) 3:02
6. The Wedgie 2:12
7. How to Build a Log Cabin (for Dummies) 2:31
8. Toasted Chicken Sandwich 3:44
9. Candy and Gum 3:04
10. Corny Schlocky Sappy Songs 2:06
11. The Teachers of Clempson 3:02
12. Cascade (instr.) 1:35
13. Would you rather be paid 2:48
14. Therapy Works 2:56
15. What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone 2:57